Blackfathom Deeps

Once dedicated to the night elves' goddess Elune, Blackfathom Deeps was thought to have been destroyed during the sundering, lost beneath the ocean. Millennia later, members of the Twilight's Hammer cult were drawn to the temple by whispers and foul dreams. After sacrificing untold numbers of innocents, the cult was rewarded with a new task: to protect one of the Old Gods' most cherished creatures, a pet that is still in need of nurturing before he can unleash his dark powers on the world.

Boss icon Ghamoo-ra.png Ghamoo-Ra
When the Twilight's Hammer cult arrived, its followers roused and imprisoned one of the last peaceful creatures living in Elune's temple. The cult delighted in tormenting the giant turtle for years, flaying its mind and body until it succumbed to madness. Naming the beast Ghamoo-Ra, the cultists attempt to control its savagery in order to protect their lair.
Boss icon Domina.png Domina
When Lady Sarevess failed to provide magical protection, Domina sacrificed the naga to empower her own dark ritual. Unlike her predecessor, Domina, Mistress of the Dark, has no fear of Aku'mai and hand feeds the beast countless innocents in order to curry favor with the Old Gods.
Boss icon Commander Ulthok.png Subjugator Kor'ul
The Twilight Hammer commanded their powerful enforcer, Subjugator Kor'ul, to cleanse the caves of anything not under their control. Gelihast was first to fall under the crushing strength of Kor'ul, who then seized control of the cave dwelling murlocs. Kor'ul left Gelihast's twisted corpse on display as proof of his dominance and now uses the murlocs to horde the possessions of those who perish in these caves.
Boss icon Thruk.png Thruk
Thruk brings many valuable qualities to the Twilight's Hammer, but intelligence is not among them. Convinced that slaying the Guardian of the Deep will reveal vast hordes of gold, Tkruk's diminutive mind has no room to focus on anything else and he will fillet the flesh of anyone who breaks his concentration.
Boss icon Guardian of the Deep.png Guardian of the Deep
Underneath the cursed Moonshrine Ruins, ancient creatures battle for territory. Old Serra'kis was driven from the ruins by The Guardian of the Deep who was seeking new spawning grounds. Now, the Guardian watches over thousands of eggs until they can hatch, and spread throughout the waterways of Azeroth.
Boss icon Executioner Gore.png Executioner Gore
As Aku'mai's power grows, the need for more sacrifices increases. Dragging screaming innocents to their deaths is Executioner Gore's specialty, and the Twilight Hammer has been making great use of his services.
Boss icon Twilight Lord Bathiel.png Twilight Lord Bathiel
The Twilight Hammer do not tolerate failure, so the first command Twilight Lord Bathiel gave once he assumed control of Blackfathom Deeps was to throw Lord Kelris into the hungry maw of Aku'mai. Now, this elemental ascended commits the depths of his unfathomable power to raising the beast of the Old Gods and covering the world in black.
Boss icon Akumai.png Aku'mai
Aku'mai, an ancient evil, carries within him a small measure of the Old Gods' power. This three-headed hydra is greatly feared for his mindless savagery and insatiable hunger for living flesh, but the Twilight's Hammer worships him as a divine sign that the Old Gods will soon return.

Blackrock Depths

The smoldering Blackrock Depths are home to the Dark Iron dwarves and their emperor, Dagran Thaurissan. Like his predecessors, he serves under the iron rule of Ragnaros the Firelord, a merciless being summoned into the world centuries ago. The presence of chaotic elementals has attracted Twilight's Hammer cultists to the mountain domain. Along with Ragnaros' servants, they have pushed the dwarves toward increasingly destructive ends that could soon spell doom for all of Azeroth.

Boss icon High Interrogator Gerstahn.png High Interrogator Gerstahn
The Twilight's Hammer cultist Gerstahn has always indulged in life's finer things: exotic foods, fine clothes, and gem-encrusted torture tools. Day and night, her prisoners' bloodcurdling cries echo throughout the Dark Iron clan's infamous Detention Block. Gerstahn proudly calls this horrific noise her symphony of screams, and she is always eager to add another voice to the chorus.
Boss icon Lord Roccor.png Lord Roccor
Lord Roccor loathes the scheming and backstabbing of his fellow fire elementals. To avoid serving alongside his kind in the Molten Core, the mighty being purposefully angered the Firelord. Roccor's risky gambit paid off: he was expelled from the core and forced to guard Blackrock Depths in isolation.
Boss icon Houndmaster Grebmar.png Houndmaster Grebmar
Grebmar Fleabeard's hounds are the only family he's ever known. Long ago, the orphaned dwarf began breeding canines to serve as companions and guard dogs. When the houndmaster isn't patrolling Blackrock Depths with his loyal beasts, he often treats them to the Grim Guzzler's finest Dark Iron ale.
Boss icon High Justice Grimstone.png
Boss icon Anubshiah.png
Boss icon Gorosh the Dervish.png
Boss icon Hedrum the Creeper.png
Ring of Law
There is only one punishment for crimes committed against the Dark Iron dwarves: death. Ancient tradition calls for the guilty to pay the blood price in the Ring of the Law by battling savage creatures gathered from across Azeroth. To date, it is unknown if anyone has ever survived this brutal crucible.
Boss icon Eviscerator.png
Boss icon Grizzle.png
Boss icon Okthor the Breaker.png
Boss icon Pyromancer Loregrain.png Pyromancer Loregrain
Once a respected member of the Earthen Ring, Loregrain joined the Twilight's Hammer cult for reasons that remain a mystery to his former allies. He eventually journeyed to Blackrock Depths, where he took a sudden interest in the famed Dark Iron architect Franclorn Forgewright. The purpose of his current obsession is unclear, but Loregrain remains loyal to his cult and an enemy of all who oppose it.
Boss icon Lord Incendius.png Lord Incendius
Baron Geddon taught Incendius to harness his destructive powers, but the baron never expected his protégé to grow so lethally efficient. Increasingly wary that Incendius might usurp him, Geddon sent the blazing elemental out of the Molten Core to guard the Dark Iron dwarves' fabled Black Anvil.
Boss icon Warder Stilgiss.png Warder Stilgiss
After years of dedication to Emperor Thaurissan, the cunning mage Stilgiss was entrusted with protecting his clan's coffers in the Black Vault. The loyal dwarf's close friend Houndmaster Grebmar celebrated the occasion by gifting one of his vicious dogs--Verek--to Stilgiss. The mage has put the beast to good use, keeping it at his side to scare off the vault's would-be thieves.
Boss icon Fineous Darkvire.png Fineous Darkvire
Chief Architect Fineous Darkvire earned his title by passing off the ideas of more gifted masons as his own. His arrogance and scheming have drawn the ire of his predecessor, Franclorn Forgewright, from beyond the grave. The ghost of the late chief architect seeks to reclaim his incredibly powerful hammer--Ironfel--from Darkvire before it can be used for ill.
Boss icon BaelGar.png Bael'Gar
The monstrous molten giant Bael'Gar lumbers across the Dark Iron Highway, a stunning feat of dwarven engineering carved into Blackrock Depths. Ragnaros pulled the giant from the heart of the Firelands to guard a massive sealed door at one end of the highway. According to legend, only the Firelord and the Dark Iron clan's highest-ranking members know what lies beyond the mysterious gate.
Boss icon General Angerforge.png General Angerforge
Through a lifetime of study, General Angerforge has become an expert on dwarven military history and tactics. He recently incurred Emperor Dagran Thaurissan's fury by writing a scathing treatise on his clan's failures in past conflicts. This political blunder aside, Angerforge is a Dark Iron to his core. He will bleed--and die, if necessary--to protect his people and his emperor.
Boss icon Golem Lord Argelmach.png Golem Lord Argelmach
Argelmach's lifelong obsession with immortality drove him to forge enchanted constructs in his own image. Rumor has it that he has also dabbled in some form of black magic that would allow the golem lord's new creations to act as vessels for his spirit should his flesh-and-blood body be destroyed.
Boss icon Hurley Blackbreath.png Hurley Blackbreath
To say Blackbreath is a regular at the Grim Guzzler would be something of an understatement. In over a decade, the mischievous drunkard has left the tavern only once to steal a top-secret recipe for Thunderbrew Lager. Blackbreath has occasionally sobered up enough to make the concoction himself, and he claims it grants unimaginable strength and courage.
Boss icon Phalanx.png Phalanx
Until recently, drunken brawls raged within the Grim Guzzler on an almost daily basis. Barkeep Plugger Spazzring has reduced the frequency of these scuffles with Phalanx, a mighty golem bouncer programmed to maintain order in the tavern and eliminate raucous patrons with extreme force.
Boss icon Plugger Spazzring.png Plugger Spazzring
They say that at the Grim Guzzler everyone knows your name. This sense of camaraderie is due to the hard work of Spazzring, a leper gnome who sought a new life in Blackrock Depths after the fall of Gnomeregan. Despite his history of dabbling with evil as a warlock, he takes pride in his job as the tavern's barkeep, making sure that his patrons' mugs never run dry.
Boss icon Ambassador Flamelash.png Ambassador Flamelash
For his unwavering service to Ragnaros, Flamelash ascended to the rank of ambassador to the Dark Iron clan. This depraved being initially despised his dwarven allies, but he has come to respect their penchant for destruction. As a show of solidarity, Flamelash guards the Chamber of Enchantment, a sacred location used by the dwarves to empower their weaponry.
Boss icon AngerRel.png
Boss icon DopeRel.png
Boss icon HateRel.png
Boss icon VileRel.png
The Seven
Centuries ago, sorcerer-thane Thaurissan and seven of his most powerful Dark Iron allies accidentally summoned Ragnaros into Azeroth and damned their entire clan to enslavement. Although the Seven perished during the ritual, their restless spirits still linger in Blackrock Depths, cursed to serve their elemental master and the current Dark Iron ruler.
Boss icon DoomRel.png
Boss icon GloomRel.png
Boss icon SeethRel.png
Boss icon Magmus.png Magmus
Ambassador Flamelash charged the molten giant Magmus with guarding Emperor Dagran Thaurissan's throne room, but not even this act put the Dark Iron ruler's concerns to rest. Ever fearful of assassins, the emperor also granted Magmus control over a series of fire-breathing statues outside his royal chambers.
Boss icon Emperor Thaurissan.png Emperor Dagran Thaurissan
Emperor Dagran Thaurissan rules alongside Princess Moira of the rival Bronzebeard clan. Debate rages over whether the emperor ensorcelled his bride or she willingly joined him. Whatever the truth, Thaurissan's continued presence bodes ill for the future of his clan. So long as he lives, the Dark Irons will remain pawns of Ragnaros, and a dire threat to kingdoms throughout Azeroth.
Boss icon Princess Moira Bronzebeard.png


