Aeus's avatar
Role English Community Representative
"MY shredder packs a PUNCH.."

Vindicator Aeus in Shattrath

Aeus is a former Blizzard employee and English language Community Representative for the European World of Warcraft community, normally encountered on the EU forums, specifically the English WoW forums.

Like many other CM's, Aeus has also found his place in World of Warcraft in the form of an NPC called Vindicator Aeus. This NPC can be found at the Aldor bank in Shattrath.

Important facts

  • He is from the Netherlands
  • He's "a cookie nut" [1]
  • Big fan of AddOns.
  • Notorious gibberish-poster
  • His shredder packs a PUNCH!
  • On the origin of his name: "Being partial to ancient languages and as a libra wanting to choose a bit from everything, I decided to take a suffix that kept coming up when looking at Latin names." [2]
  • He once made a reply where he confused Darkshire and Darkshore. [3]

The metamorphosis of Aeus

Here follows Aeus' previous avatar. Study it carefully, note the differences.



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