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Image of Alizabal
Title <Mistress of Hate>
Gender Female
Race Shivarra (Demon)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Baradin Hold, Tol Barad
Status Killable
Baradin Hold




Alizabal is the third boss in Baradin Hold. Similar to Vault of Archavon, only the winning faction of Tol Barad has access to this boss.


Adventure Guide[]

The Kirin Tor imprisoned Alizabal in their formidable Violet Hold not long after corrupt magi summoned the shivarra into Azeroth. Despite arcane wards restricting her powers, the demon's malicious influence alone caused her guards to murder one another in sudden fits of rage. Her transfer to Baradin Hold prior to the Cataclysm has only aggravated the ruined prison's increasingly dire conditions.


  • Ability backstab Skewer Tank Alert — Alizabal Skewers and stuns her current target for 8 sec. Skewer also inflicts 10k Physical damage every 2 sec. and increases the target's damage taken by 150%.
  • Ability warrior rampage Seething Hate — Alizabal incites Seething Hate in a random player, inflicting 200k/600k (10/25) total Fire damage to all players within 6 yards of the target. The damage is split amongst all of the nearby players.
  • Ability warrior bladestorm Blade Dance — Alizabal enters a Blade Dance and inflicts 12500 Physical damage every sec. to all players within 13 yards. The Blade Dance also deflects all incoming attacks.
5 minutes after the start of the fight
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy Berserk — Increases the caster's attack speed by 150% and all damage it deals by 900% for 30 min.


Step 1

As always, the main tank should run in and get aggro on the boss. The off-tank should stand directly beside or even on top of the main tank. The raid, including all healers, should stack at the boss’s rear directly on top of one another. The reason for this positioning will become clear in Step 3.

Step 2

The boss will periodically cast her Skewer ability on her current target, which will always be one of your raid’s two tanks. When this happens, it is critical for the unaffected tank to taunt the boss. Failure to taunt the boss will likely result in a wipe as the boss will either kill the tanks or run wild in the raid. Either way, the outcome will be a wipe, so make sure that your tanks know when they are supposed to taunt and can do so quickly.

Step 3

Everyone, including the affected player, should remain stacked when the boss casts Seething Hate. This strategy will effectively mitigate the otherwise unsurvivable damage from this ability by distributing it between 8/23 players. Please note that even stepping a few yards away from the group can have devastating consequences as the damage is only distributed between players within 6 yards of the affected player.

Step 4

When the boss prepares to cast her Blade Dance ability, run away! Even the tanks should attempt to outrange this attack. Once the Blade Dance has ended, return to the positions described in Step 1.

Step 5

Burn the boss down, and collect the spoils of War(craft)!


Alizabal drops Season 11 PvP gear and Tier 13 hands and legs.

Related Achievements[]


How I HATE this place. My captors may be long-dead, but don't think I won't take it all out on you miserable treasure-hunters.
I hate adventurers.
Blade Dance
  • I hate standing still!
  • I hate you all!
Seething Hate
  • Feel my hatred!
  • My hatred burns!
  • My hate will consume you!
  • I hate armor.
  • I hate martyrs.
Killing a player
  • I still hate you.
  • Do you hate me? Good.
  • I hate mercy.
  • I didn't hate that.
I hate incompetent raiders.
I hate... every one of you...


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