Start Sanoru
End Akama
Level 70 (Requires 70)
Category Shadowmoon Valley
Experience 3150
Reputation +25 Ashtongue Deathsworn
Previous N [70] Proof of Allegiance
Next N [25-30] Seer Udalo

The quest Akama leads the player to finally meet the elusive Ashtongue Deathsworn leader.


Speak to Akama inside the hidden chamber in the Warden's Cage.


You've proven what side you're on. I will reveal to you our leader's hideout.

Follow the halls beyond; there will be an underground passage hidden by stagnant water on your right.

I must warn you, <name>. You are not to speak to anyone of what you see there.


Hail, <name>. There is much we need to talk about.

I hope your mind is an open one. The decisions I make are not understood by many. Only my closest collaborators have understanding of the portents I see and the signs I await.

When I joined forces with Illidan it was based on visions foretelling that otherwise my race would have been destroyed. I've waited patiently for other signs and visions to come to pass... Velen's exodus... the opening of the Dark Portal... and now... your arrival.


  • Jump in the pool of water at the end of the hall. At the bottom of the pool is a short tunnel that leads to a hidden section. You can find near the water at the other end of the tunnel.
  • After you talk to Akama and complete this quest, a short scripted event will happen. After completing the quest, a small scripted event between Akama and the dreadlord Vagath — one of Illidan's demon lieutenants — occurs. Several demons appear and Akama will "kill" you in order to preserve the fiction that he is on Illidan's side. Vagath arrives with two demonic minions and yells out:
Vagath yells: Mortals, here? What is the meaning of this, pathetic Broken!
Akama whispers: Have no fear, <race>. Just play along.
Akama "kills" the player and reassures Vagath.
Akama yells: A mere nuisance, I assure you! Tell the Master his prisoner will not escape while Akama and his Deathsworn watch over her.
Vagath says: You'd do well not to toy with me, Akama. Illidan has given me strict orders to keep watch on the Warden. If I find out you are hiding anything from me, I will crush you with my bare hands!
Vagath leaves.
Akama says: Forgive my harsh methods, but the Betrayer cannot learn of the truth. My secret must be kept at all costs!
Akama "resurrects" the player. In a cell behind Akama, Maiev Shadowsong speaks up.
Maiev Shadowsong says: If we truly desire the same thing, Akama, then release me! If Illidan is to die, it shall be by my hand!
Akama says: In due time, Maiev. I've spent years planning to make my move - I can't afford to put my plans in peril by tipping my hand too soon.
Maiev Shadowsong says: Curse you, Akama! I am not a pawn in your game... my will is my own. When I unleash my wrath upon Illidan it will have nothing to do with your foolish scheme!

Once the event is over, Akama will bring you back to life.


  1. N [70] Tablets of Baa'ri
  2. N [70] Oronu the Elder
  3. N [70] The Ashtongue Corruptors
  4. N [70] The Warden's Cage
  5. N [70] Proof of Allegiance
  6. N [70] Akama
  7. N [25-30] Seer Udalo
  8. N [70] A Mysterious Portent
  9. N [70G5] The Ata'mal Terrace
  10. N [70] Akama's Promise

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