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Aldor faction.png
Main leader  High Priestess Ishanah
  Formerly  Prophet Velen
Secondary leaders  Grand Anchorite Almonen
Race(s) DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Broken Broken[1]
Capital Aldor Rise, Shattrath City
Theater of operations Outland, Isle of Quel'Danas
Affiliation The Sha'tar, Shattered Sun Offensive
Status Active
Token(s)  [Mark of Kil'jaeden]
 [Mark of Sargeras]
 [Fel Armament]
Currency  [Holy Dust]
Quartermaster IconSmall Draenei Male.gifQuartermaster Endarin
Notable reward(s)  [Medallion of the Lightbearer]
 [Vindicator's Brand]
Tabard Aldor Tabard.jpg

“We are keepers of the Light.”

Ishanah, High Priestess of the Aldor[2]

An ancient order of draenei priests once run by Velen, the Aldor are currently led by High Priestess Ishanah. They are servants of the naaru in Shattrath City known as the Sha'tar. Rivals of the Scryers.[3]

Characters may join the Aldor or Scryer by completing the quest chain A'dal and City of Light. Upon completion of City of Light, the Allegiance Quest N [15-30] Allegiance to the Aldor becomes available. Completion of this quest grants friendly with the Aldor, hostile with the Scryers, and access to the Aldor reputation quests.

As of the events of Warlords of Draenor, the Aldor still answer to the naaru first and foremost.[4]


History from the Burning Crusade flash site.

The Aldor Rise in Shattrath City.

Originally led by Velen,[3] the Aldor were charged with the safeguarding of the draenei holy sites and altars:[5] their holiest being located to this day on the Aldor Rise, overlooking Shattrath from the west.[6]

Two hundred years after the draenei arrival to Draenor,[7][8][9] the orcs started a genocidal war against draenei. The last and fiercest battle was fought in Shattrath,[8][10][11] with the Aldor failing to protect the city from her enemies.[12] The city was left in ruins and darkness for many years, but the order returned and conducted its rites inside a temple on the Lower City.[10] It seems they also fought the sin'dorei loyal to Kael'thas when Illidan's reign as Lord of Outland began.[10]

When the "born from Light" came to Outland to fight the demons of the Burning Legion, they were drawn to Shattrath. The Aldor regained strength as word spread that the naaru had returned and reconstruction soon began. The ruined temple was repurposed as an infirmary for injured refugees.[10]

A group of Aldori warriors aided the first Azerothian forces stationed at the Dark Portal when it was reopened.[13]


For help choosing between the Aldor and Scryer factions, see the article "Comparison of Aldor and Scryer Rewards."

Reputation gains with the Aldor correspond with a 10% greater loss of reputation with the Scryers. All characters start off as neutral with the Aldor, with the exception of Draenei and Blood Elf characters. Draenei are automatically friendly with the Aldor and unfriendly with the Scryers, whereas blood elf characters are automatically unfriendly with the Aldor and friendly with the Scryers. However, this does not mean that either character is restricted to or prohibited from the Aldor: they may choose to join the Aldor just like any other race of character by completing N [15-30] Allegiance to the Aldor.

  Hated Hostile Unfriendly Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Item
250  [Dreadfang Venom Sac] x8
250 (25)  [Mark of Kil'jaeden] x10 (x1)
250 (25)  [Mark of Sargeras] x10 (x1)
350  [Fel Armament]


Until Honored

Turning in ten [Marks of Kil'Jaeden] to Adyen the Lightwarden in Aldor Rise will yield +250 reputation with the Aldor. There is also a repeatable quest for single mark turn-ins which yields +25 reputation with the Aldor. These marks drop from low-ranking Burning Legion members (mostly Shadow Council affiliated orcs) found in most regions of Outland, including the two camps north of Auchindoun in the Bone Wastes of Terokkar Forest. In addition these quests provide Sha'tar reputation: +125 reputation per ten or +12.5 reputation per single turn in.

Players who have completed N [15-30] Allegiance to the Aldor must turn in 220 marks to reach honored status with the Aldor, with the exception of Blood Elf characters, who must turn in 340 marks due to starting out as unfriendly with the Aldor, and Draenei characters, who must turn in only 100 marks due to starting out as friendly. Players who have not completed N [15-30] Allegiance to the Aldor due to defecting from the Scryers must turn in 360 marks to reach honored status.

Players who also desire Kurenai or Mag'har reputation may prefer killing orcs at Kil'sorrow Fortress in southeastern Nagrand, as they yield [Marks of Kil'Jaeden] as well as +10 reputation with the Kurenai or Mag'har per kill.

Until Revered and Exalted

Besides completing the faction-specific non-repeatable quests, players seeking to attain revered and exalted status with the Aldor may turn in [Marks of Sargeras] upon reaching level 68. Each turn-in of ten Marks yields +250 reputation with the Aldor, and each turn-in of a single Mark yields +25 reputation with the Aldor. These Marks drop from high-ranking members of the Burning Legion (i.e., mobs level 66 or higher). These mobs may be found in Blade's Edge Mountains, the Netherstorm, Shadowmoon Valley, and the Isle of Quel'Danas. In Blade's Edge Mountains, Death's Door boasts the most compact group of mobs that drop [Marks of Sargeras]. Assuming no additional reputation from any other source is earned, it takes approximately 1320 Marks of Sargeras or 95 [Fel Armaments] to reach exalted status from honored status with the Aldor.

Fel Armaments

[Fel Armaments] may be turned in at any time to High Priestess Ishanah inside the Shrine of Unending Light on the Aldor Rise. Each turn-in yields +350 reputation with the Aldor. In addition to reputation gains, characters will receive [Holy Dust], a form of currency used to purchase shoulder enchants in the Aldor bank. Approximately 17 are required to go from friendly to honored status.