It is said the Deadmines' gold deposits once accounted for a third of Stormwind's treasure reserves. Amid the chaos of the First War, the mines were abandoned and later thought to be haunted, leaving them relatively untouched until the Defias Brotherhood -- a group of former laborers turned brigands -- claimed the labyrinth as a base of operations for its subversive activities against Stormwind.

Boss icon Glubtok.png Glubtok
In a fit of rage, Glubtok unleashed his potent magical abilities and reduced his ogre mount to ash. Upon hearing of his destructive talents, the Defias hired the massive ogre mage to supervise their laborers as head foreman of the Deadmines.
Boss icon Helix Gearbreaker.png Helix Gearbreaker
Formerly a craftsman in the Bilgewater Cartel, Helix was offered a sum eclipsing anything he would ever make as a nameless Horde engineer to ply his trade for the Defias Brotherhood. He was quick to accept the job and renounce his former loyalties... just as any resourceful goblin would.
Boss icon Lumbering Oaf.png
Boss icon Foe Reaper 5000.png Foe Reaper 5000
Defias engineers have spent many long days perfecting a new harvester model based on the Foe Reaper 4000 unit. Once it is completed, the brotherhood believes this mechanized terror will be able to slice through Stormwind's armored soldiers like a scythe though wheat.
Boss icon Admiral Ripsnarl.png Admiral Ripsnarl
When James Harrington became afflicted by the worgen curse, he destroyed his loving family and maritime career in one chilling night of bloodlust. Taking on the name Ripsnarl, he fled into Westfall and later agreed to command the Defias Brotherhood's fearsome juggernaut.
Boss icon Captain Cookie.png "Captain" Cookie
Cookie proclaimed himself captain of the Defias Brotherhood's juggernaut following its previous commander's death. Although he still performs his official duties as chief cook, anyone who questions the validity of his captain title has been known to come down with a severe case of food poisoning.
Boss icon Vanessa VanCleef.png Vanessa VanCleef
As a young girl, Vanessa witnessed the gruesome death of her father and former Defias Brotherhood leader, Edwin VanCleef. She has since taken up his mantle of leadership, plotting to exact vengeance on Stormwind from the dark corridors of the Defias's stronghold in the Deadmines.

Dire Maul

Built thousands of years ago to house the kaldorei's arcane secrets, the formerly great city of Eldre'Thalas now lies in ruin, writhing with warped, twisted forces. Competing covens once fought for control of Dire Maul's corrupted energy, but they have since settled into uneasy truces, choosing to exploit the power within their own territories rather than continue to battle over the entire complex.

