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Ability townwatch
  • Adventure Awaits
  • Season of Mastery

    Increases experience and gold earned from quests by 100%. Dungeon and Elite quests grant bonus experience.

Adventure Awaits is a server-wide buff applied only to Season of Mastery realms.

Patch changes[]

  • WoW Icon update Hotfix (2022-02-15): The Adventure Awaits aura benefitting all Season of Mastery players below level 60 now also grants +100% bonus gold from quest rewards.
Developers' note: This does not apply to repeatable quests, nor does it apply to level 60 players, as they don't have the aura. This is intended to match the recent increase to +100% XP granted by the aura, so that leveling players do not feel unable to purchase their most important spells.

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