Not to be confused with Warcraft Adventures, Adventure Guide, or adventurer.

Adventures interface

Adventures are a Shadowlands expansion feature tied to Covenants. Using a dedicated table within the Covenant Sanctum, you can view available adventures, their associated rewards, the cost to undertake them, the state of your units, and how challenging the enemies are within that adventure. You’ll want to choose a solid mix from your adventure companions and troops to create a party of up to 5 units to deal with the various threats.

Each Covenant provides a variety of 15 unique allies, including the soulbinds that you’ll meet, 6 Adventurers that you’ll recruit through Renown, and an additional 6 who can be rescued from within Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Four universal Adventurers can also be recruited by any Covenant from within Torghast, bringing your potential allies to 19.[1] You can check in on and continue your adventures on the go with the WoW Companion App.[2]

Though adventures are similar to previous mission systems, they feature a new look and function. While missions generally involved countering threats to increase a displayed victory percentage, adventures use turn-based combat with a focus on troop positioning.


How to obtain

To unlock adventures, you must join a Covenant, then use the Sanctum Reservoir located in your Covenant Sanctum to purchase the Command Table. You'll automatically receive one companion and two types of troops.


Successful adventures reward experience for your companions, gradually increasing their level and improving their abilities, as well as loot usable by your character:

Certain adventures, marked by an  [Adventure Campaign Progress] item, are part of an "adventure campaign." These adventures form a chain that offers increasingly higher quality rewards, including battle pets and eventually mounts.




  • During early development, many adventures had placeholder names and descriptions:
    • For Revendreth: Placeholder Palace - "A panopoly of puffy, pompous philodoxes."
    • For Bastion: Placeholder Peak - "A prominent peak provides peril."
    • For Maldraxxus: Placeholder Pit - "A pungent pit provides putrescent presence."
    • For Ardenweald: Placeholder Pool - "A pool of placeholders potentiates profoundly."

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