Boss icon Zevrim Thornhoof.png Zevrim Thornhoof
Desperate to show his worth to the Burning Legion, Zevrim Thornhoof told his masters he could enslave the formidable ancients who still roamed Dire Maul. When his own power proved insufficient, Thornhoof turned to other living creatures for additional energy, butchering them atop his sacrificial altar and harvesting their essence in their final, agonizing moments.
Boss icon Hydrospawn.png Hydrospawn
When the satyr Zevrim Thornhoof sought to control the elementals in Dire Maul, he focused on Hydrospawn, who calmly resided in the pool beneath his altar. As he performed his profane sacrificial rituals, the elemental grew agitated and restless, striking out at Thornhoof's demonic minions. As the years passed, Thornhoof used his victims' energies to whip Hydrospawn into unbridled fury, little by little binding its will to the satyr's commands.
Boss icon Lethtendris.png Lethtendris
Dire Maul's warped energy drew Lethtendris from afar, giving her hope of satisfying her unbearable craving for arcane magic. Using the sinews and ligaments of sacrificial victims, she constructed a web to siphon the corrupt power out of the east wing. To her delight, she discovered that the device has the capacity to gather vast reserves of overwhelming strength, enough to destroy all of her enemies.
Boss icon Alzzin the Wildshaper.png Alzzin the Wildshaper
Alzzin the Wildshaper seeks nothing less than the total corruption of Feralas, but until he discovered the Shrine of Eldretharr in Dire Maul, he had little success. With the power of enslaved ancients at his command, Alzzin concentrated the vitality of the surrounding forest into his lair, allowing him to manipulate it at will.
Boss icon Tendris Warpwood.png Tendris Warpwood
Tendris Warpwood was a staunch defender of Eldre'Thalas, his heart inexorably entwined with the fate of the city. When the Sundering shattered the land, his resolve never wavered, but as corruption seeped into the ruins over the next 10,000 years, so too did it infect the ancient's spirit.
Boss icon Illyanna Ravenoak.png Illyanna Ravenoak
Illyanna Ravenoak, along with her faithful companion Ferra, was once Prince Tortheldrin's most valued hunter, until she refused to carry out her leader's order to execute her friends. As punishment, he killed Illyanna and her bear, but he used his demonic power to bind their spirits to their bodies, condemning them to remain in Dire Maul as undead protectors.
Boss icon Magister Kalendris.png Magister Kalendris
When Prince Tortheldrin demanded the slaughter of the majority of his subjects, his most loyal lieutenants were tasked with executing his will. Magister Kalendris murdered many unsuspecting Shen'dralar without hesitation, but one of the doomed elves mortally wounded him during a destructive battle. Despite his demise, Kalendris's spirit still roams Dire Maul as a defender of Tortheldrin's rule.
Boss icon Immolthar.png Immol'thar
In a desperate bid to restore the power and immortality they lost when the Well of Eternity was destroyed, the Shen'dralar summoned a demon into the western wing of Dire Maul and captured him within a force field, allowing them to use the void terror's energy for their own spells. Unable to fight back or even move for nearly 10,000 years, Immol'thar could only watch and wait for the day he might break free and rend the flesh of his captors.
Boss icon Prince Tortheldrin.png Prince Tortheldrin
After the Well of Eternity's destruction, Prince Tortheldrin maintained control over the surviving Shen'dralar by imprisoning a demon in the ruins of Eldre'Thalas and letting his subjects siphon its strength. The exposure to demonic power twisted Tortheldrin's mind, and when the creature faltered, the prince ordered the deaths of many of his vassals so only he and his most fanatical followers would be left to enjoy the corrupt energy.
Boss icon Guard Moldar.png Guard Mol'dar
Mol'dar is a zealously loyal guard from the Gordok ogres. He is convinced King Gordok gifted him with a pair of enchanted gauntlets that have enabled him to become his people's arm wrestling champion for six years running. In truth, King Gordok threw the powerful armor away; Mol'dar simply found it first.
Boss icon Stomper Kreeg.png Stomper Kreeg
On more than one occasion, skulking assassins have met their doom after accidentally disturbing Kreeg's ale mug. Though he's often passed out drunk on duty, nothing rouses the ogre into a berserker fury faster than the sound of his precious drink splattering on the stone floor.
Boss icon Guard Fengus.png Guard Fengus
Ever since Cho'Rush the Observer told him he was destined to meet a mate while on duty, Fengus has spent almost every waking moment patrolling Gordok territory.
Boss icon Guard Slipkik.png Guard Slip'kik
Some might think Slip'kik is merely cautious, but he's also lazy. Rather than challenge King Gordok directly, Slip'kik tinkers with traps and old, broken magical devices, hoping to eventually deliver a coup de grace without an ounce of risk or a drop of sweat.
Boss icon Captain Kromcrush.png Captain Kromcrush
Even among ogres, Captain Kromcrush is infamous for his hair-trigger rage toward anyone who dares to insult him or King Gordok. He crushes dissent ruthlessly, but he has still less patience for those who continue to spread the rumor of his torrid affair with a gnoll long ago.
Boss icon Chorush the Observer.png Cho'Rush the Observer
Cho'Rush doesn't usually take sides, but when Ulrok was rising to power, it was clear there was nobody who could challenge him. The king quickly appointed Cho'Rush as his chief advisor, believing that his twin heads would make him twice as resourceful as the average ogre.
Boss icon King Gordok.png King Gordok
To rule the Gordok ogres, one must simply proclaim oneself king... and then destroy all who might disagree. King Gordok--then merely known as Ulrok--solidified his power by convincing a dozen of his people's strongest warriors to challenge the king at the same time. The wild melee left most of the contestants dead or wounded, and Ulrok's blade easily cut down the survivors and the battle-weary king. To this day, Gordok ogres speak in hushed tones about the "Day of Da Blood."


Built deep within the mountains of Dun Morogh, the wondrous city of Gnomeregan was a testament to the gnomes' intelligence and industry. But when the capital was invaded by troggs, the gnomish high tinker was betrayed by his advisor Sicco Thermaplugg. As a result, Gnomeregan was irradiated, and most of its inhabitants slain. The surviving gnomes fled, vowing to return someday and retake their home.

Boss icon Grubbis.png Grubbis
The radioactive gas that flooded the city was meant to anger the troggs and kill the gnomes, and Thermaplugg's plan was brutally effective. One trogg, however, reacted oddly to the substance: Grubbis grew. And grew. It was a side effect that Sicco had not anticipated, but he's never been one to waste valuable (and dangerous) resources. This giant trogg now patrols the tunnels of Gnomeregan. His loyal basilisk pet, Chomper, helps Grubbis sniff out gas leaks, tasty fungi, and even tastier intruders.
Boss icon Viscous Fallout.png Viscous Fallout
The formerly robust and elegantly complex waterways of Gnomeregan are now an irradiated mess filled with toxic slime. A lone water elemental who had dwelt in the gnomes' aquifer became trapped in the contamination, and the pollution corrupted its pure form. It currently wanders the halls of Gnomeregan in anger and agony, a liquid embodiment of the vile poison of Thermaplugg's betrayal.
Boss icon Electrocutioner 6000.png Electrocutioner 6000
Mekgineer Thermaplugg is not a patient gnome. Rather than putting his inventions through a battery of tests to determine their safety and effectiveness, he rushes them into the field and moves on to the next project. The Electrocutioner 6000 was his first attempt at harnessing electricity as a weapon via a super-charged mechano-tank. Lieutenant Tom "Sizzlepants" Crankle the only soldier to survive piloting the Electrocutioner is now something of a hero among the leper gnomes.
Boss icon Crowd Pummeler 9-60.png Crowd Pummeler 9-60
In Gnomeregan's heyday, inventors would compete for status by pitting their creations against one another. The mekgineer Oglethorpe Obnoticus built an unbeatable robot, and this earned him respect in the high tinker's court. Sicco Thermaplugg stole Obnoticus's blueprints and then made a giant version of the machine. He set his forgery loose, and the horrific results drove the ruling council to banish the innocent Obnoticus. The Crowd Pummeler 9-60 is still one of Thermaplugg's favorite (stolen) inventions.
Boss icon Mekgineer Thermaplugg.png Mekgineer Thermaplugg
Murderer, traitor, and self-proclaimed king of the gnomes, the mekgineer Sicco Thermaplugg rules over the radioactive halls of Gnomeregan with a malfunctioning iron fist. His subjects are numerous, vicious, and insane enough to defend their crazed king against any intrusion from the upper world. It is Thermaplugg's madness that makes him so dangerous; he possesses the cunning to destroy everything around him, with no thought for his own life. There is a reason that even the monsters of Gnomeregan fear him.

