Admiral Taylor's Garrison Log

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Admiral Taylor's Garrison Log can be obtained from Admiral Taylor's Coffer at Admiral Taylor's Garrison in Spires of Arak.


Admiral Taylor's Garrison Log

Day 0
Arrived on the coast with most of our gear intact. Finn assures me this is an ideal location. Edward and Claudia constantly bickering since that last arakkoa attack. Ephial is obsessing over "ley lines" (whatever they are.) Can't even agree on the date since we went through the portal - feels like autumn? I'm calling this day 0.

Day 2
About a dozen lumberjacks have disappeared. The one who made it back had a wasp stinger in his gut the length of my arm. Dumberlin and Ephial offered to go out with a war party and clear out the place. I dispatched them with a couple followers. We desperately need the lumber.

Day 4
Visit from Vindicator Maraad. He's pleased with our progress. Suggested that we send laborers to a draenei town called "Elodor" to acquire food. I turned him down - no way I'm sending my best people halfway across the world for some food. I've made other arrangements. That friendly Pandaren, Madam Goya, has offered cartloads of food at reasonable prices. Seems on the up-and-up.

Day 7
Iron Horde attack! Thank the light we've got our walls up. Dumberlin was an absolute beast during the attack. Lots of good men were lost, though, many with wounds on their backs. Ephial missing for hours after the attack. Something about this stinks. Gave the laborers the day off to bury the dead. Work will resume tomorrow. Barracks nearly complete. Almost have enough resources for an armory.

Day 12
Sir Edward arrived in the town hall today with the Black Prince Wrathion in tow. Hard to tell who was the captive and who was the captor. Wrathion seeks asylum in my garrison, claims he did something to cheese off the ogres. Edward barked that Wrathion is a fugitive from the Alliance. Lady Claudia and her troops fanned out with guns drawn. Tense situation. Told Wrathion he was welcome as our "guest," provided he stayed under house arrest and full-time guard. Messages dispatched to the King. Black Dragon now ensconced in my garrison - what could go wrong?

Day 15
Barracks complete. Armory in progress. Huge shipment of resources arrived this morning - a "gift" from Wrathion to build us an inn. How does he do that? Went to speak with Wrathion and he told me to keep an eye on Ephial. I don't trust either of them.

Day 16
Took some of guards aside and offered them substantial hazard pay to maintain a 24-hour watch on Wrathion. They lowered their eyes and admitted that Wrathion was already paying them to keep an eye on ME. That son of a...

Day 21
Got a letter from Gurgthock inviting us to participate in the Ring of Blood. Potential to really show what the Alliance is capable of. Will shift the prize money to Goya. Set out with Edward and Claudia to "Win one for the Wrynn." Left Dunberlin in charge of security.

Day 25
Victorious! Edward can take a hell of a beating in the arena.

Day 27
Made it back. Chaos at the garrison. Goya's supplies never arrived. Dunberlin thought martial law was a good idea. He's taking orders from Ephial now. Wrathion nowhere to be found. Took some of my best followers with him. Time to roll up our sleeves and fix this.

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