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AllianceAlleria Windrunner
Image of Alleria Windrunner
Title Lady,[1]
Troll Hunter[2]
Ranger-Captain of Quel'Thalas
Gender Female
Race(s) Void elf[3][4][5]
(former high elf)
Class Hunter,[5] Elven ranger[6]
Resource Energy
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ren'dorei, Grand Army of the Light,[1] Sons of Lothar, Alliance[7]
Former affiliation(s) Farstriders, Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, Alliance of Lordaeron
Occupation Leader of the void elves,[8] Member of the Army of the Light
Former occupation(s) Ranger captain of Quel'Thalas, Lead Scout and Intelligence Agent for the Alliance Expedition[2]
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Turalyon (lover),
Arator (son), Lireesa Windrunner (mother), Verath (father), Sylvanas, Vereesa, Lirath (siblings), Alleria (grandmother), Rhonin (brother-in-law), Zendarin (cousin), Giramar, Galadin (nephews)
Mentor(s) Locus-Walker
Student(s) Magister Umbric, Void elves of Telogrus Rift[9]
Companion(s) Verana, Khadgar, Danath Trollbane, Kurdran Wildhammer, Lothraxion (close friends)

“Your heart flew straight as any arrow upon the wind, sister. You were the brightest of our Order. You were the most beloved of our kin.”

Sylvanas Windrunner, sister to Alleria

Alleria Windrunner was a ranger-captain of Silvermoon who led her rangers under the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. She was also the head scout of the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. Alleria and her lover Turalyon disappeared after the planet was torn apart and were not heard from for many years. They resurfaced during the final war against the Burning Legion, having been members of the Army of the Light for a thousand years from their perspective,[10] as time passes differently inside the Twisting Nether.[11] After absorbing the power of the dark naaru L'ura in the ruins of Eredath on Argus, Alleria became the first void elf, and now leads others like her in the Alliance following the defeat of the Legion.[8]

Alleria was one of the main protagonists in Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal, Legion and The War Within.



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“I don’t want to step into footprints made by others hundreds of years ago. I want to make my own path. My own destiny.”

— Alleria to her mother[12]
Echo of the Past - Alleria

Young Alleria.

Alleria Windrunner was born the eldest child of Lireesa Windrunner, Ranger-General of Silvermoon, and Verath Windrunner, Chief Adviser to Anasterian Sunstrider. She was named after her maternal grandmother.[13] As well as her younger sister Sylvanas and youngest sister Vereesa, she also had a younger brother named Lirath.

As the Windrunners' eldest scion, Alleria was raised to succeed her mother as ranger-general. But Alleria, who had little use for the traditions and expectations of the high elves, resented the fate Lireesa intended for her and challenged it with increasing resolve.[14] Alleria chafed at the stagnation of Quel'Thalas and wished to see the world beyond; to meet other races and experience other cultures, and reconnect with the humans who had aided their people during the Troll Wars. Lireesa held to the high elves' isolationism, believed all that mattered lay in Quel'Thalas, and considered any ancient quel'dorei debt to the humans well repaid.[15]

To mark her training as Lireesa's heir, Alleria was summoned to take part in a grueling hunt for a mighty Springpaw Lynx known as Mauler. Her fellow Farstriders gathered to witness Alleria name her prey and depart deep into the wilds of Eversong in pursuit. Disaster followed: the huntress became the hunted as Alleria was overpowered by the beast, and her younger sister Sylvanas killed it to save her life. The act rendered the battle void, and robbed Alleria of the honor of avenging herself.[16]

Alleria's private war with her mother intensified in the years to come, and the Farstriders suffered for it. Alleria stole more time with her friends and confidants, and a rift formed between those rangers who shared Alleria's beliefs and Lireesa's loyalists. The tension came to a head when Alleria abdicated her claim to the title of ranger-general entirely, and revealed plans to leave the kingdom with her ranger company. She bluntly told her mother that she did not belong, and put forward Sylvanas as her replacement: a Windrunner surpassing even her own skill, with the support of Lor'themar and Halduron and other key Farstriders. Lireesa bitterly acquiesced to Alleria's demands, finding in Sylvanas a Windrunner who would embrace the destiny Alleria had rejected. The ranger-general publicly released Alleria from her duties as ranger-general-in-training, bestowed them upon Sylvanas, and tasked her eldest daughter with ranging far beyond the kingdom's borders in order to establish a presence.[17]

Before departing, Alleria reconciled with her mother and enjoyed one last tranquil night with her family. Lireesa gifted her eldest daughter a necklace - an exquisite piece containing an emerald, a ruby, and a sapphire.[18] Alleria would wear this treasured necklace constantly.[19] Alleria left Quel'Thalas with her ranger company – Verana, Rellian, Auric, and Talthressar – and struck out to see the world beyond.[20]

In her absence, tragedy struck the Windrunner family: Lireesa and Verath were slain by agents of the orcish Horde while on a diplomatic assignment in Eastweald. The Farstriders moved to formally recognize Sylvanas as their incumbent leader, but some among them still favored Alleria, and claimed only the eldest Windrunner should inherit the title. Others declared that Alleria had chosen the wider world over Quel'Thalas, while Sylvanas fought only for the Farstriders, which reflected each of their loyalties. Others still would have gladly followed Alleria, but respected her decision to disinherit herself. Alleria returned in time to give her full support to Sylvanas, which silenced her sister's critics and ensured her unanimous election.[21]

Reunited with her sisters, Alleria learned of Anasterian Sunstrider's forbearing policy concerning the emerging threat of the Horde, and was disappointed. She argued in favor of Lirath being trained to fight, as the fallen were as much his parents as theirs, but the teacher could not be her – Alleria's stay would be a brief one, as she was expected in Lordaeron. Alleria's friends in the Alliance would find few allies in Quel'Thalas, but Alleria was not shackled to the high elves' politics as Sylvanas was, and would return to face the threat growing in Lordaeron with or without a kingdom committed to war.[22]

Tides of Darkness[]

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Alleria Cropped

Alleria defending the forests of Quel'Thalas.

