Air elementals
Stormwatcher HS.jpg
Faction/Affiliation Varies
Racial capital Throne of the Four Winds, Skywall
Racial leader(s)  Thunderaan
  Formerly  Al'Akir †
Homeworld Elemental Plane
Language(s) Kalimag
Average height Varies

Air elementals (or wind elementals)[1][2][3] are elemental creatures made of air, wind, storms, and weather. Their domain on the Elemental Plane is known as Skywall and they were formerly led by Al'Akir the Windlord. Not all air elementals are minions of the elemental lords and princes, some are minions of the elemental spirits of Outland.


Skywall, the domain of the air elementals in the Elemental Plane.

Huricanian, a typical air elemental.

Ordering of Azeroth

To keep Azeroth safe from these threats, the titans imprisoned the Old Gods underground and banished the savage elementals to the titan-constructed Elemental Plane, a secure dominion where the elementals could dwell without harming Azeroth. Four domains were created within this primordial realm to serve as ideal environments for each type of elemental. One of the Elemental Plane's domains, a realm of lightning and wind known as the Skywall, is home to the Air elementals. With the elementals' departure, nature calmed, and the world settled into a peaceful harmony.[4]

Elemental Sundering

But, no matter each lord got to rule over his own realm, the different elementals kept fighting for supremacy and expansion, one of the worst of those battles becoming known as the Elemental Sundering, where Thunderaan the Wind Seeker, an elemental prince of air, was betrayed by Garr and Geddon, the lieutenants of Ragnaros the Firelord, elemental lord of fire, who consumed most of Thunderaan's essence, and stored what little remained of it within a talisman of elemental binding, which was shattered in two flawless pieces, assigned to his lieutenants.[5]

Elemental Unrest

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Immediately prior to the Shattering, the Elemental Lords discovered a way to break through their prison and send their armies into major cities throughout Azeroth.[6] Al'Akir ordered his lieutenant and herald, Prince Sarsarun, to collaborate with the Twilight Hammer in their invasions of Stormwind City and Thunder Bluff as part of the Elemental Unrest world event. These city assaults were then rebuffed by their defenders as Varian Wrynn and Cairne Bloodhoof led the charge against Sarsarun's hideout in the Ahn'Qiraj Terrace.[7] This was the first major loss for Al'Akir since Prince Thunderaan's defeat at mortal hands years ago and revealed the Windlord's new allegiance with Deathwing.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Following Deathwing's Shattering of the World Pillar in Deepholm and his destructive re-emergence into Azeroth, the Elemental Plane collided with the physical realm and resulted in drastic geographical upheaval, causing chaotic elementals to pour out into the world of Azeroth. Allied with Deathwing, their air elementals assault the recently discovered desert of Uldum, threatening to overrun the world once again.Siamat was sent by Al'Akir at the behest of Deathwing to the Neferset tol'vir to cure them of the Curse of Flesh in exchange for their loyalty. After becoming exhausted from converting the population of Neferset into their stoney bodies, the Neferset turned on him, trapping him within the tower at the center of their lost city. After slaying the leaders of the city, adventurers accidentally freed Siamat. He was then defeated within the crumbled ruins of the tower that imprisoned him.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

With Al'akir's demise, the air elementals descended into civil war. The majority of the air elementals of Skywall took part in the conflict, each attempting to show that they were powerful and intelligent enough to succeed Al'akir. The battle raged on for months with no true victor in sight, until a djinn named Typhinius showed himself. He had recovered the Fists of the Heavens, legendary fist weapons that were infused with the essence of Al'akir himself. With brute force alone, he was able to bring the air elementals' civil war to an end, crowning himself as the new lord of Skywall. The war in the Skywall had caused more damage than Typhinius realized. It would take time for the air elementals to regain their strength and prepare for a full offensive.[8]

However, the Fists were chaotic and their power could not be contained by a soul that did not seek harmony or balance. It took everything he had to keep the Fists from splitting him apart, let alone keep his mind sane. When the Burning Legion launched their third invasion, Typhinius, in this maddened state, attempted to launch an assault on Uldum and finish was his predecessor started. Despite the pleas of his fellow elementals to stay his hand and wait until they had recovered from the civil war, Typhinius forced the weakened elemental forces into battle with the Ramkahen. The war was short and the elementals were crushed, the Fists' strength alone not being enough to win. Defeated and maddened, Typhinius retreated to the Vortex Pinnacle.[8] He was summarily killed by Li Li Stormstout and the monk Grandmaster, who took the Fists for themselves.


Name Role Status Location
Neutral  Thunderaan Current windlord, ruler of all air elementals Alive Various
Neutral  Al'Akir Former windlord and ruler of all air elementals Deceased-Killable Throne of the Four Winds
Neutral  Aeranas Once ruled over the eastern winds of Outland but was imprisoned by Avruu Alive Haal'eshi Gorge, Hellfire Peninsula
Neutral  Cyclonas Sees everything that happens in Skywall Alive Bluff of the South Wind, Uldum
Mob  Cyclonian Summoned by Bath'rah the Windwatcher Removed Alterac Mountains
Neutral  Imperean Attempting to stop the conflict between Simmer and Churn Alive Ruins of Eldra'nath, Borean Tundra
Mob  Prince Sarsarun Herald of Al'Akir Alive Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (Elemental Unrest)
Alliance  Susurrus Mentor of draenei shaman Alive Wildwind Peak, Azuremyst Isle
Neutral  The Vortex Ally of the Earthen Ring Alive Thunder Peak, Ashenvale
Mob  The Windreaver Leader of air elementals in Silithus during the elemental invasions Removed Silithus
Mob  Whrrrl Worshipped by the Galak centaur in Thousand Needles Killable Splithoof Heights, Thousand Needles
Mob  Zakkaru Spawn of Makkari, guardian of Sang'thraze Killable Tanaris


A djinn.

As a mount

As a companion pet

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Air elementals, the violent and territorial monarchs of the skies, favor mountaintops and other high places for their lairs. These creatures appear as crackling clouds with two glowing yellow orbs for eyes. Two columns of mist shot through with lightning extend from the cloud-like giant arms, each one encircled with blue metal bracers. They seek to effect change in the world (for example, erosion via wind). Air elementals create whirlwinds to suck up their enemies and also blind them with dust storms. Air elementals are the fastest and most agile of the elementals, moving with silent grace. An air elemental uses its special attacks whenever possible. It engulfs smaller opponents in its whirlwind first; if the elemental sees no opponent small enough to affect, it targets combatants with its dustcloud before engaging in melee.[9] They speak Auran.


Card games

Other Hearthstone air elemental cards are Elementary Reaction, Menacing Nimbus, Murmuring Elemental, and Thunderhead.

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