Switching to Aldor

It is possible to defect from the Scryers to the Aldor, though doing so eliminates all reputation previously earned with the Scryers. In order to switch factions, players must find Sha'nir, an Aldor located in Lower City. She offers the quest N [15-30] Strained Supplies which requires characters to turn in eight [Dreadfang Venom Sacs] for +250 reputation with the Aldor. This quest may be repeated until achieving neutral status with the Aldor, at which time it becomes unavailable. Please note, there will be a point when a player is unfriendly with both factions and therefore unable to use any bank or inn, so it is probably a good idea to hand in all needed venom sacs at once. Characters previously allied with the Scryers who are hated by the Aldor will need to complete the quest approximately 168 times, requiring 1,344 individual Dreadfang Venom Sacs, to attain neutral status. After the switch some quests will be available although the player has finished their Scryers' counterparts:


Arcanist Xorith and Haldor the Compulsive sell specialized flasks usable only in raid zones to characters who are exalted with the Cenarion Expedition, the Sha'tar and their respective faction (i.e., either Scryer or Aldor). The flasks are only purchasable with [Marks of the Illidari] obtained from creatures in the Eye of Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern, Mount Hyjal, and the Black Temple.

The following Aldor Reputation Rewards can be purchased from Quartermaster Endarin in the Aldor Bank in northwest Shattrath City:

Quartermaster Endarin
<Aldor Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Design: Smooth Golden Draenite] 5g Jewelcrafting (305)
 [Pattern: Flameheart Bracers] 6g Tailoring (350)
 [Plans: Flamebane Bracers] 6g Blacksmithing (350)
Honored  [Anchorite's Robes] 17g 95s 94c Cloth Chest
 [Design: Purified Shadow Draenite] 5g Jewelcrafting (305)
 [Pattern: Blastguard Belt] 5g Leatherworking (350)
 [Pattern: Flameheart Gloves] 6g Tailoring (360)
 [Pattern: Flamescale Belt] 6g Leatherworking (350)
 [Pattern: Silver Spellthread] 6g Tailoring (355)
 [Plans: Flamebane Gloves] 6g Blacksmithing (360)
Revered  [Auchenai Staff] 56g 32s 67c Staff
 [Design: Pendant of Shadow's End] 12g Jewelcrafting (360)
 [Lightwarden's Band] 2g 84s 10c Finger
 [Pattern: Blastguard Boots] 8g Leatherworking (350)
 [Pattern: Flamescale Boots] 8g Leatherworking (350)
 [Pattern: Vindicator's Armor Kit] 5g Leatherworking (325)
 [Plans: Flamebane Breastplate] 8g Blacksmithing (365)
 [Vindicator's Hauberk] 56g 93s 15c Plate Chest
Exalted  [Aldor Tabard] 1g Tabard
 [Pattern: Blastguard Pants] 8g Leatherworking (350)
 [Pattern: Flameheart Vest] 8g Tailoring (370)
 [Pattern: Flamescale Leggings] 8g Leatherworking (350)
 [Pattern: Golden Spellthread] 36g Tailoring (375)
 [Plans: Flamebane Helm] 8g Blacksmithing (355)
 [Medallion of the Lightbearer] 79g 1s 12c Neck
 [Vindicator's Brand] 207g 27s 20c One-Hand Sword

The following Aldor Inscription rewards can be purchased from Inscriber Saalyn in the Aldor Bank in northwest Shattrath City:

Rep Item Stats Cost
Honored  [Inscription of Discipline] +15 Spell Power 2 Holy Dust
 [Inscription of Faith] +15 Spell Power 2 Holy Dust
 [Inscription of Vengeance] +26 Attack Power 2 Holy Dust
 [Inscription of Warding] +13 Dodge Rating 2 Holy Dust
Exalted  [Greater Inscription of Discipline] +18 Spell power +10 Critical Strike Rating 8 Holy Dust
 [Greater Inscription of Faith] +18 spell power 4 mana per 5 sec. 8 Holy Dust
 [Greater Inscription of Vengeance] +30 Attack Power +10 Critical Strike Rating 8 Holy Dust
 [Greater Inscription of Warding] +15 Dodge Rating +10 Defense Rating 8 Holy Dust

For a detailed comparison of Aldor and Scryer merchandise as it relates to each class and trade, see: Aldor vs. Scryer

As of Patch 2.4, the epic pendants sold by Shattered Sun Offensive quartermaster Eldara Dawnrunner in Isle of Quel'danas have procs that only trigger when at exalted reputation with Aldor or Scryer. What procs exactly depends on the neckpiece and chosen faction.



  • Some quests have the same name by both the Scryer and the Aldor factions, make sure that you have the correct quest giver.
  • Some Aldor quest chains lead to non-Aldor quests not listed here.

Shattrath City

Total: 4110 reputation


Total: 4435 Reputation

Shadowmoon Valley

Total: 1900 Reputation


The Altruis quest from Shadowmoon Valley leads to a series of prerequisites (below) for the Nagrand quests, none of which award Aldor rep.

Once these quests are completed, you can receive the following rep quests:

Total: 1075 Reputation


Aldor and Scryer reputation tokens
Aldor Scryer Rep Notes
 [Mark of Kil'jaeden]  [Firewing Signet] 25 (x1) Until honored
 [Mark of Sargeras]  [Sunfury Signet] 250 (x10)
 [Fel Armament]  [Arcane Tome] 350 Rewards  [Holy Dust] or  [Arcane Rune]


An Aldor vindicator in the TCG.

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Ishanah joined the Alliance[14][15] and it is possible that the whole Aldor joined as well.



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