When the Horde invaded Lordaeron, Terenas Menethil, in the name of Anduin Lothar called upon the ancient debt the Sunstriders owed the Arathi bloodline. The ruling council of Quel'Thalas, seeing the Horde as more of an excuse to fulfill that debt than an actual threat, sent a small force of elves to assist the Alliance of Lordaeron. Alleria was one of the few in Quel'Thalas who believed that the Horde might pose a threat to the elves, and consequently chose to lead her rangers to Southshore to join the Alliance of Lordaeron, despite not being ordered to do so.[14][23]

Alleria worked closely with Turalyon and Khadgar in the campaign to expel the orcs from Lordaeron. Upon learning that the Horde burned the borderlands of Quel'Thalas, Alleria led the Alliance army to the defense of Silvermoon City, briefly reuniting her with her sister Sylvanas and comrades Lor'themar Theron and Halduron Brightwing. Although Sylvanas had become ranger-general in Alleria's place, she granted Lireesa's bow, Thas'dorah, to Alleria, trusting that her older sister would have better opportunities to exact vengeance on the front lines.[14]

With Lor'themar, Alleria accompanied Turalyon to Capital City which was already under siege. However, the Horde later gave up and began to run away to the south. Alleria and Lor'themar returned home. Though they were successful in repelling the Horde invasion, it came at a terrible cost: eighteen of her kin, including her younger brother, Lirath, were killed. Devastated, Alleria sought comfort in the arms of Turalyon (eventually becoming pregnant with Arator), but ultimately, she chose to dedicate herself to revenge.

Beyond the Dark Portal[]

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Chronicle2 Invasion of Draenor

Lead Scout Alleria and the Sons of Lothar.

Alleria in Beyond the Dark Portal manual

Alleria in the Beyond the Dark Portal manual.

To the horror of her friends, Alleria came to see the orcs as little more than vermin to be exterminated.[24] Driven by grief and hatred, Alleria vowed that she would have vengeance. Her pursuit of revenge took her into human lands, where she led an elite cadre of rangers in hunting down renegade orcs of the Bleeding Hollow clan, who had been trapped on Azeroth after the end of the Second War.[25][6] Two years after the end of the war, Alleria was present in Nethergarde where she learned from Khadgar that the portal's rift is widening and that the Alliance army is needed again. The archmage sent her to Stormwind to warn Turalyon, which she reluctantly agreed to.[26] By that time, Alleria had already given birth to Arator.[27] She once watched her little child playing in the courtyard of Stormwind Keep with a wooden sword, aiming at a frog but hitting a pillar instead, during a frosty winter day. While another mother might have been proud, Alleria was saddened by the sight and told Arator that war was not glory.[28]

When the orcs rallied behind Ner'zhul and the death knights, Alleria agreed to lead her rangers beyond the Dark Portal into Draenor to exact vengeance for Quel'Thalas and stop the Horde once and for all. Before she left, she had her necklace melted down into three pieces.[29] She kept the emerald for herself and sent the ruby to Vereesa and the sapphire to Sylvanas, using Verana, her lieutenant, as the emissary.

The Alliance reacted quickly to the renewed threat and sent an expedition through the portal to Draenor. Having achieved the rank of captain, Alleria was part of the expedition.

On Draenor, Alleria realized that there was more to the Alliance Expedition's struggle than her quest for vengeance. The final event that caused her to let go her hate and mourn for her loved ones was when Turaylon ordered her to stay back. Alleria found that she could not let go of the young human to his death and rekindled her relationship with Turalyon, much to the relief of their friends.[30] Following the fall of Hellfire Citadel, Alleria sent most of her forces with Danath Trollbane, Talthressar and Kurdran Wildhammer to pursue Ner'zhul, but herself accompanied Khadgar and Turalyon to retrieve the Skull of Gul'dan from Deathwing. She later aided in defending Khadgar when he finally closed the last Dark Portal to Azeroth, after which Draenor itself was sundered in a fiery cataclysm, sacrificing her way home. Alleria, along with her surviving allies, entered a rift to the Twisting Nether.[27]

Given the low likelihood of their survival, Alleria and her comrades were presumed dead, killed in the line of duty. They are honored to this day for their sacrifice. A statue of Alleria has a prominent place in the Valley of Heroes, just inside the gates of Stormwind City.

A Thousand Years of War[]

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Turalyon and Alleria witnessing the devastation of Draenor.

Sons of Lothar at Honor Hold

Alleria and Turalyon overlook Hellfire Peninsula from Honor Hold.

