Agatha (demon)

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For the val'kyr, see Agatha.
Image of Agatha
Title <Mistress of Imps>
Gender Female
Race Imp mother (Demon)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Various
Status Killable

Agatha is an imp mother that can be found in Azsuna. She poses as a succubus and is required for the Mage Tower challenge to unlock the hidden Artifact appearances added in patch 7.2.0.

She seduced Levia Laurence.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
N [110] Unlikely Seduction (Succubus) 110 5,196,335
N [110] Unlikely Seduction (Imp Mother) 112 22,244,260
N [110] An Impossible Foe 112 93,425,888

Objective of

Agatha disguised as a Succubus.


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