NeutralAdjutant Nikos
Image of Adjutant Nikos
Title <Ascended Quartermaster>
Race Centurion (Mechanical)
Level 50-60
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ascended
Occupation Quartermaster
Location Sanctum of Binding, Bastion

Adjutant Nikos is a centurion located in the Sanctum of Binding in Bastion.


Adjutant Nikos/Adjutant Mikaros
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Technique: Codex of the Still Mind] 6s 80c Inscription Technique
Honored  [Plans: Shadowsteel Helm] 17g 85s Plans
 [Smoothed Loop of Contemplation] 191g 25s 97c Ring
Revered  [Bracers of Regret] 165g 3s 48c Mail Wrist
 [Goldenpaw Kit] 250 Polished Pet Charm Pet
 [Manacles of Burden] 163g 86s 71c Cloth Wrist
 [Memory of the Arbiter's Judgment] 1,100g Misc
 [Technique: Contract: The Ascended] 1,765g Inscription Technique
 [Wristclamps of Remorse] 164g 45s 10c Plate Wrist
 [Wristclasps of Shame] 165g 60s 28c Leather Wrist
Exalted  [Casque of the Path] 243g 18s 3c Plate Helm
 [Cowl of the Path] 244g 93s 80c Mail Helm
 [Gilded Prowler] 28,500g Mount
 [Gorget of the Path] 245g 79s 31c Leather Helm
 [Illusion: Devoted Spirit] 1,250g Illusion
 [Masque of the Path] 244g 5s 92c Cloth Helm
 [Schematic: PHA7-YNX] 40s Engineering Schematic
 [Tabard of the Ascended] 10g Tabard

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