The Aetherium

The Aetherium is a large chamber located under the Concourse of Destiny in the nightborne capital of Suramar.[50, 65] Found near the very heart of the city, the Aetherium opens out onto the Terrace of Enlightenment in the east and the Terrace of Order in the west. A magical elevator in the center of the chamber provides instant travel to the bridge of the Concourse of Destiny above.

The room is mainly guarded by nightborne constructs and, with the arrival of the Burning Legion, observant inquisitors.

Two small jetties also extrude from the Atherium into the waters of Suramar Bay, allowing boat access. It was from one of these jetties that a group of insurgents boarded a gondola to infiltrate the Court of Stars as part of the Nightfallen rebellion, aided by Ly'leth Lunastre.