Lower Blackrock Spire

This imposing fortress, carved into the fiery core of Blackrock Mountain, represented the might of the Dark Iron clan for centuries. More recently, the black dragon Nefarian and his spawn seized the keep's upper spire and ignited a brutal war against the dwarves. The draconic armies have since allied with Warchief Rend Blackhand and his false Horde. This combined force lords over the spire, conducting horrific experiments to bolster its ranks while plotting the meddlesome Dark Irons' downfall.

Boss icon Highlord Omokk.png Highlord Omokk
Omokk rules over the spire's ogres with an iron fist. Many underlings have challenged him to single combat in the hopes of seizing the highlord's title, but all have fallen without landing a solitary blow. This mysterious phenomenon has led to rumors that dark magic is protecting Omokk.
Boss icon Shadow Hunter Voshgajin.png Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin
Vosh'gajin is renowned for her beauty--and psychotic tendencies--among the trolls. A master of the shadow hunter arts, she wields formidable hexes, curses, and healing magics.
Boss icon War Master Voone.png War Master Voone
During the Second War, Voone led small strike teams on daring missions into the heart of high elven territory. The cunning troll joined the false Horde because he wanted to be its chief strategist, not because he believed in Blackhand's ideology. Voone sees the splinter faction as an underdog, and he enjoys the satisfaction of overcoming insurmountable odds.
Boss icon Mother Smolderweb.png Mother Smolderweb
Centuries ago, the Dark Iron dwarves dug into the lair of Mother Smolderweb, releasing the massive arachnid into the spire's halls. Her brood has continued to swell in number since that time, so much so that even Blackhand's forces fear traveling through Smolderweb's domain.
Boss icon Urok Doomhowl.png Urok Doomhowl
Doomhowl is the true leader of the spire's ogres. This sinister figure has charmed his trusted aid, Highlord Omokk, with insidious magic to control Doomhowl's minions in his stead. He has gone to great lengths to keep up this charade, ruthlessly killing any ogres who challenge the highlord's rule.
Boss icon Quartermaster Zigris.png Quartermaster Zigris
After the First War, the orc hunter Zigris became infamous for tracking down Stormwind refugees and slaughtering them like game. He loathes Blackrock Spire's claustrophobic halls, but he is certain a day will come when he'll hunt in the open air again.
Boss icon Halycon.png Halycon
Halycon comes from a long line of great worgs bred for their ferocity and loyalty. Over the years, the den mother has produced an astonishing number of savage offspring. Rumors have spread that she is a demonic hound gifted to Rend Blackhand by a pit lord of the Burning Legion.
Boss icon Gizrul the Slavener.png Gizrul the Slavener
Very few of the Dark Horde have seen the reclusive and unpredictable Gizrul. The beast emerges from his shadowy den only when his mate, Halycon, calls to him. The two monstrous creatures have produced some of the largest--and most ferocious--worgs ever bred in orcish history.
Boss icon Overlord Wyrmthalak.png Overlord Wyrmthalak
The black dragonspawn Wyrmthalak oversees the lower spire's forces as they prepare for their assault against the dwarves. He has no love for the false Horde or its brutish members, and he will sacrifice any number of Blackhand's minions to protect his master, Nefarian.


According to legend, Zaetar, son of Cenarius, and the earth elemental princess Theradras begot the barbaric centaur race. Shortly after the centaur's creation, the ruthless creatures murdered their father. The grief-stricken Theradras is said to have trapped her lover's spirit within Maraudon, corrupting the region. Now, vicious centaur ghosts and twisted elemental minions roam every corner of the sprawling caves.

Boss icon Noxxion.png Noxxion
Noxxion is a living embodiment of corruption. Theradras ordered her ally Lord Vyletongue to create this putrid elemental to be a powerful servant and a loyal pet to ease the princess's loneliness. Noxxion spreads its toxic essence into areas of Maraudon that have not yet withered under Theradras's malign influence.
Boss icon Razorlash.png Razorlash
Razorlash was made to accompany Noxxion through Maraudon. In time, this new creation became one of the princess's most cherished servants. Razorlash constantly wanders the caves alongside Noxxion, using thorny tendrils to shred any untainted plant life it can find.
Boss icon Tinkerer Gizlock.png Tinkerer Gizlock
Tinkerer Gizlock and five other gem hunters snuck into Maraudon to mine its highly prized crystals. Their plan went horribly wrong when satyrs slaughtered everyone in the party save for Gizlock. The goblin, trapped within the caves and driven to the brink of madness, sees himself as the subterranean region's new ruler.
Boss icon Lord Vyletongue.png Lord Vyletongue
The satyr lord Vyletongue journeyed into Maraudon's depths after hearing of its corruption. Theradras was wary of the conniving demon at first, but Vyletongue proved his worth by creating an array of wretched minions, such as Noxxion and Razorlash, for the princess.
Boss icon Celebras the Cursed.png Celebras the Cursed
Upon learning of his uncle's tragic fate, the noble Celebras swore to free Zaetar's spirit. Yet the keeper of the grove was not prepared for the horrors that awaited him in Maraudon's shadowy corridors. The dark energies permeating the area quickly overcame Celebras, filling his heart with uncontrollable rage.
Boss icon Landslide.png Landslide
For years, the ancient mountain giant known as Landslide cultivated brilliant crystal gardens in Maraudon, but Theradras enthralled the behemoth when she took up residence there. This once-stoic giant now lives only to serve his tyrannical new master.
Boss icon Rotgrip.png Rotgrip
Rumor has it that Rotgrip has dwelled in Maraudon's subterranean waters for millennia. The famed dwarven hunter Hemet Nesingwary once proclaimed that the beast could not be found, and a number of amateur trackers accepted the challenge of seeking out the legendary creature. None of them ever returned.
Boss icon Princess Theradras.png Princess Theradras
The earth elemental Theradras, Therazane the Stonemother's sole daughter, resides in Maraudon's inner sanctum. Influenced by the Old Gods, the princess transformed her home into a den of corruption and suffering. Some believe that her foul powers are tied to the spirit of her dead lover, Zaetar. If so, liberating the fallen keeper of the grove might be the only hope of cleansing Maraudon.

Ragefire Chasm

Ragefire Chasm extends deep below the city of Orgrimmar. Barbaric troggs and devious Searing Blade cultists once plagued the volcanic caves, but now a new threat has emerged: dark shaman. Although Warchief Garrosh Hellscream recently called on a number of shaman to use the elements as weapons against the Alliance, the chasm's current inhabitants appear to be renegades. Reports have surfaced that these shadowy figures are amassing a blistering army that could wreak havoc if unleashed upon Orgrimmar.

