Ages-Echoing Wisdom

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NeutralAges-Echoing Wisdom
Start Lady of the Falls
End Lady of the Falls
Level 56 (Requires 56)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 12,950
Reputation +160 The Wild Hunt
Rewards 37g 20s 60c
Previous N [56] Well, Tell the Lady
Next N [56] Craftsman Needs No Tools


Locate Elder Gwenna, Elder Finnan, and Groonoomcrooek.


Hmph. Even if I wanted to give her weapons, I cannot. My glade is under attack!

Most of my people were driven out during the attack on the growthworks but a few of the elders stayed behind. Whether to delay the enemy or see the friends to safety, they are not here where it is safe.

Each elder can perform extraordinary works and could make the weapons in no time at all. Rescue the elders and then we'll talk about using their talents for the good of Ardenweald.


You will receive:


Have you found the elders? They're the ones who won't be attacking you.


Good! I am glad you found them alive. Of course, we will be unable to put them to work until the threat is dealt with and they are able to continue their crafts in peace. I'm sure Sorcha will understand.


Speaking with Groonoomcrooek
Gossip The Lady of the Falls wanted to make sure you were safe.
Groonoomcrooek says: The Lady is ancient, but the forest is eternal. She seeks to nurture, but also to cultivate. We simply seek to thrive.
Speaking with Elder Finnan
Gossip The Lady of the Falls wanted to make sure you were safe.
Elder Finnan says: Oh, she was worried about me? I do not see why that was necessary, considering how lucky I am! Actually, come to think of it...
Speaking with Elder Gwenna
Gossip The Lady of the Falls wanted to make sure you were safe.
Elder Gwenna says: While I appreciate the sentiment, I believe I am close to figuring out who is behind this attack. I could use your help before we return victorious.

In addition, each of them offers a side quest in the area.


  1. N [56] Ages-Echoing Wisdom and N [56] Idle Hands
  2. N [56] Outplayed

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