Adyen the Lightwarden

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AldorAdyen the Lightwarden
Image of Adyen the Lightwarden
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 25-30 Elite
Class Paladin Icon-TCG.png
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Aldor
Location Aldor Rise, Shattrath City[30, 34]
The Aldor are keepers of the Light and servants of the naaru.[1]
Adyen the Lightwarden in WoW

Adyen the Lightwarden is a draenei quest giver located on the Aldor Rise of the neutral Shattrath City. Adyen is located on Aldor Rise at the base of the steps leading up to the Shrine of Unending Light.

He also helps during the final battle against Socrethar at Socrethar's Seat in the Netherstorm.[2]



  • Spell holy holysmite.png  Crusader Strike — Inflicts 60% weapon damage to an enemy and increases the Holy damage it takesper application of Crusader Strike. Can be applied up to 5 times. Lasts 15 sec. 
  • Spell holy sealofmight.png  Hammer of Justice — Stuns an enemy, rendering it unable to move or attack for 5 sec. 
  • Spell holy holybolt.png  Holy Light — Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally. 



The Lightwarden's job is twofold. Protect the priesthood at all costs first and foremost. Destroy the enemies of the Light wherever they may hide second.

Main article: Deathblow to the Legion#Notes
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  • Excellent. We must focus our efforts on the cleansing of Nagrand!
  • In time, you may learn to see through their deceptions.
  • It is exactly as I expected, soldier. They know we watch them closely.
  • Of course, Harbinger. Dismissed.
  • They mask their intentions with meaningless movements to confuse us.
  • Until then, your presence at your post will keep them on their toes.
  • Well, out with it, neophyte...

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