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Faction Reputation Item Cost Skill Type Bind
Argent Dawn Honored  [Recipe: Transmute Air to Fire] 1g 50s 275 Transmute
Cenarion Expedition Honored  [Recipe: Earthen Elixir] 4g 320 Elixir
 [Recipe: Transmute Earthstorm Diamond] 8g 350 Transmute
Revered  [Recipe: Transmute Primal Water to Air] 8g 350 Transmute
Exalted  [Recipe: Major Nature Protection Potion] 10g 360 Potion
 [Recipe: Flask of Distilled Wisdom] 4g 300 Elixir
AllianceHonor Hold
Honored [Elixir of Major Agility] 5g 330 Elixir
 [Recipe: Transmute Skyfire Diamond] 8g 350 Transmute
Keepers of Time Exalted  [Recipe: Flask of Supreme Power] 4g 300 Elixir
Revered Recipe: Transmute Primal Fire to Earth 8g 350 Transmute
Lower City Revered  [Recipe: Elixir of Major Shadow Power] 8g 350 Elixir
Exalted  [Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Resistance] 4g 300 Elixir
Scryers Revered  [Recipe: Elixir of Major Firepower] 6g 345 Elixir
Sha'tar Revered  [Recipe: Alchemist Stone] 8g 350 Trinket BOP-U
 [Recipe: Transmute Primal Air to Fire] 8g 350 Transmute
Exalted  [Recipe: Flask of the Titans] 4g 300 Elixir
Shattered Sun Offensive Exalted  [Recipe: Assassin's Alchemist Stone] 25g 375 Trinket BOP-U
 [Recipe: Guardian's Alchemist Stone] 25g 375 Trinket BOP-U
 [Recipe: Redeemer's Alchemist Stone] 25g 375 Trinket BOP-U
 [Recipe: Sorcerer's Alchemist Stone] 25g 375 Trinket BOP-U
Sporeggar Revered  [Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water] 25 Glowcap 350 Transmute
Exalted  [Recipe: Shrouding Potion] 30 Glowcap 335 Potion
Thorium Brotherhood Friendly  [Recipe: Transmute Elemental Fire] 12g 300 Transmute
Timbermaw Hold Friendly  [Recipe: Transmute Earth to Water] 1g 35s 275 Transmute
Violet Eye Honored  [Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder] 4g 375 Elixir
Zandalar Tribe Friendly  [Recipe: Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion] 5g 275 Potion
Honored  [Recipe: Mighty Troll's Blood Elixir] 5g 290 Potion
Revered  [Recipe: Mageblood Elixir] 5g 275 Potion
Exalted  [Recipe: Living Action Potion] 5g 285 Potion