Totem of Akil'darah.

Akil'darah is an eagle loa[1] and the eagle spirit of the Hinterlands.[2] Her totem can be found in Jintha'Alor and was initially controlled by the Vilebranch trolls. After Horde adventurers decimated the Vilebranch's ranks, the totem was freed and Akil'darah joined the side of the Revantusk tribe, allowing Kotonga to transport adventurers to the eagle spirit's totem "on the winds of her blessing".[2][3]


  • While recovering in Shado-Pan Monastery, Vol'jin received a vision from Shadra in which he flew through the air at night and saw a Zandalari fleet approaching Pandaria. He at first thought that the vision might have been sent by Akil'darah until he realized that "he flew at night, and the eagle would not".[1]
  • Her name has the same prefix as Akil'zon, another eagle loa.