Image of Aeonaxx
Title <Mate of Aeosera>
Gender Male
Race Stone dragon (Dragonkin)
Level 35 Rare Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Deepholm

Aeonaxx is a rare elite in Deepholm.

He is the mate of Mob Aeosera, the broodmother players must defeat in N [30-35] Resonating Blow at the request of Therazane. The Stonemother has shown little concern for the rebellious Aeonaxx, even allowing his spawn to be taken from her realm.[1]

He is much like Time-Lost Proto Drake, being a rare dragonkin that is guaranteed to drop a unique mount. GMs have yet to be drawn on information about spawn points and times.

Aeonaxx initially appears friendly to players, and is mountable as a vehicle. Upon mounting, he becomes hostile, and the mounting player must kill him to survive and loot.

Spawn Information

The six known spawn spots and the range Aeonaxx stays in after spawn.

Aeonaxx shares a spawn timer with Blood Seeker, a level 15 bat from the pre-Cataclysm Shadowfang Keep, which has been observed to be roughly 6 to 22 hours. Aeonaxx has a spawn chance of about 6%.

Early videos of players encountering Aeonaxx were on the west side of the Temple of the Earth where he has more spawn points, but eastern locations have also been confirmed. There are currently six known spawn points, commonly labeled as "NW1"[42, 47], "NW2"[44, 43], "SW1"[42, 60], "SW2"[47, 57], "SE1"[52, 64], and "NE1"[51, 43]. Each spawn will be random between the six points. Once spawned, Aeonaxx or Blood Seeker will fly in a small circle around the spawn location. Blood Seeker will automatically despawn after six minutes, whether alive or killed.

Phasing does not affect a player's ability to see Aeonaxx, though it may keep one from seeing nearby players in other phases. Once a player mounts Aeonaxx, that player is visible in all phases.


Upon spawning, Aeonaxx is friendly and appears to be mountable as a vehicle with a green mouseover arrow. Once a player mounts Aeonaxx, he becomes hostile and other players will not be able to mount.

After mounting, the player will receive an announcement: "Kill Aeonaxx before his whelps overwhelm you." Aeonaxx will fly a route around the Temple of Earth and through northern areas of Deepholm. He summons Young Stone Drakes to attack the mounting player throughout the encounter. The young drakes have 7,749 hitpoints and need to be killed so the player can continue attacking Aeonaxx. Aeonaxx does no damage to the player himself; he relies on the young drakes for defense.

When Aeonaxx is killed, his corpse will fall to the ground. The player will automatically receive a slow fall parachute buff that will allow the player to land safely. Once on the ground, his body may be looted for  [Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake]. Players low on health would be well advised to hold off on finishing him until he is over an area that is not crowded with mobs which could potentially aggro and kill the player.


Aeonaxx is large in relation to player mounts and is visible from far away. As such, some spawn locations are visible from others. The northern spawn points can be seen together from a position between those three points, and the southern spawn points can be seen together from a position between those three points. The placeholder, Blood Seeker, has a small range of visibility. As a level 15 NPC, players will have to be directly over spawn locations to see Blood Seeker.

With four spawn locations in the west and two spawn locations in the east, camping for Aeonaxx in the west may provide a better chance for sighting, but also makes the west more popular and crowded. Proper etiquette is to camp at a location that no one else is camping. As with camping for any mob, crowding or stacking on a player already camping at a location is discourteous, and lowers the odds of a kill for both players.


The mount that Aeonaxx drops.

Aeonaxx drops the following notable loot:
Inv misc stonedragonpurple.png [Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake]


How to Find Aeonaxx in Deepholm (Phosphorescent Drake)

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