Adherent Note

Adherent Note is a scroll found in the Spires of Arak.


Adherent Note

Our search for the chamber rumored to be in this area has been a short one. One of the Bloodmane mongrels had already found it and has been pilfering artifacts from the chamber for weeks!

We found his den at the base of the mountain, he seems to have been making the trek to the chamber up the hill almost daily.

The crystals seem to have... altered him in some way. He is more calm than the other saberon. He speaks, though crudely, and has even given himself a new name: Leorajh.

Surely the beast cannot possibly comprehend the true power of the artifacts! I will continue to study its effects on him as I awaken the guardians within the chamber.

Then, I expect, we will dispose of him.

- Sol-Shaper Valarik

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