The aesir are titan-forged watchers fashioned from metal and with command over the powers of storms. Under the guidance of Khaz'goroth, they were crafted from Azeroth's crust by the Pantheon themselves to be their hands and prosecute their will against the Black Empire.[1] In their battles against the Old Gods, the enormous servants were accompanied by their sister-race - the vanir.[1]

Tribunal of Ages

The Tribunal of Ages, an archive created by keeper Loken and filled with adjusted and warped historical events,[2] stated that the aesir were appointed as protectors of Azeroth following the imprisonment of the Old Gods, and that there was at some point global combat between the aesir and the vanir because of something related to Loken. Ultimately, the device claimed that he neutralized all remaining aesir and vanir affecting the termination of the conflict.[3]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

There are two known types of titan, the stronger, smarter, more agile Aesir, and the tougher but less powerful Vanir.[4] The Aesir are platinum-skinned giants that once crafted the oceans and skies. Their sphere of power is storm, frost and water. They are highly reclusive, shying away from all mortal creatures, not wanting to disrupt the delicate balance of their evolution. Their direct children are the mountain and sea giants, whom they created to help them tend to the high peaks and oceans of the world.[5] They have a connection to the elements of Air and Water.[6]


Notes and trivia

  • There seems to be a dialect of aesir titan language.[7]
  •  [The Shield of the Aesirites] is a vrykul object which might refer to them.
  • The Æsir (also spelled Aesir) are one of the two pantheons of gods in Norse mythology, the other being the Vanir. Famous/well known Æsir Gods include Odin and Thor.