Alleria and Turalyon ended up elsewhere on Draenor, in an area of the Twisting Nether that was beginning to merge with the self-destructing world. They were found by Lothraxion, a former member of the Burning Legion who had joined the Army of the Light. Lothraxion told them that they were fated to do battle against the Legion, and he had been sent to find them. However, the Legion had also dispatched an assassin to kill them. After Alleria made short work of the assassin, the naaru Xe'ra appeared before the two and told them that, though the Burning Legion had failed to enter Azeroth during the Second War, they would soon succeed in doing so. Alleria, wishing to see their son Arator once more, pushed Xe'ra to send them to Azeroth to rally the disparate nations to stand against the Legion. Xe'ra told them their aid would not be enough, but that they would be needed to do battle against the Legion elsewhere and were fated to discover the "Emerald Star," which held the means to end the Legion forever. The two then agreed with the necessity of Xe'ra's request and stepped through a portal to join the Army of Light.[31]

Turalyon and Alleria trained aboard the Army's dimensional ship, the Xenedar. While Turalyon was being infused with the Light by Xe'ra, granting him immortality, Alleria was able to catch a glimpse of a ceremony within the Valley of Heroes in Stormwind City, where she saw Sylvanas and her son Arator. Using the Light, Alleria sent her feelings to her son and when he received her emotions the young Arator looked around, smiled, and then reached out to her statue.

Sometime later the Army of the Light raided a small Legion prison world only to discover all the demons permanently dead due to the void. While looking for survivors Alleria was attacked and infected with the void, which granted her visions. Alleria soon became fascinated with the void and asked Lothraxion to reveal to her all that he knew of it. It was during this time that Alleria learned about the Locus-Walker, a mysterious being who was a powerful master of the void and yet fear its grasp. Convinced that the void would be useful to the fight against the Legion, Alleria revealed to Xe'ra that she wanted to find the Locus-Walker and others like him. While she expected resistance to her plan, Alleria was shocked to be delivered an ultimatum and while she did agree to Xe'ra's wishes, she never forgot her visions or beliefs.

Eventually, the Burning Legion invaded the remains of Draenor, now known as Outland. As time flowed differently within the Twisting Nether, the 20 years that had passed on Azeroth translated into more than 500 years for Alleria. Convinced that this is the moment she had been waiting for, Alleria told Xe'ra of a vision she had seen of herself walking on the Legion stronghold world of Argus, and that in this vision she had seen the Emerald Star. With Argus's defenses diminished by their invasion, Xe'ra recognized that there would be no better chance and sent Alleria and Turalyon to discover the truth of the Emerald Star. En route, Alleria privately told Turalyon that her visions were sent not by the Light, but by another force that Xe'ra would object to. Turalyon told her that while he respected Xe'ra's wisdom, he trusted Alleria's instincts more and welcomed any help against the Burning Legion. As they explored Argus, Alleria was struck by a vision sent by the titan world soul at the heart of Argus: it was the Emerald Star that was reviving slain demons of the Burning Legion. Though Turalyon did not see the vision, he spoke aloud a pledge to return and free the world soul from the Legion's imprisonment. When they returned to their transport, though, they found it surrounded by demons intent on capturing them. Though they struck down many demons with the Light, their defeat appeared certain until Alleria called instead upon the Void, striking down the demons and opening a shadowy rift. Turalyon, who had become one with the Light, felt agonizing pain as she dragged him through it to a floating rock far away in the Twisting Nether. Dismayed at what she had done, he reached out to her only for their hands to burn at each others' touch. Alleria told him that she was not his enemy and to return to the Xenedar, and Turalyon watched in tears as she departed through another shadowy portal.[32]

She would be captured by the Legion and held on Niskara with the Locus-Walker as her fellow prisoner. When Locus-Walker was captured by the Legion, the wrappings containing his energy body had been destroyed. After Alleria used his teachings to kill the inquisitor torturing them, Locus-Walker opened a Void rift for them to escape. On the other side was utter nothingness, the Void itself. Their first lesson was about maintaining Alleria's sanity while using the Void's power. Throughout her training Locus-Walker delved into her memories. He explained to her the duality of Light and Shadow, how the Light cannot see the whole of destiny because it alone is not responsible for it; likewise, the shadow cannot see all of destiny either. He explained how the shadow sees the Light as nothing but horrors, just as the Light sees the shadow, and how neither is true nor wrong. How the Light seeks one path and shuns all others as lies, while the Void seeks every possible path and sees them all as truth. Through Locus-Walker's training, Alleria was able to see destiny that both the Light and Shadow could not see.

But Alleria also realized she was delving into the Void too soon before her destiny demanded it. Seeing a vision of Turalyon presently being attacked by an eredar attempting to steal his soul as a prize, she tried to have Locus-Walker let her go. When he refused as they were not done, she attacked him to force the lesson to be cut short. Furious, Locus-Walker declared her a coward and he should have expected no less. Though he began to gather power to strike back at her, he stopped when he heard what Alleria's vision was and, laughing, said she had made a very determined enemy; Alleria wasn't sure if that meant Locus-Walker or the eredar. Deciding she may have a unique destiny Locus-Walker acquiesced, allowing Alleria to go save her husband. But he believed they would meet again.

