NeutralAid From Nordrassil
Start Mylune
End Mylune
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Type Daily
Category Mechagon Island
Reputation +75 Rustbolt Resistance
Rewards  [Spare Parts],  [Energy Cell],  [Empty Energy Cell]
Shareable Yes


Kill 8 Sawblade Clearcutters and use the Living Sap of Nordrassil to regrow 8 stumps.


Look at what they've done to this island, <name>.

Nature is nearly extinguished, its death cry falling on the deaf ears of mechagnomes.

But I have heard the teeny tiny animals of Mechagon, and bring aid from afar!

It won't be easy to restore balance to a land so severely wounded. Nature's scars run deep here.

Thankfully, we are not alone. I've brought living sap from Nordrassil, the World Tree of Mount Hyjal. Use it to regrow the forests and speed nature's recovery in this land.


You will receive:
Inv mechagon spareparts.png [Spare Parts] Inv mechagnome powercell full.png [Energy Cell]
Inv mechagnome powercell empty.png [Empty Energy Cell]


Nature cries out in agony, and the teeny lil' creatures of this land need protecting.


A small steps towards bringing balance to Mechagon.

I thank you, <name>. And so do the adorable lil' animals who will find home in those trees you grew. I will report our progress back to the druids of Nordrassil.


On accept
Mylune says: Don't worry, my little friends. I will protect you.
Mylune says: We will stop the big bad Arcforged from destroying your homes.
On completion
Mylune says: Rest, my adorable tiny friends. Your new homes wait safely for you in the greenery.

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