Boss icon Adarogg.png Adarogg
Ragefire Chasm's trogg population has rapidly declined in recent months for one reason: Adarogg. This ravenous flame hound was among the first of his kind ripped from the Firelands by dark shaman. Adarogg's handlers feed the unruly beast over twice his weight in trogg flesh per day to keep him appeased.
Boss icon Dark Shaman Koranthal.png Dark Shaman Koranthal
Koranthal has always believed that brute force is the only way to control Azeroth's elementals. His extreme views led him to join the ranks of the sinister Twilight's Hammer. When the cult fell, the orc and other like-minded shaman secretly infiltrated Ragefire Chasm to continue practicing their dark arts.
Boss icon Magmaw.png Slagmaw
Unlike other lava worms enslaved by the dark shaman, Slagmaw has proven to be nearly impossible to control. The beast lives to bore through the depths of the earth, and it cares nothing for the consequences of its actions, or the damages it causes to anyone who stands in its way.
Boss icon Lava Guard Gordoth.png Lava Guard Gordoth
Hubris drove the brilliant shaman Gordoth to act as a living conduit for energies pulled from the Firelands. He and his allies had hoped to mimic the creation of elemental ascendants in the Twilight's Hammer cult. Instead, the explosive influx of power drove Gordoth insane and mutated his body into a hideous form.

Razorfen Downs

Legends state that where the demigod Agamaggan fell, his blood gave rise to great masses of thorny vines. Many quilboar have taken up residence in the largest cluster of giant thorns, the Razorfen, which they revere as Agamaggan's resting place. Recently, scouts have reported seeing undead milling about the region, engendering fears that the dreaded Scourge may be moving to conquer Kalimdor.

Boss icon Hadronox.png Aarux
The Arachnomancers of the Death's Head cult are particularly proud of their efforts. After many failed attempts they have finally created a suitable guardian for Death Speaker Blackthorn. Aarux is a huge spider whose body bristles with toxin filled pustules that burst and ooze noxious liquids. The Arachnomancers now await the opportune moment to unleash their creation.
Boss icon Mordresh Fire Eye.png Mordresh Fire Eye
Through necromantic magic Death Speaker Blackthorn was able to rekindle the flames of Mordresh Fire Eye's soul, returning him to undeath.

As a former shaman, Mordresh has exerted his twisted control over the elements. He burns and scorches all those who threaten the Death Speaker's work.
Boss icon Mushlump.png Mushlump
A recent creation of death Speaker Blackthorn, Mushlump is a grotesque collection of parts collected from other failed creations. Full of bile, pus, and other noxious humors, Mushlump contaminates the halls leading to Death Speaker Blackthorn.
Boss icon Death Speaker Jargba.png Death Speaker Blackthorn
Death Speaker Blackthorn rose quickly through the ranks fo the Death's Head cult after the defeat of Amnennar the Coldbringer. Shortly after usurping control of the cult, Blackthorn began receiving dark whispers. These whispers promised power and riches beyond belief, if he could return Amnennar to life. Compelled by unnatural energies Blackthorn discovered the location of Amnennar's Phylactery and has returned to Razerfen downs to complete the ritual that will return his former master to life once more.
Boss icon Amnennar the Coldbringer.png Amnennar the Coldbringer
The lich Amnennar and his forces participated in the Scourge's assault on Mount Hyjal during the Third War. Afterward, the Lich King instructed his servant to remain in Kalimdor and expand the Scourge's influence. This effort was thwarted by heroes of the Horde and Alliance, however. Now the relative peace that has been brought to Razerfen Downs may be threated. Death Speaker Blackthorn hopes to revive this powerful lich and renew the assault on the Barrens.

Razorfen Kraul

Legends state that where the demigod Agamaggan fell, his blood gave rise to great masses of thorny vines. Many quilboar have taken up residence in the largest cluster of giant thorns, the Razorfen, which they revere as Agamaggan's resting place. Recently, scouts have reported seeing undead milling about the region, engendering fears that the dreaded Scourge may be moving to conquer Kalimdor.

Boss icon Aggem Thorncurse.png Hunter Bonetusk
If a hunter's accomplishments are measured by the trophies they return with, Bonetusk would be regarded as on the best. His cunning aim and animalistic instincts brought his hunting and tracking abilities to new heights, and only the strong stand a chance to survive against this veteran hunter.
Boss icon Roogug.png Roogug
Quilboar society regards the reading of stones and crystals as the highest form of shamanism. Roogug served the Quilboar people for many years, quietly honing his divinative arts. He now serves the Quilboar as the overseer of all geomancers and has amassed a powerful array of crystals with which to dispose of weaker foes. It is only a matter of time before these mystics overrun the Southern Barrens.
Boss icon Overlord Ramtusk.png Warlord Ramtusk
The commander of the Razorfen military forces, Warlord Ramtusk is a massive aging Quilboar whose thick hide bears the scars of many battles with centaur, harpies, orcs, and even tauren. In his later years, Ramtusk has embraced the company of Quilboar spirit leaders: Aggem Thorncurse and Death Speaker Jargba guide his thoughts from the spirit realm.
Boss icon Groyat.png Groyat, the Blind Hunter
After years of seclusion, a monstrous creature from deep inside the dark grotto emerged. This gargantuan bat coninually feeds on the boar once named Agathelos the Raging, whose dark power was once fueled by continual consumption of bat guano.
Boss icon Charlga Razorflank.png Charlga Razorflank
The leader (or "crone") of the Death's Head and Razorfen tribes is Charlga Razorflank a quilboar who experienced an unparalleled and meteoric rise to power. Her aim is to resurrect the demigod Agamaggan but the dark and violent rituals Charlga and her minions perform are quite at odds with the Ancient's noble and protective demeanor.

Scarlet Halls

The Crusade's fiercest warriors, those who have held their ground and fought to defend the monastery throughout these dark times, are rapidly preparing an army within the Scarlet Halls. These soldiers are bound by their hatred of the unliving, and they are willing to sacrifice everything for their order's righteous cause.

Boss icon Houndmaster Braun.png Houndmaster Braun
The quickest and surest way to detect the undead is by the scent of rot they carry, and even the most veteran soldier cannot match the olfactory sense of a hound. Houndmaster Braun has bred and trained a savage pack of canines to aid the crusaders in hunting down their foe--living and undead.
Boss icon Armsmaster Harlan.png Armsmaster Harlan
The weapons of the Scarlet Crusade are many, and new initiates must be indoctrinated in the use of blade, hammer, arrow, and shield--effective tools against the undead. Armsmaster Harlan has dedicated his life to the art of wielding these indelicate instruments, and he is pleased to provide a demonstration for the Crusade's blasphemous enemies.
Boss icon Flameweaver Koegler.png Flameweaver Koegler
Flameweaver Koegler trains the Scarlet Crusade's more magically minded adepts in the subtle applications of the arcane. Fire is his specialty, and he has used his skills to burn the order's historical tomes, erasing the Crusade's past failures. Apart from books, Koegler's flames have rendered many--undead, students, and trespassers alike--into piles of smoking ash.

Scarlet Monastery

The Crusade's fanatical leaders direct their followers from the Scarlet Cathedral, at the heart of the monastery grounds. This heavily guarded location functions as the order's headquarters, and some of the most zealous and intolerant crusaders roam the halls of this once-hallowed place.

