Advice from the Cenarion Circle

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AllianceAdvice from the Cenarion Circle
Start Mayor Charlton Connisport [46.4, 87.2]
End Cenarion Observer Shayana
Level 58
Category Blasted Lands
Experience 900
Reputation +20 Cenarion Circle
Rewards 9s
Previous A [58] Wormthorn's Dream
Next Demoniac Vessel


Report to Cenarion Observer Shayana at the Surwich in the Blasted Lands.


I believe that the taint of the Blasted Lands has finally exerted its influence over my friend Wormthorn. His experiment is failed, and his great-tree now only serves as a focus for the demons to rally around.

The tree must come down, and Wormthorn with it. Speak with the Cenarion Observer on the other side of town; she should have some idea how to proceed.

<name>: the act we are about to commit must not be made known to the townspeople of Surwich. Morale is low enough as-is.


You will receive: 9s


While I'm surprised that Connisport is willing to go forward with his plan, I'm also relieved. I've seen the demons rallying around Maldraz, and I share his fears.


  1. A [56] Protecting Our Rear
  2. A [56] Watching Our Back
  3. A [57] Surwich
  4. A [58] Wormthorn's Dream
  5. A [58] Advice from the Cenarion Circle
  6. A [58] Demoniac Vessel
  7. A [59] The Downfall of Marl Wormthorn

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