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Aktar's Post is a small camp located east of the Ruins of Kra'nak in Tanaan Jungle. Ran by the Arakkoa of the Order of the Awakened faction, it provides a dread raven flight access point to the nearby Apexis daily quest areas, the Ruins of Kra'nak and Zeth'gol, as well as reagents and repair.

A friend of Reshad's, Aktar was asked by him to set up the camp in the first place.[1]

On first arrival:

(Two Sethekk Neophytes lie dead on the ground, having been dispatched by the Awakened Warder standing at the ready nearby.)
Aktar says: Good job Warder! Did any get away?
Awakened Warder says: No sir, it was only these two.



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  • Apparently was called Aktar's Watch at some point before the content went live.

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