After she arrived Alleria drove off the assassin, but could not stop the soulstone from draining Turalyon's soul. She instead used the Void to rip the assassin's poison out of Lothraxion, who saved Turalyon's soul and cleansed the poison from him in turn. After killing the assassin with the void Turalyon warned her to leave, as Xe'ra would not accept her use of the Void. However, Alleria refused to leave and when the naaru arrived Turalyon and Lothraxion pled for mercy for Alleria. While their pleas were successful, when Alleria refused to renounce the Void, Xe'ra imprisoned her.[33]

Warlords of Draenor[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

A Cowled Ranger sometimes visits the inn in players' garrisons and tasks them with finding high elf weaponry, which takes the form of Inv ammo arrow 03 [Silver-Lined Arrow] in the Void-infested Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. Subsequently, the ranger will reveal that she is looking for Alleria and states that she had faintly hoped that the Twisting Nether would have somehow brought Alleria to the alternate Draenor.[34] While it's never made clear whether or not the Silver-Lined Arrows actually belonged to Alleria, their presence in the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds appears to have served as the first hint at both Alleria's return, and a connection between Alleria and the Void.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

After years of fruitless research into Alleria's whereabouts, the first lead is presented in the form of a demon who, under torture from the Farstriders, claimed that Alleria was held captive by the inquisitor demons on the Legion portal world of Niskara. Vereesa, joining forces with the Farstriders, forms a team to track the elder Windrunner down and prevent the Legion from gaining her fabled weapon. Although her bow Inv bow 1h artifactwindrunner d 01 [Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners] is recovered and Vereesa gives her blessing for the new soon-to-be leader of the Unseen Path to use it, Alleria herself is nowhere to be found. Vereesa concludes that she must have escaped, and resolves to continue the search in the future.[35] Thas'dorah's recovery renews hope that Alleria had survived the destruction of Draenor, and Vereesa believes that her eldest sister has continued her war against evil by hunting the Burning Legion itself, pursuing it into the deepest recesses of the Twisting Nether.[14]

Lothraxion says that he serves Turalyon and Alleria in the Grand Army of the Light.[1]


Alleria Windrunner

Alleria on Argus.


Alleria & Turalyon

Just before the Xenedar was shot down on Argus, Alleria was last known to still be imprisoned[36] and under guard, but Turalyon was certain she would be one of the survivors,[37] and she soon appeared to aid her husband and an adventurer from Azeroth in defeating Aggonar.[38] In a reunion with her son Arator aboard the draenei dimensional ship the Vindicaar, Alleria stated that every choice she and Turalyon made was to keep him safe and that it broke their hearts to be apart from him. With their family reunited, Alleria vowed that she would not let them separate again.[39] When Vereesa later informed Alleria that Sylvanas was now Warchief of the Horde, Alleria refused to believe it after everything the Horde did to their people. Vereesa was unsure of how to tell her that Sylvanas was also undead, or if it was even the right time or place to do so. When Alleria pressed her for answers, Vereesa decided the matter would be best discussed in private.

Vereesa would also inform her of the valiant efforts that the Huntmaster of the Unseen Path undertook during the mission to rescue her on Niskara. Speaking with the Huntmaster later herself, she gave her thanks for their risking themselves in the attempt. While she may need Thas'dorah back one day, she proclaimed the Huntmaster's skill with it brought honor to the weapon and the memory of its previous owners. With her own path going in a different direction, she gave her blessing to wield it with pride as they had proven worthy of it.

Alleria states reservations about rescuing the rest of Xe'ra's body from the Xenedar's central chamber, concerned about being locked up again (or worse) but she nonetheless assists Turalyon in doing so.[36] She is present aboard the Vindicaar when Illidan Stormrage rejects and kills Xe'ra. Turalyon, enraged, attempts to strike the Betrayer down, while Alleria seems to be shocked by the fact that Illidan possessed enough power to destroy the prime naaru.

In a reunion with Khadgar, he informed Alleria and Turalyon that Danath and Kurdran were both still alive though he did not get to see them as often as he would like. The three agreed that when the fight was behind them the Sons of Lothar would hold a reunion feast and that, at Alleria's insistence, it was Khadgar's turn to buy the drinks.

When Velen and Turalyon discovered that the Crest of Knowledge, a piece of the Crown of the Triumvirate, was inside the Seat of the Triumvirate on Eredath, Alleria told them that she had scouted the area and realized the darkened naaru L'ura had become a beacon calling the Shadowguard ethereals to use her Void energies for their own ends.[40] Alleria and an adventurer traveled to the ruins of Eredath, where they encountered Krokul being forcefully infused with the Void by the ethereals, despite the best efforts of Arkhaan to prevent that. They ultimately ran into Alleria's teacher Locus-Walker. He explained that he had come to Argus to investigate what the Shadowguard, a group of ethereals who had tragically succumbed to the Void,[41] were doing there.[42] The Shadowguard, in turn, wanted to capture Locus-Walker before he could disrupt their efforts of making Argus fall to darkness. After showing Alleria and the adventurer what the Shadowguard was up to, Locus-Walker confronted Alleria about Turalyon and what he thought of her use of shadow magic, asking how she could use it when the Light shone so brightly beside her. Alleria countered that without the Light, there is no Shadow.[43]

Alleria L'ura

Alleria siphons L'ura.


Alleria's voidform.