Boss icon Thalnos the Soulrender.png Thalnos the Soulrender
Thalnos earned repute in the Scarlet Crusade for the brutal torture methods he used to purify" new recruits. Ultimately the sadistic mage contracted the plague of undeath and arose as a fearsome skeletal being. The vengeful Thalnos now prowls the monastery's graveyard commanding apparitions and zombified creatures to attack anyone who trespasses on his unholy domain.
Boss icon Brother Korloff.png Brother Korloff
Brother Korloff first learned of the monk's deadly arts from pandaren ambassadors as they journeyed through Azeroth. When the crusader demonstrated this martial style to his superiors, they unanimously ordered Korloff to train an entire generation of initiates in the ways of the monk.
Boss icon High Inquisitor Whitemane.png High Inquisitor Whitemane
At a young age, Sally Whitemane witnessed her family succumb to the horrific plague of undeath as they were traveling through northern Lordaeron. She was then forced to destroy her parents and siblings when they rose as mindless Scourge minions, leaving her racked by guilt and rage. Ever since that day, the fearsome priestess has found fulfillment and pleasure in only one thing: the destruction of undead.


Individuals seeking to master the powers of undeath know well of Scholomance, the infamous school of necromancy located in the dark and foreboding crypts beneath Caer Darrow. In recent years, several of the instructors have changed, but the institution remains under the control of Darkmaster Gandling, a particularly sadistic and insidious practitioner of necromantic magic.

Boss icon Instructor Chillheart.png Instructor Chillheart
Course: Introduction to the Dark Arts
Instructor Chillheart journeyed from Northrend to teach aspiring necromancers discipline, harshly punishing those who disappoint her. She commands the icy chill of the north and masterfully uses Scholomance's libraries to deadly effect.
Boss icon Jandice Barov.png Jandice Barov
Course: Advanced Illusions
Barov's spirit lurked in the recesses of Scholomance for years, but now she has taken a more active role in educating the next generation of magi. Her vast knowledge of illusions has made her both a valued educator and a dangerous opponent to anyone foolish enough to draw her ire.
Boss icon Rattlegore.png Rattlegore
Course: Reanimation 101
Rattlegore was thought to have been destroyed in Andorhal, but Gandling immediately began preparations to reanimate the clattering terror so he could guard against intruders. The darkmaster sought to make Rattlegore more ferocious than ever, imbuing him with an insatiable desire to harvest raw materials from his enemies.
Boss icon Lillian Voss.png Lilian Voss
Course: Reeducation
The undead Lilian Voss strangled her father--a high priest of the Scarlet Crusade--for treachery, and then started a rampage that eventually led her into the shadowy corridors of Scholomance. Rather than destroy the intruder, Darkmaster Gandling graciously decided to show Voss how to embrace her grim fate. The anger and runeblades she had once directed at the school are now turned toward Gandling's enemies.
Boss icon Darkmaster Gandling.png Darkmaster Gandling
Course: Advanced Studies
The recent defeat in Andorhal has put Darkmaster Gandling in the foulest of moods. More than ever, all students of Scholomance are advised to impress him at every turn. Pupils who dissatisfy the headmaster will be removed from class to perform lab work... or become lab work.

Shadowfang Keep

Looming over Pyrewood Village from the southern bluffs of Silverpine Forest, Shadowfang Keep casts a shadow as dark as its legacy. Sinister forces occupy these ruins, formerly the dwelling of the mad archmage Arugal's worgen. The restless shade of Baron Silverlaine lingers while Lord Godfrey and his cabal of erstwhile Gilnean noblemen plot against their enemies both living and undead.

Boss icon Baron Ashbury.png Baron Ashbury
Slain by worgen and raised into undeath by the Forsaken, the traitor Baron Ashbury toys with his foes, keeping them alive so he can inflict maximum pain and suffering.
Boss icon Baron Silverlaine.png Baron Silverlaine
Baron Silverlaine was master of the keep before it fell to Arugal's worgen. Now his cursed spirit calls upon the very wolf-beasts that slaughtered him to punish further trespassers into his home.
Boss icon Commander Springvale.png Commander Springvale
A loyal soldier, the ghost of Commander Springvale haunts the council room, using unholy strikes to avenge his lord, Baron Silverlaine.
Boss icon Lord Walden.png Lord Walden
Godfrey's right-hand man, the arrogant Lord Walden vowed to pay any price, including death, to serve his compatriot. Now among the undead, Walden intends to keep his word, attacking adversaries with ice and venom.
Boss icon Lord Godfrey.png Lord Godfrey
Drawing from his past as a Gilnean noble and forsaken agent, the cunning and resourceful Lord Godfrey wields dual pistols and commands relentless flesh-eating ghouls.


Stratholme was once the jewel of northern Lordaeron, but today it is remembered for its harrowing fall to ruin. It was here that Prince Arthas turned his back on the noble paladin Uther Lightbringer, slaughtering countless residents believed to be infected with the horrific plague of undeath. Ever since, cursed Stratholme has been marred by death, betrayal, and hopelessness.

Boss icon Hearthsinger Forresten.png Hearthsinger Forresten
The Culling of Stratholme claimed the lives of innumerable people whose only crime was being in the doomed city. A traveling singer and piccolo player named Forresten was one such victim. He continues to wander the city in death, unable to accept his tragic fate.
Boss icon Timmy the Cruel.png Timmy the Cruel
Timmison was infamous for his savagery on the field of battle. Some speculate his sadism stemmed from the ceaseless bullying he endured as a child. Now reborn as a Scourge monstrosity, his mind shattered, he is tormented by those memories, causing him to answer to the name he once loathed: Timmy.
Boss icon Commander Malor.png Commander Malor
Malor and a handful of other courageous warriors risked everything to protect the Scarlet Bastion from being desecrated by the undead. Tragically, they failed. Balnazzar corrupted the fearless commander into one of his servants, transforming the zealot into a mockery of his former self.
Boss icon Willey Hopebreaker.png Willey Hopebreaker
Balnazzar took great pleasure in leveraging the cannon master Willey's destructive capabilities in undeath, calling his prized minion by the name of Hopebreaker. The dreadlord relishes that he has twisted Willey and other Scarlet Crusaders--who so despised the undead in life--into his unwitting pawns.
Boss icon Instructor Galford.png Instructor Galford
Galford once took great pride in caring for the Crusade's most valued documents. However, as he lay dying, he watched in horror as his precious tomes were burnt around him. Balnazzar used this painful memory to imbue his servant with the fiery power that ravaged Galford in life.
Boss icon Balnazzar.png Balnazzar
Balnazzar has never tasted true death, but he has suffered bitter defeat. After the Cataclysm rocked the world, he slaughtered the Scarlet Crusaders in Stratholme and transformed them into the undead creatures they once hated. The dreadlord now plots his machinations for vengeance upon Azeroth.
Boss icon The Unforgiven.png The Unforgiven
Lylia was a blade of righteousness among her people. After Arthas commanded his forces to purge the city, her sanity was ripped apart from seeing countless innocents die by her hand. She fell on her sword to escape the madness around her, and she now exists as a spectral being forever denied absolution for her heinous acts.
Boss icon Baroness Anastari.png Baroness Anastari
While she lived, Anastari took what she wanted, no matter the cost. Death has done little to change that. Her soul ripped from her body, Anastari became a banshee, and she has abandoned her love of material trinkets in favor of possessions of a far more sinister kind.
Boss icon Nerubenkan.png Nerub'enkan
Nerub'enkan was a fearsome warrior during the War of the Spider. Ultimately, she succumbed to her wounds and was raised into undeath as an obedient minion of the Scourge. Now the nerubian guards a ziggurat in Stratholme as fiercely as she defended her home in life.
Boss icon Maleki the Pallid.png Maleki the Pallid
Maleki was among the first to join the Cult of the Damned, showing tremendous aptitude in harnessing the chill of the grave. Driven by an insatiable desire for power, the mage fervently hones his skills in dark magic to prepare for when he will be remade as a lich.
Boss icon Magistrate Barthilas.png Magistrate Barthilas
Barthilas was among those innocents purged by Arthas and his forces during the Culling of Stratholme. The Lich King eventually raised the former magistrate from the grave and commanded the hulking undead monstrosity to guard his ruined home.
Boss icon The Ravenian.png
Boss icon Ramstein the Gorger.png Ramstein the Gorger
Ramstein is one of the Scourge's most infamous abominations, a horror stitched together from numerous corpses and empowered by a ceaseless hunger. This monster committed unspeakable atrocities on countless innocent souls when Scourge forces overran Stratholme.
Boss icon Lord Aurius Rivendare.png Lord Aurius Rivendare
Aurius's fall from grace was precipitous. Failing to exact retribution from his corrupted father, Baron Rivendare, the former paladin was not granted peace in death. He was tragically reforged into an instrument of the Scourge, the evil he had once sworn to defeat.

