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HordeAllegiance of the Zandalari
Allegiance of the Zandalari
Start Queen Talanji
End Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
Level 40-70
Category Zandalari Troll
Experience 26,800
Rewards Allied Race: Zandalari Troll, Inv triceratopszandalari [Zandalari Direhorn]
70g 20s
Previous H [40-70] Queen of the Zandalari


Bring the Zandalari into the Horde.

  • Talanji's invitation extended
  • Attend the meeting


It is decided, <name>.

De Zandalari will join de Horde.

Our path together has been a long and difficult one. We have lost much together. De Horde has sacrificed for de Zandalari, and vice versa. I can do nothing to honor that commitment except pledge our loyalty.

Collect your Warchief and send them to my throne. I will extend de offer myself.


You will learn: Allied Race: Zandalari Troll

You will also receive:


Without you, none of this would have been possible. You have done well, my champion.


Upon accept
Queen Talanji says: I will await de warchief upon my throne.
Talanji and Rata slowly walk away.
Speaking with Sylvanas
These trolls certainly know how to celebrate a new leader.
Gossip Queen Talanji asked to speak with you.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: She thinks to summon me? Hmph. I suppose she is allowed some posturing today.
Sylvanas and Nathanos Blightcaller leave the crowd.
At the Golden Throne
Allegiance of the Zandalari Vol'jin


Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Congratulations, Your Majesty.
Queen Talanji says: Thank you, Warchief. I believe we have an urgent matter to discuss, now dat I am queen.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Yes, it is beyond time we did.
Queen Talanji says: De Horde has been a trustworthy ally to Zandalar.
Queen Talanji says: Without our partnership, we may not have overcome de threats dat rose against us.
Queen Talanji says: I understand dat you have need of our forces. De Alliance will stop at nothing to destroy you.
Queen Talanji says: So let it be official. De Zandalari and de Horde will stand together... as equals.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Equals?
Queen Talanji says: I am de queen of Zandalar. And a queen kneels to no one. Surely, you understand.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: I see... Very well, Queen Talanji. The Horde welcomes you.
Upon completion
Sylvanas and Nathanos leave. Vol'jin, overseeing from far back, disappears.
Queen Talanji says: Speaker of de Horde. Thank you... for everything. I look forward to our next adventure together. For now, I have an empire to lead.


  1. H [40-70] A Royal Occasion
  2. H [40-70] A Queen's Entourage
  3. H [40-70] The Rite of Kings and Queens
  4. H [40-70] The Instigator Among Us & H [40-70] Quelling the Masses
  5. H [40-70] Talanji's Mercy & H [40-70] Heresy! & H [40-70] Breaking the Faith
  6. H [40-70] The New Zanchuli Council
  7. H [40-70] The Council Has Spoken
  8. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa
  9. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Krag'wa
  10. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Gonk
  11. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Pa'ku
  12. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Bwonsamdi
  13. H [40-70] Queen of the Zandalari
  14. H [40-70] Allegiance of the Zandalari

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