NeutralAgainst Magatha's Will
Start Magatha Grimtotem
End Farseer Nobundo
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Shaman Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 2000 Order Resources
19g 40s
Previous N Shaman [45] Snakes and Stones
N Shaman [45] The Crone's Wrath
N Shaman [45] Breaking Chains
Next N Shaman [45] Demonic Disruption


Talk to Magatha Grimtotem, then bring the Doomstone to Farseer Nobundo.

  • Magatha Grimtotem denied


Well? What are you waiting for? Hand over the Doomstone.


You will receive: 19g 40s

You will also receive: 2000 Order Resources


The Doomstone! I thought it legend, but here it is before me.

Can you feel its power radiating? We must only use it in times of utmost need; its power has a heavy price.

You were right not to give it to Magatha. It could do much harm in her hands.

I trust you to keep it safe while we prepare an appropriate home for it.



Magatha Grimtotem
Gossip I'm not giving you the Doomstone, Magatha.
You know not what you say! Give it to me!
Gossip I think it safest in Nobundo's hands.
Spoiled brat! That Doomstone is not leaving my side!
Gossip Then bring me to the Maelstrom, or else I'll leave alone with it.
Magatha Grimtotem opens a portal to the Maelstrom.
Magatha Grimtotem says: How do you expect to use the power of the Doomstone if you cannot even open your own portal? Foolish child.
Approach Nobundo
Muln Earthfury says: You're letting this monster into our sacred space?? She murdered our chieftain!
Magatha Grimtotem says: Put it to rest, you buffoon. There is more at stake here than your pathetic chieftain!
Muln Earthfury yells: Pathetic?! Farseer, kick her out! I will not stand for this!
Farseer Nobundo says: I know it is infuriating for you and the other tauren to see her here, Muln.
Farseer Nobundo says: But it is more of a liability to have her out in the world. It is better if we keep an eye on her.
Muln spits at Magatha's feet in disgust.
Farseer Nobundo says: She shall not have free reign here, I assure you.
Muln and Magatha walk off.


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