After taking care of the ethereals at the Shadowguard Incursion, Locus-Walker decided to allow Alleria another opportunity to pursue her destiny. After slaying the void revenant Nhal'athoth, Locus-Walker retrieved its heart and gave it to Alleria, who consumed it.[44] After telling Alleria that as long as her mind remained her own she could control the Void's power and that perhaps someday he would tell Alleria how he came to control it by himself, Locus-Walker took his leave.[45]

Within the Seat of the Triumvirate, Alleria met up with Locus-Walker again. During the battle with L'ura he prompted Alleria to use the power of the Void rifts the dark naaru was opening, culminating in her absorbing L'ura's essence and transforming into a Void state. After saying they needed to test the limits of her newfound power, Alleria and Locus-Walker left the Seat. When spoken to on the Vindicaar after the Crown of the Triumvirate is completed, Alleria states that she is in control of her new form, capable of turning it off and on of her own will.

After Sargeras is imprisoned by the Pantheon at the Seat of the Pantheon, Alleria speaks of how her heart soars to return to Azeroth with her family and see the forests of her homeland once more. However, she dreads the meeting with Sylvanas, but must see with her own eyes what her sister has become; Alleria wonders if she is even her sister any more, or some Light-forsaken monster. But Alleria acknowledges that she has also changed, and the powers she commands may cause some to question her loyalties. There is much for her to ponder, and she has to remain calm and focused.

Return to Azeroth[]

TurAlleria VoH ThreeSisters

Alleria & Turalyon at the Valley of Heroes.

At the Valley of Heroes in Stormwind City, Alleria and Turalyon stood beneath the memorial statues that had been made for them after the destruction of Draenor, feeling unsettled. Alleria said that sometimes she felt as though she had already died twice, first at Draenor and then with L'ura. She wondered if death was the true legacy of the Windrunners. Turalyon knew she was anxious to meet Sylvanas no matter how she hid it, and while he told her she did not have to go, Alleria insisted that she did. She had to see her homeland with her own eyes and ask Sylvanas how she could ever wear the mantle of Warchief. Turalyon wanted Alleria to tell King Anduin Wrynn about her meeting with her sisters since it took place in Horde territory and involved the Horde's warchief, but Alleria argued that it was not a political meeting but a family affair taking place in their ancestral home.[46]

Alleria is present at the Stormwind Embassy as part of the Alliance.[7]

Three Sisters[]

Windrunner reunion

Windrunner sisters reunion

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

While touring Stormwind's Valley of Heroes with her lover Turalyon, Alleria revealed her plans to attend a family reunion with her two other sisters in order to determine if she can still see them as her family after all that has transpired and also to see her place of birth, so she can liberate it from the undead that still prowls there. Turalyon couldn't help but notice that she was wearing her Emerald Windrunner locket, one of three nearly identical necklaces she had crafted in Stormwind and had gifted to her other sisters. Alleria created a Void portal and bade Turalyon a fond farewell, telling him should she not return from this meeting alive, to give Arator her love, all while ignoring the dark voices in her head tempting her to give up on her love for Turalyon and slay him.

Alleria first met with Vereesa in Eversong, who she affectionately called her "Little Moon". With such golden hair, Vereesa said that it was only fitting that Alleria's nickname was "Lady Sun", although since her transformation with the Void, Alleria feels she can no longer bear that name. Alleria assured Vereesa she was not influenced by the Void's dark power and her love for her loved ones has kept her anchored, yet the dark whispers told Alleria that Silvermoon's throne is hers by right and to use the Void to corrupt Vereesa. Vereesa and Alleria catch up on what has transpired since Alleria was away, including the Alliance-Horde war escalated by Garrosh Hellscream and the death of Vereesa's lover Rhonin during Theramore's Fall. Vereesa mentioned that she had a brief reconnection with Sylvanas when they plotted revenge against Garrosh during his trial in Pandaria, but she had abandoned the plot and warned Anduin Wrynn who subsequently saved Garrosh from being poisoned. Although concerned about Sylvanas' darkness, returning to their homeland has given Alleria hope of them starting anew as she reminisces about happier times with her sisters and their fallen brother Lirath Windrunner. Sylvanas interrupted Alleria's nostalgia by locking hands with her as they did when they used to dance together. Alleria is startled by the undead creature Sylvanas has become and the Void's fanatic warnings of the danger Sylvanas poses and urgings to murder her. Alleria greets Sylvanas by her nickname, "Lady Moon".

