Image of Akma'hat
Title <Dirge of the Eternal Sands>
Race Uldum watcher (Giant)
Level ?? Rare Elite Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Uldum[38, 60]

Akma'hat is a rare elite boss mob in Uldum.


  • Inv misc reforgedarchstone 01.png  Fury of the Sands — Sand boulders erupt in all directions, dealing Physical damage on impact.
  • Spell nature timestop.png  Sands of Time — Behold the sands of time! Reduces haste of some nearby enemies within 60 yards for 15 sec.
  • Inv hammer 10.png  Shockwave — Deals 113 Physical damage in a cone in front of the caster, affecting all enemies up to 50 yards away.
  • Inv stone weightstone 08.png  Stone Mantle — Surrounds the caster in a mantle of stone that absorbs incoming damage. Increases damage dealt for as long as the mantle holds.

Notable loot

Inv belt 103.png [Belt of a Thousand Gaping Mouths]

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