Not to be confused with Malley.
AllianceAgent Malley
Image of Agent Malley
Title <Operation: Shieldwall Quartermaster>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 15-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lion's Landing, Krasarang Wilds
Status Alive

Agent Malley can be found next to Proveditor Grantley just east of the flight path in Lion's Landing.

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Agent Malley traded two horses for a cart full of carrots to Haohan Mudclaw.[1]


Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Agent Malley
<Operation: Shieldwall Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Slot Type Focus
Neutral  [Arcane Badge of the Shieldwall] 280g 85s Trinket Spell damage
 [Deadeye Badge of the Shieldwall] 281g 91s Trinket Agility
 [Durable Badge of the Shieldwall] 278g 75s Trinket Bonus armor
 [Knightly Badge of the Shieldwall] 282g 98s Trinket Strength
 [Mending Badge of the Shieldwall] 279g 79s Trinket Healer
 [Band of the Shieldwall] 319g 1s Ring Spell damage
 [Circle of the Shieldwall] 315g 56s Ring Strength/crit
 [Loop of the Shieldwall] 320g 17s Ring Healer
 [Seal of the Shieldwall] 317g 88s Ring Strength/bonus armor
 [Signet of the Shieldwall] 316g 72s Ring Agility/crit
 [Arrowflight Medallion] 419g 29s Trinket Agility
 [Heartwarmer Medallion] 416g 12s Trinket Healer
 [Helmbreaker Medallion] 420g 87s Trinket Strength
 [Shock-Charger Medallion] 417g 71s Trinket Spell damage
 [Vaporshield Medallion] 414g 58s Trinket Bonus armor
 [Sabatons of the Sullied Shore] 377g 15s Boots Plate Strength/crit
 [Sea-Soaked Sollerets] 374g 39s Boots Plate Strength/crit
 [Greatboots of Flashing Light] 378g 50s Boots Plate Healer
 [Totem-Binder Boots] 391g 15s Boots Mail Healer
 [Odlaw's Everwalkers] 379g 88s Boots Mail Agility
 [Statue Summoner's Treads] 366g 14s Boots Leather Spell damage
 [Crab-Leather Tabi] 355g 16s Boots Leather Agility
 [Shieldwarden Slippers] 367g 48s Boots Cloth Healer
 [Sandals of Oiled Silk] 368g 86s Boots Cloth Spell damage
 [Girdle of Crushing Strength] 258g 2s Belt Plate Strength/crit
 [Waistplate of Immobility] 258g 95s Belt Plate Strength/mastery
 [Divide's Loyal Clasp] 259g 85s Belt Plate Spell damage
 [Chain of Flaming Arrows] 260g 78s Belt Mail Agility/haste
 [Links of Bonded Blood] 243g 25s Belt Mail Spell damage
 [Prevenge's Swashbuckling Cinch] 244g 17s Belt Leather Agility/crit
 [Soothing Straps] 245g 8s Belt Leather Healer
 [Bon-iy's Unbreakable Cord] 246g Belt Cloth Spell damage
 [Sash of Bouncing Power] 246g 93s Belt Cloth Healer
Revered  [Grand Commendation of Operation: Shieldwall] 50g Rep token
Exalted  [Grand Armored Gryphon] 2000g Riding (300)
Quest  [Grand Gryphon] Riding (300)

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