They made their way to the undead portions of the Ghostlands and Sylvanas told Alleria the tale of how Arthas Menethil led the Scourge to desecrate the kingdom of Quel'Thalas. Sylvanas provided the Windrunner sisters skeletal horses as they proceeded to purging the undead they met in their path to their ancestral home of Windrunner Spire. During their journey, the sisters played the game "One is a lie" in which they each made three statements with one being a lie. They eventually encountered Goldenmist Village which was inhabited by shades of people they once knew. As the Windrunner sisters defended themselves against the attacking shades, Alleria accused Sylvanas of manipulating Vereesa into murdering Garrosh Hellscream. Sylvanas defended her character and revealed it was Vereesa's plan from the beginning and held Vereesa's lack of nerve responsible for the fallout of Garrosh's actions thereafter, including the third invasion of the Burning Legion. Sylvanas' rage culminated in her unleashing her banshee powers on one shade and brutally eviscerated it. Disgusted by Sylvanas' savage brutality, Alleria transformed into her Void form to declare that the sister she once knew was gone, while the Void continued to give Alleria their fanatical urgings to murder Sylvanas. Sylvanas retorted she had no choice in becoming undead while Alleria abandoned them and chose to become a Void abomination. As the two sisters argued, Vereesa tried to dissipate the hostilities by refocusing their efforts in clearing their home of the undead and revealing the verdicts of their game. Alleria revealed her truths: she did miss her sisters and did not regret being away from Azeroth for so long. Her lie was she considered the Void a gift, in truth she sees it as a relentless struggle that she intends to conquer. When it was Sylvanas' turn to reveal her truths, she refused to continue the game. Alleria told Sylvanas to keep her secrets. Alleria stated that she came here to see if she still had a family because Lirath would have wanted her to try but it is clear to her that her family is broken, both with her sisters and the one in Stormwind. Alleria created a Void portal to return Vereesa and her home. Alleria then returned to her son and Turalyon.[47]

Before the Storm[]

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Following the death of King Anduin Wrynn's manservant Wyll Benton, King Anduin would later summon his advisers along with Alleria and Turalyon to the map room to unveil his plan for a Gathering between the Forsaken and their human loved ones. Alleria shared the story of her reunion with her sisters during the meeting and made it an example of reunions not going well. Alleria also stated she does not trust the rot riddled brains of the Forsaken to differentiate between friend or foe when facing their human counterparts. Furthermore, she advised Anduin to not put his faith in her sister Sylvanas, as she has been in the darkness for far too long, and she believes it has eaten away all that was good in her. Due to these reasons, Alleria advised against going through with King Anduin's idea.[48]

Void elves[]

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Alleria on the Sunwell Plateau.

When King Anduin Wrynn proclaimed that the Alliance needed allies in the face of war with the Horde,[49] Alleria was determined to bring her people, the blood elves of Silvermoon, back into the Alliance, believing that most would shrug off the Horde if given the chance. Alleria traveled to her homeland and had an audience with her old Farstrider comrade, Lor'themar Theron, now her much-changed homeland's regent lord. She arrived at roughly the same time as First Arcanist Thalyssra of the nightborne, who had also come to Silvermoon to pursue an alliance. Lor'themar introduced Alleria as a hero of Silvermoon's past, and after exchanging pleasant courtesies with Thalyssra and Liadrin, Alleria presented her offer to the regent. Lor'themar reacted curtly to Alleria's words, saying that he'd hoped her visit was motivated by love for Silvermoon rather than an errand for the "boy-king." Their parley quickly turned hostile, Alleria suggesting his words were Sylvanas', and Lor'themar raised the issue of her link to the void and its dangers. Alleria, accepting that her offer had been "anticipated and spurned," then prepared to leave, but asked to see the Sunwell once more, as it had been a thousand years from her perspective. Rommath counseled against it, but Lor'themar overruled him, claiming that whatever else she'd become, Alleria was a daughter of Quel'Thalas and he would not deny her a pilgrimage to their people's most sacred site.

Alleria was in awe of the restored Sunwell, acknowledging that while the same as she recalled, its energies were also different; Liadrin confirmed the presence of the Light as well as the arcane sustains their people through the well now. As Alleria moved closer, the plateau erupted with void corruption, calling forth void beasts, and all those gathered rushed to do battle before the Sunwell was lost. Alleria fought off the creatures, including a mighty void horror named Aruun the Darkener, and moved to close a massive rift portal conjured by the unseen perpetrator of the attack. Combining her powers with Rommath and Thalyssra, Alleria successfully closed the rift, but Rommath, blaming her for the attack, furiously ordered her taken prisoner as a saboteur. Lor'themar intervened, instead banishing her, as her very presence posed a danger to Quel'Thalas. Yet before leaving, Alleria gleaned an important piece of information from Rommath: the existence of void-practicing blood elves who, like her, had been exiled for the danger the void poses to the Sunwell.[50]

Returning to Stormwind, Alleria revealed the outcome of her negotiations to Anduin and revealed what she'd learned of the exiles; she and the Alliance champion then returned to Quel'Thalas to track them down, both out of empathy for her brothers and sisters who may be in grave danger of the void's whispers, and to add their strength to the Alliance.[49]

Alleria arrived in the Ghostlands and reflected on what had befallen her homeland in her many years absent. Following a trail of information left by Magister Umbric, a scholar with a deep interest in the void and the leader of the exiles, Alleria discovered a number of echoes detailing the disgraced magister's past and motivations, from his clash with Rommath to his discovery of a void world containing an item of great power over the shadows. Arriving at Dawnstar Spire, Alleria found the final piece of Umbric's story and opened a portal to the world she believed he sought, named the Telogrus Rift. There, she came face-to-face with Umbric, who had learned of her own consumption of the void and was happy to welcome her. Alleria felt kinship with him, a fellow exile from Silvermoon.[51]

Umbric led Alleria to the item he and his people had uncovered and began a spell to unlock its powers, but the "ritual" was interrupted by Nether-Prince Durzaan, the void-corrupted ethereal who had attacked Alleria at the Sunwell. Durzaan, desiring to corrupt the blood elves to the void, began a ritual to strip their mortality away and tempt them to succumb. Alleria, outraged, and wanting to protect her kin, fought a vicious battle against Durzaan while encouraging her people to fight the whispers; she also dismissed his attempts to compel Alleria to embrace the abyss herself. She and the champion slew Durzaan and freed her people, who had been transformed by the void. Umbric, altered by the shadow, stepped forward and thanked his Alleria for saving him from the void's full madness. Alleria offered to teach him and his fellow elves all she could to control the Void, and in return, he and their people - the void elves - would fight for the Alliance. Umbric accepted Alleria's offer, stating that Silvermoon had turned its back on him long ago, and pledged his loyalty to Alleria, who became their new leader.[8] and Umbric their main representative to the Alliance.

