Alexander Brazie, also known as Xelnath, is a former game designer on World of Warcraft for Blizzard Entertainment. He was the main designer behind the Warlock class during Mists of Pandaria, and the green fire quest chain. Brazie would later be terminated mainly for a difference in philosophy with the rest of the team.


He was a computer Science major at RIT, and was employed by Microsoft working on the WinFX application development environment. He was previously employed by RIT teaching student Computer Science. Alex was one of the original members of Cosmos, from the days when it was still named "EScript" (short for EverythingScript); EScript was founded by Justin Crites (Xiphoris). At the end of WoW beta, when Justin left the project, Alex took over.

Alexander Brazie was previously a Junior and Computer Science major and Japanese minor at a private tech college in New England. When not working, Alex did modelling in 3d Studio Max and Maya. Alex has been programming since he learned OS/2 REXX at the age of 5. Alex first found the love of technical administration while working at his grandmother's glamour photography business. In his spare time, he occasionally models for photo shoots at the nearby college of imaging arts and science. He also enjoys cross-country running and biking. Alex worked on a project for 2004's Independent Games Festival (

Brazie was the leader of the Cosmos Team and had the final call on what stays and goes in Cosmos. Consequentially, he held the burden of responsibility for everything in Cosmos. He coded the core Cosmos function, as well as creating most of the UI examples. He also is the main patch-to-patch developer, making any necessary merges or updates to Cosmos between patches.



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