Age of Order

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The Age of Order was a time period in Draenor's history some time after the end of the Age of Colossals.[1] Not much is known about it, but its beginning was probably two thousand years before the opening of the Dark Portal, when the Apexis arakkoa used their weapon the Breath of Rukhmar to deal a blow against the Primals from which they and the Evergrowth would never recover. This began a golden age for mortal civilizations on Draenor.[2] The Apexis attained a height of power during the Age of Order before abruptly vanishing.[3]

During the early decades of the Age of Order, a sly ogre chieftain decreed that disputes in his clan would be settled via proxy in one-on-one combat between gladiator slaves. The mortality rate amongst the ogres plummeted, leading to a golden age of expansion.[4]

According to Kronnus, the Age of Order shaped much of Draenor's future in many timelines.[5]