Triumphant, Alleria returned to report her success, and the addition of the void elves to the Alliance's ranks.[52] Telogrus Rift then became the elves' base of operations, and Alleria's teacher, Locus-Walker, traveled there to help her teach and train the void elves.[53]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

During the Battle for Lordaeron, void elf and gnome forces led respectively by Alleria and Gelbin Mekkatorque warped in through Void portals at a decisive moment, saving the Alliance from a larger undead army. She personally confronted Nathanos Blightcaller, and when she cornered Sylvanas alongside Anduin, Alleria regretted not to have killed her sister the last time they met.[54]

Alleria can be found aboard the Wind's Redemption docked at Boralus, where she comments that she is very impressed by Halford Wyrmbane and his adaptability. When Wyrmbane and Shandris Feathermoon disagreed on whether to pursue Jastor Gallywix or Blood Prince Dreven in the Alliance's war effort against the Horde, Alleria came in to tell them that both could be done: Alleria's void elf forces led by Magister Umbric could focus on Gallywix while Shandris focused on Dreven.[55]

Alleria, along with Turalyon and other Alliance leaders, was present on the Kul Tiran vessel in the Stormwind Harbor, when Anduin officially declared the Admiralty of Kul Tiras member of the Alliance.[56]


Alleria and Vereesa at Razor Hill.

Seeking to protect Azeroth and defeat Sylvanas once and for all, Horde revolutionaries led by Varok Saurfang and the Alliance planned to strike at Orgrimmar, setting up camp in Razor Hill. However, before combined Horde-Alliance forces could strike against Sylvanas's forces, Varok and Anduin were approached by Alleria and Vereesa. Sensing that N'Zoth had been freed, Alleria revealed her belief that Sylvanas commanded what may be the only army capable of defeating the old god, and thus she suggested that the Alliance and Horde revolutionaries stand aside and let her. In response, Anduin was quick to point out that Sylvanas wouldn't fight for them, and that she had lured both fleets into Queen Azshara's hands to meet death when the war seemed to be on the cusp of ending. Remarking that they couldn't fight two wars at once, Anduin told her that Sylvanas must fall here and now, before all is lost. Swayed by Anduin's argument, Alleria declared that she and Vereesa would scout Sylvanas's lines for weaknesses.[57]

Though Alleria was prepared to face against Sylvanas's forces, Varok Saurfang, recognizing Sylvanas's loyalists as his brothers and sisters in the Horde and unwilling to spill more Horde blood, challenged Sylvanas to Mak'gora. During the duel, Saurfang was able to get Sylvanas to admit that she considered the Horde nothing, which caused the Warchief to swiftly kill him and abandoned the Horde altogether.[58] With Sylvanas's defection, the Horde united once more with Sylvanas's former loyalists defecting to Saurfang's revolution. With Saurfang dead and Sylvanas no longer in command of the Horde, the Alliance forces (Alleria among them) departed from Durotar.

Visions of N'Zoth[]

A Void-corrupted version of Alleria appears in the Vision of Stormwind.

After the downfall of N'Zoth, Turalyon found Alleria in the Valley of Heroes reflecting about a "simpler time". They both discussed recent events, with Alleria expressing her sorrow at failing to have both her sisters at her side when fighting the war, revealing that new voices have joined the chorus of the old whispers after N'Zoth's defeat, and vowing that they will make Sylvanas pay for what she has done.[59]

Shadows Rising[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

King Anduin entrusted Alleria and Turalyon with uncovering Sylvanas's whereabouts, although he was frustrated by Alleria's initial lack of success. Alleria had a vision of Sylvanas defeating and nearly suffocating her with her Death powers, upon which Alleria again expressed her regret at not having killed her at Windrunner Spire, and then slaying Turalyon and Arator, before abruptly awakening from her disturbing dream. She later mentioned to Turalyon how she has seen "a thousand futures", each more monstrous than the last, and vowed to become more than her worst self to stop her younger sister's schemes. During their hunt, Danath Trollbane informed his friends that a dark ranger had been seen among a group of Horde refugees within the Arathi Highlands. Upon securing the refugees, they were attacked by Zun, an orc child. Turalyon humorously subdued him, and the pair fully agreed to spare him when Gowzis begged for her son's life. Alleria, remembering her time with Arator when he played in the courtyard of Stormwind Keep, told Zun that, regardless of what his elders taught him, war was not glory, but rather seeing people at their very worst - and choosing to protect them anyway.