The Stockade

Stormwind Stockade is a closely guarded prison built beneath the canals of Stormwind City. Warden Thelwater keeps watch over the stockade and the highly dangerous criminals who call it home. Recently, the inmates revolted, overthrowing their guards and plunging the prison into a state of pandemonium.

Boss icon Hogger.png Hogger
Convict #SC55: Hogger
Charges: Too many to list here
Imprisoning the Riverpaw leader has come at a high cost, including the partial blinding of the warden. Fearing that Hogger might escape, Thelwater has authorized the gnoll's termination with extreme prejudice.
Boss icon Lord Overheat.png Lord Overheat
Convict #NA: Lord Overheat
Charges: Homicide (multiple counts)
The natural disasters wrought by the Cataclysm caused elementals to erupt into the prison complex, slaughtering half of the inmates upon arrival. Removing these incensed threats is imperative to restoring order to the stockade.
Boss icon Randolph Moloch.png Randolph Moloch
Convict #AC317: Randolph Moloch
Charges: Embezzlement, fraud, theft, and homicide
Moloch has been identified as the ringleader of the prison revolt. Given his connections to the House of Nobles, however, the use of lethal force to subdue this convict is not authorized.

The Temple of Atal'Hakkar

Thousands of years ago, the Gurubashi empire was plunged into a civil war by a powerful sect of priests, the Atal'ai, who sought to summon to Azeroth an avatar of their god of blood, Hakkar the Soulflayer. The Gurubashi people exiled the Atal'ai to the Swamp of Sorrows, where the priests built the Temple of Atal'Hakkar. Ysera, Aspect of the green dragonflight, sank the temple beneath the swamp and assigned wardens to ensure that the summoning rituals never be performed again.

Boss icon Avatar of Hakkar.png Avatar of Hakkar
Hakkar was notorious for demanding sacrifices from his followers. Many millennia ago, he instructed the Atal'ai to bring forth his avatar, using blood ritually drained from living victims to feed him. The Atal'ai priests now seek to raise Hakkar's avatar with a modified version of this ritual, one that involves sacrificing green dragons. If the Atal'ai succeed, the re-emergence of Hakkar's avatar could spell doom for Azeroth.
Boss icon Jammalan the Prophet.png Jammal'an the Prophet
Jammal'an is the current leader of the Atal'ai, the extremist sect of priests who fanatically worship Hakkar. While in deep meditation, Jammal'an received instructions on how to resurrect Hakkar by using the blood of his draconic foes, the green dragonflight. Jammal'an and his undead bodyguard Ogom the Wretched stand ready to oppose any who would prevent Hakkar's return, though the prophet's actions may unleash upon Azeroth an even more terrible force: the Emerald Nightmare.
Boss icon Dreamscythe.png Wardens of the Dream
Four promising young drakes accompanied Eranikus into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, eager to prove themselves by serving a great and powerful wyrm. One by one, they were captured and tainted by the Emerald Nightmare, and they now wander the halls of the Sunken Temple, lashing out at all who intrude upon their waking dream.
Boss icon Shade of Eranikus.png Shade of Eranikus
Eranikus, former consort to Ysera the Dreamer, was sent to guard the ruins of Atal'Hakkar and prevent Hakkar's emergence. Once within the temple, he and his retinue were corrupted by its dark forces, and he became a shade, pulled between the realms of the Emerald Dream and the physical plane. Despite his corruption, Eranikus may still call upon his powers as a green dragon to spew corrosive acid at his enemies or trap them in a deep slumber.


Uldaman is an ancient titan vault buried deep within the earth. It is said the titans sealed away a failed experiment there and then moved on to a new project, related to the genesis of the dwarves. Tales of a fabled treasure containing great knowledge have enticed would-be treasure hunters to dig deeper into the secrets of Uldaman, a task made perilous by the presence of stone defenders, savage troggs, Dark Iron invaders, and other dangers lurking in the lost city.

Boss icon Revelosh.png Revelosh
Some luminaries in Ironforge's prestigious Explorers' League have theorized an ancestral link between their people and the troggs, and pointed towards the troggs' hoarding of titan artifacts as a reflection of the dwarves' own reverence for such wondrous devices. If that is true, the trogg known as Revelosh can be considered the trogg equivalent of an archaeologist, although any historically minded adventurers who encounter him would be more inclined to call him a thief.
Boss icon Baelog.png
Boss icon Olaf.png
The Lost Dwarves
Seeking fame and, more importantly, fortune, the three brothers Eric, Olaf, and Baelog took on a contract from the Explorers' League to delve deep into the halls of Uldaman and clear a path for a group of researchers. For these three dwarves, however, "clearing a path" unfortunately entailed "getting hopelessly lost in an ancient labyrinth." Proud dwarves to the end they fight to prevent the secrets of Uldaman and the Explorers' League from falling into the hands of the Horde.
Boss icon Eric the Swift.png
Boss icon Ironaya.png Ironaya
The titans did not construct the Uldaman complex directly, but utilized various servants to create its megalithic halls. The Pantheon entrusted the watcher Ironaya with overseeing the construction and maintenance of Uldaman, but as time passed, the once awe-inspiring vault fell to ruin. Within the map chamber, Ironaya has spent millennia in a form of stasis, analyzing the original master plan drawn up by Khaz'goroth and attempting to find a way to restore the complex to its original functionality.
Boss icon Obsidian Sentinel.png Obsidian Sentinel
The Obsidian Sentinel was responsible for guarding Uldaman's secrets until it was affected by corruption by an unknown force. Originally crafted from the same stone as the halls of Uldaman itself, this keeper has had the majority of its body replaced with dark glass capable of reflecting spells. Whatever was responsible for the Obsidian Sentinel's transformation must be incredibly potent, for it is not easy to alter the enchanted stone of a titan construct.
Boss icon Ancient Stone Keeper.png Ancient Stone Keeper
One of many golems that staffed and operated the great titan vault, the Ancient Stone Keeper was part of a small group that served as an intermediary between the watchers left in control of the facility and their many servants. With the corruption of the Obsidian Sentinel, the Ancient Stone Keeper is the last of its kind, performing its duty by protecting the secrets of the titans as best it can until its inevitable shutdown.
Boss icon Galgann Firehammer.png Galgann Firehammer
Reacting to the discovery of Uldaman by Bronzebeard dwarves, the Dark Iron clan mounted an invasion of the vault to stop their ancestral foes from accessing the powerful artifacts within. Galgann Firehammer, a senator from Shadowforge City, was sent to oversee the continued excavation of Uldaman so that the emperor may harness the artifacts' destructive potential against the Dark Irons' enemies.
Boss icon Grimlok.png Grimlok
In trogg society, the biggest, strongest, and most vicious trogg often becomes chieftain through displays of power. Grimlok is a comparative genius in that he has maintained control of the Stonevault troggs through intimidation and what might be considered crude psychological warfare. Having trained a deadly basilisk, Grimlok uses the threat of petrification by his beast to keep any would-be usurpers in line.
Boss icon Archaedas.png Archaedas
Deep within Uldaman is a chamber containing one of the greatest treasures of the titans, created by Norgannon himself. However, thus far no explorers have managed to gain access to the relic, for any attempt at doing so activates the great watcher Archaedas, an immense guardian who easily dispatches treasure seekers through his powerful attacks and a veritable army of servants. Crafted from some of the oldest, strongest stone taken from Uldaman's depths, Archaedas is a foe as formidable as he is ancient.

