Agony and Anima

Neutral 32.png Agony and Animus
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Type Weekly Raid
Category Throne of Thunder
Repeatable Yes

Agony and Anima is one of seven random weekly raid quests offered in Normal/Heroic Throne of Thunder.


Slay Archritualist Kelada.

  • Archritualist Kelada slain


You notice the initials A.K. skillfully and with calligraphic precision engraved onto the side of the Animus.

Before you stands Archritualist Kelada, the shaper of the Animus. By command of the Thunder King, Kelada worked tirelessly to craft the perfect vessel to harness the great power of the anima. Something functional, magnificent, sentient, but most importantly... something deadly.

He must be stopped before his next imagination is brought to life by the Thunder King.


You will receive:
Inv misc bag 17.png [Spoils of the Thunder King]


This weekly raid quest is offered on the stairs right before the Dark Animus room. Kelada, as with other weekly quest mobs, replaces the trash mobs that normally spawn in the area. The fight here is a DPS race to defeat him before everyone dies.

The mogu casts a channeled Extermination Beam on a random player which, if not interrupted, will cause Kelada to receive every 0.5 seconds a stacking buff. The buff, Power Overwhelming, will increase his damage by 10%. At 50% health, Kelada protects himself with Interrupt Shield, preventing him from being interrupted.

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