Agthia's Repose

Agthia's Repose is a raised plateau and former battlefield located in southern Bastion. Named for the former Paragon of Courage Agthia, the area was once the site of an intense battle between the Ascended kyrian and the forces of the Void, when the latter attempted to invade the Shadowlands. The Paragon's sacrifice at the height of the battle thwarted the invaders and saved Bastion from falling; in her honor, the site was preserved for eternity as a place of reflection and learning for all kyrian.


When armies of the Void launched a full-scale invasion of the Shadowlands in an attempt to shift the balance of the cosmos, they were met on the field of battle in Bastion by the Ascended, although the kyrian were caught off guard by the assault. As the fighting continued, Bastion's defenders began to lose ground and take heavy casualties, with the Void threatening to gain control of the whole realm.[1] It was at this time that the Paragon of Courage, Agthia, took command of the defense in the area that would become the Repose.

The invaders poured forth from gateways to the Great Dark Beyond, consuming all in their path and even turning many kyrian against their brethren.[2] Under Agthia's direction, these gateways were closed and the Void's forces pushed back under great effort, while the Paragon herself engaged the leader of the invasion known as Tezulat the Annihilator. Seeing that the situation was desperate, Agthia chose to channel all of the power within and around her into a single blast of pure anima to destroy her foe. This blast was so potent that it succeeded not only in destroying Tezulat, but all of the Void's forces within Bastion, ending the invasion.[3]

Agthia's sacrifice was revered by all kyrian following the victory over the Void, being regarded as the ideal example of courage. The battle site, renamed Agthia's Repose, was kept in the same condition following the end of the conflict, still littered with armor and debris from the fighting. Eons later, it remained a shrine for aspirants on their journey to becoming Ascended.


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