All Hands on Deck

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AllianceAll Hands on Deck
Start King Varian Wrynn [32.4, 32.4]
End Solog Roark [27.6, 11.4]
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Garrison Campaign
Experience 15,070
Rewards Garrison Shipyard
Previous A [100] Nothing Remains
Next A [100] Let's Get To Work


Gather materials and construct a Level 1 Shipyard for your garrison.


Let's put this "Iron Shipwright" of yours to work, commander. If we're to pull off your plan to assault Tanaan from both land and sea, we'll need to get some docks operational as soon as possible. Work with Roark and build the Alliance a shipyard!

Last I saw, Roark was northwest of the garrison, near Eventide Landing.


  • Inv garrison cargoship.png  Garrison Shipyard — Establishes a shipyard at your garrison, allowing you to build ships and run naval missions. Instant


On approach:

Solog points out into the bay.
Solog Roark says: Here! This is a perfect natural harbor.

I'll need building materials, commander. You can't build docks from mud.


<Roark scans the horizon.>

Yes, here. A good natural bay. The remains of that old warship can be gutted and turned into your first transport.

I see you've gathered all the materials we need. Are you ready?



[[ Client-Side Cinematic - Docks Being Built ]]



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