AllianceAll Natural
Start Dilbert Tinkertoss [60.2, 53.2]
End Dilbert Tinkertoss [60.2, 53.2]
Level 30-40
Category Spires of Arak
Experience 14500
Rewards 13g 80s
Previous A [30-40] Back on Track
Next A [30-40] The Ebon Hunter
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [30-40] All Natural.


Collect 30 Fresh Charcoal from ancients.


Oh, you have a trading post?


Let's make a deal. You help me power up my laser cannon, and I'll trade some of this... thermo... ultra... obsidiglass with you for some weapons.

The ancients all around here are practically made of charcoal after the arakkoa weapon hit, you should go get some of that!


You will receive: 13g 80s


Blasted refurbished goblin tech is always malfunctioning.


That's quite a bit of charcoal. Nicely done!


  • 14500 XP


Pick up A [30-40] I See Dead Arakkoa before heading out.

Kill smoldering and ignited ancients for  [Fresh Charcoal], and at the southeastern corner of the quest area, use the  [Ghostogrifier 12000] to find Talonpriest Zekk

Talonpriest Zekk says: I will never rest. I must join the Sethekk!

Defeat the ghost:

Talonpriest Zekk says: We were cut down... before our time...

Return to Dilbert, and Filbert has made it with the batteries.

Filbert Tinkertoss says: Let's get the generator up and running - stat!


  1. B [30-40] One of Our Own
  2. B [30-40] Inspecting the Troops
  3. B [30-40] Orders, Commander?
  4. B [30-40] Befriending the Locals (inn) / B [30-40] Peace Offering (trading post)
  5. N [30-40] A Lack of Wasps
  6. B [30-40] Not Here, Not Now
  1. B [30-40] Attempted Murder
  2. B [30-40] Assassin's Mark
  3. Complete both:
  4. B [30-40] Gardul Venomshiv
  5. B [30-40] We Have Him Now
  6. B [30-40] No Time to Waste
Trading Post
  1. A [30-40] The Tinkertoss Twins / H [30-40] Best Deals Anywhere
  2. Complete both:
  3. B [30-40] Back on Track
  4. Complete both:
  5. B [30-40] The Ebon Hunter

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