Image of Aegira
Title Apprentice,
Gender Female
Race Vrykul (Humanoid)
Level 10-45 Elite
Class Monk
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Order of the Broken Temple
Occupation Champion of the Broken Temple
Location Aegira's Meadery, Stormheim; Wandering Isle
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Melba (former master)
Companion(s) Slifna (pet)

Aegira is a vrykul located at Aegira's Meadery in Stormheim.

In her youth, Aegira had a master named Melba. She taught her the ways of the brewmaster. About two years ago, Melba was murdered by Morjirn for her Storm Brew recipe, leaving Aegira alone. When the Grandmaster approached her for the recipe, she teamed up with them order to regain it and avenge her master. After recovery the recipe, Aegira sends the leader to gather the ingredients required to make the brew:  [Freya's Spring Water], Amaranthine Hops, and a special cauldron in the Halls of Valor. Grateful for their assistance, Aegira joins the monk order hall on the Wandering Isle.

When the Burning Legion attacked the Wandering Isle, Aegira along with Chen Stormstout prepared N Monk [45] Storm Brew for their leader which helped them defeat Lady Keletress. After the battle, Aegira became a champion of the Order of the Broken Temple.[1]



  • Come, monk. Walk with me.
  • Filthy dogs... the Tideskorn were always merciless thieves and murderers.
  • Hmmm. Good flavor, but it's as weak as rainwater.
  • I hope Melba is looking upon me now. How long have I waited for vengeance!
  • Melba's Storm Brew was the rarest and most desired of her recipes. It was even said that the thunder god Odyn served this brew in his hall of champions.
  • Morjirn has the recipe now, but he lacks skill. What you drank at the Gates of Valor was pure sludge. It holds only a fraction of Storm Brew's TRUE power.
  • Morjirn, head brewer of a nearby clan, harbored jealousy of my master's skill. He sent a band of raiders to kill her, and steal the recipe.
  • My master's recipes were famous for their taste and potency. We used to ship barrels every day. Goldenapple, sweet and crisp. Black Brew, dark and bitter. Woodheart, oaken and bright.
  • My master, Melba, taught me everything she knew, including the fighting techniques of ancient vrykul brewer-kings and queens.
  • This is right place. We will find the stolen recipe here.
  • Ugh, mother of Odyn! That tasted worse than runehorn curd!
  • Yes, now that's strong! But my master's was still better.
  • You're about two years too late, my friend. Melba is dead.
  • The Black Brew is running low, Slifna. If Melba were still here, we would never run dry.
  • The Goldenapple is setting quite nicely, Slifna.
  • Still need to get this sorry excuse for a wagon fixed. Where is Jolfang with that axle, eh Slif?
  • We have been through quite a lot together, <name>. Without your help, I could not have avenged my master, nor found the courage to make her legendary brew. Thanks to you, we should have plenty of Storm Brew to supply the entire temple. Speaking of which, I feel there are many similarities between your fighting style and mine. Would you accept me as the newest member of your order?[2]
  • What journey brings you here?
  • What can I do for you?
  • What's brewing?
  • Yes?
  • What do you want?
  • I don't like interruptions.
  • How many cups did you have?
  • Tread carefully...
  • Do you wish for death?
  • I'm cutting you off!
  • That's it! Last call!
  • Pleasant journeys.
  • Farewell.
  • Keep your sword close, and your brew closer.


  • Aegira is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.
  • Aegira is the first vrykul to be a monk.
  • During the development of Legion, each Class Hall champion's unlock quest included descriptions of who they are and what their role would be on missions. Aegira's read: "Aegira is a vrykul brewmaster, favored by Odyn himself. Her brews are legendary. Little do others know, her brawling skills are formidable. She grew up on the battlefield, and is still undefeated by all who challenge her." / "Aegira is a legendary vrykul brewmaster, whose fighting skill is formidable."[3]

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