Wailing Caverns

Years ago, the famed druid Naralex and his followers descended into the shadowy Wailing Caverns, named for the mournful cry one hears when steam bursts from the cave system's fissures. Naralex planned to use the underground springs to restore lushness to the arid Barrens. But upon entering the Emerald Dream, he saw his vision of regrowth turn into a waking nightmare, one that has plagued the caverns ever since.

Boss icon Lady Anacondra.png Lady Anacondra
Scarletleaf was the first to volunteer for Naralex's self-appointed mission to the Barrens. After her master's nightmare shattered her mind, the young acolyte cast aside her name, now envisioning a sinister reptilian future for Azeroth.
Boss icon Lord Pythas.png Lord Pythas
A childhood friend of Naralex, the warrior Aryn was a quick study in druidism. Despite his training, the acolyte was defenseless against the corruption that would strip away his sanity. Aryn has taken on the name Pythas, combining his impressive melee prowess with his druidic arsenal to vanquish intruders.
Boss icon Lord Cobrahn.png Lord Cobrahn
Jarlaxla's skill at harnessing animal forms earned him renown among the druids of the Cenarion Circle. However, the Wailing Caverns' corruption twisted his unique abilities. Now, Jarlaxla has perfected a deadly serpentine form, renaming himself Cobrahn to reflect his vicious new found power.
Boss icon Kresh.png Kresh
An ancient resident of the Wailing Caverns, this giant turtle wanders the underground caves, his resilient mind unaffected by Naralex's relentless nightmares. Don't be fooled by his happy disposition; Kresh has thwarted many adventurers who longed to steal his massive shell.
Boss icon Skum.png Skum
Skum first journeyed to the Wailing Caverns for relief from the Barrens' hostile environment. Like many of the caves' other inhabitants, he quickly succumbed to corruption. His veins now pulse with dark energies that have transformed him into a mighty and ruthless beast beyond redemption.
Boss icon Lord Serpentis.png Lord Serpentis
The Druids of the Fang's leader was once Naralex's finest student. His tragic downfall stemmed from his desire to become a shan'do, or honored teacher like Naralex. As insanity took root, Serpentis rallied his brethren to his side and formed the Druids of the Fang.
Boss icon Verdan the Everliving.png Verdan the Everliving
Little is known about this creature prior to Naralex's arrival at the Wailing Caverns. Thought to be the caves' original guardian, Verdan the Everliving could not escape the corruption that befell its home. Verdan is allied with the insane druids and maintains its vigil against those who trespass into its domain.
Boss icon Mutanus the Devourer.png Mutanus the Devourer
From the darkest corners of Naralex's twisted mind, the corruption plaguing the Emerald Dream has manifested in the form of the druid's worst enemy: murlocs. The aberration known as Mutanus has come to the waking world to devour any who seek to liberate Naralex from the Nightmare's clutches.


Zul'Farrak was once the shining jewel of Tanaris, ferociously protected by the cunning Sandfury tribe. Despite the trolls' tenacity, this isolated group was forced to surrender much of its territory throughout history. Now, it appears that Zul'Farrak's inhabitants are creating a horrific army of undead trolls to conquer the surrounding region. Other disturbing rumors tell of an ancient creature sleeping within the city--one that, if awakened, will rain death and destruction across Tanaris.

Boss icon Ghazan.png Gahz'rilla
Legend has it that Gahz'rilla was an adored pet of the Old Gods, or even a demigod in her own right. Whatever the truth is, the Sandfury trolls have worshiped this monstrous hydra for thousands of years. Ever wary of the beast's icy wrath, the trolls will only rouse Gahz'rilla when they have plentiful sacrifices to sate the ravenous creature's appetite
Boss icon Antusul.png Antu'sul
Antu'sul prefers his sul'lithuz basilisks strong and ruthless. He treats these scaled beasts like family, and he is known to strike down anyone--even fellow trolls--who harm his precious children. Rather than give his opponents a proper burial, Antu'sul allows the basilisks to feast on whoever dares cross him.
Boss icon Theka the Martyr.png Theka the Martyr
Long ago, the martyr Theka was slain in the brutal war between the qiraji and the trolls. Zul'Farrak still stands because of his brave sacrifice. Even in death he maintains a vigil over his beloved city, and it is said that the dozens of insectoid warriors who killed him were cursed to live as mindless scarabs, scuttling at the martyr's side.
Boss icon Witch Doctor Zumrah.png Witch Doctor Zum'rah
The powerful loa Bwonsamdi watches over the spirits of the Darkspear trolls, but many of the Sandfury tribe's fallen members are offered no such protection after death. These tortured spirits obey Zum'rah, a cruel witch doctor who uses his dark magic to force the city's dead into unending service.
Boss icon Nekrum Gutchewer.png Nekrum & Sezz'ziz
Nekrum Gutchewer has mysteriously lived well past his natural life, but his decaying body remains strong enough to aid Sezz'ziz. Together, these two trolls have gathered sacrifices to the mythic beast Gahz'rilla, who slumbers at the city's heart. Many troll followers eagerly await the terrifying creature's awakening, and they will do anything to see the ritual through.
Boss icon Shadowpriest Sezzziz.png
Boss icon Chief Ukorz Sandscalp.png Chief Ukorz Sandscalp
Chief Ukorz Sandscalp is obsessed with restoring his tribe to its former glory. He was raised on stories of a time when trolls lorded over their ancient lands without interference from goblins, gnomes, pirates, ogres, and other foreign interlopers. Sandscalp has called on his trusted comrade Ruuzlu to help him begin a new chapter in Sandfury history in the only way their tribe knows how: with swift and blinding violence.