As they looked over the refugees, they discovered that their target wasn't among them, however, with the powers of the Void, Alleria sensed that Gowzis had the information they sought. Initially, Turalyon tried softly interrogating the orc for nearly an hour, but when that failed to yield results, the pair reluctantly decided that they needed the information whatever the cost, with Alleria admitting she felt no pleasure at torturing civilians, but failing to see any realistic alternative and no longer willing to entertain the risk of Sylvanas or her loyalists running free after the atrocities they committed during the Fourth War. After Gowzis spat at her and continued to resist interrogation, Alleria tormented her with the Void, sifting through her memories and thoughts, causing an outraged apothecary Cotley to demand her to stop, and the latter revealed that Visrynn had demanded a vow of silence from them and had let slip that she intended to go to the Faldir's Cove in order to acquire a boat. In response, Alleria ceased her attack and ordered Captain Celosel Nightgiver to give the refugees food, blankets, and what they could spare. She then ordered for Nightgiver to send Cotley to Stormwind, under the belief that he may know more and how they couldn't afford to miss a single detail in their hunt for, although she privately felt great regret at the apparent necessity of her actions as she departed.

With their new knowledge, Alleria and Turalyon headed towards Faldir's Cove, where they discovered a man with a dagger that would be more fitting in a Forsaken scabbard. When the smuggler refused to answer their questions, Turalyon shackled him with the Light, while Alleria invaded his mind. During this interrogation, Jaina Proudmoore arrived, having been sent by Anduin to check on the pair for an update. Jaina was horrified by their tactics and when Turalyon justified their actions by mentioned that the man had sheltered an agent of Sylvanas, Jaina demanded to know how he had known, to which the paladin revealed the Forsaken dagger, and Alleria explained that her interrogation revealed that the dark ranger was heading towards Zandalar. Jaina then left to inform Anduin of everything, which Alleria partly saw as tattling. Anduin dismissed Jaina's concerns, however, arguing that the Horde's atrocities such as the Burning of Teldrassil were what justified their actions, pointed out that she herself had a similar attitude until very recently, and that he continued to trust Alleria and Turalyon not to cross the moral lines.

Sometime later, Turalyon and Alleria were hosted by Jaina in Boralus, as they had come at Anduin's request should Mathias Shaw discover nothing on the Zandalari coast. They were soon interrupted by Flynn Fairwind, who reported that Shaw had been taken prisoner by the Zandalari Empire. Whereas Alleria immediately jumped to the conclusion that Sylvanas was working with the Zandalari, leading to yet another tense confrontation with Jaina, who called on her to not add fuel on an already kindling fire and risk the treaty. Jaina then stated she would use the treaty itself before resorting to aggressive means against the Horde.[60]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

Following King Anduin's abduction by the Mawsworn and Turalyon's appointment as regent and protector of the realm, Alleria relocated to the War Room inside Stormwind Keep in order to help rebuild strength of the Alliance.

Later Alleria was among the Alliance leaders to convene with the leaders of the Horde and Bolvar Fordragon at the Frozen Throne within Icecrown Citadel.[61]

Penance and Renewal cutscene - Sisters

Sylvanas parting ways with her sisters.

During the events in the Shadowlands, Sylvanas was reunited with a portion of her soul that she'd long been missing. Following the defeat of the Jailer, Alleria and Vereesa traveled to Oribos to attend Sylvanas' trial, during which the latter submitted to the judgment of her archenemy Tyrande Whisperwind.[62] The three sisters only had time to exchange a brief farewell before Tyrande sentenced Sylvanas to her fate: to scour the Maw and free all the souls trapped therein. Sylvanas accepted this and exchanged a last look with Alleria and Vereesa before jumping into the Maw. Afterward, Alleria and Vereesa stayed in the Ring of Transference for a time and discussed how, having lost so much of their family already, they had to hope that Sylvanas could one day complete her penance so they could be reunited with her.[63]

The Vow Eternal[]

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A few years later, Alleria and her family were among those who attended the wedding of Lor'themar Theron and Thalyssra. During the reception, Wrathion observed that she spent time with Mia Greymane and bursted into laughter at something the queen whispered to her.[64]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Argus ?? 15,589,005
H [40-70] Silvermoon City 110 24,406,145
H [40-70] Remember the Sunwell 110 81,353,817
Stormwind Embassy ?? 152,385
A [40-70] Telogrus Rift 110 73,548,928
B [10-50] The Battle for Lordaeron ?? 153,360



Alleria in Shadows & Light.

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Alleria is a superb forest fighter who prefers solitude and travels with others only when forced to do so. She speaks infrequently and only in short sentences. She shows passion only where orcs are concerned, hunting them ruthlessly and without mercy.[65] However, much of this personality dissolved when she rekindled her relationship with Turalyon. [citation needed] 

In battle Alleria travels in forests whenever possible and prefers to strike from hiding — especially when attacking orcs, who she believes have no honor and therefore can be killed in any way she sees fit. In battle, she uses her great speed and mobility to weave in and out of the fight, taking point blank shots with maximum efficiency. If forced into melee in a situation where she absolutely cannot fire her bow, she swings it as a quarterstaff. She wields no other weapons — Alleria's special composite bow was her father's, and she employs it exclusively.[65]


Alleria is a High Elf with great beauty and elegance with white skin, bright blue eyes and bright golden blonde hair, this being the main reason for her nickname Sun Lady by her sisters, in addition to having blue tattoos on the right side of herface and arms. She primarily wears a light green ranger uniform with dark magenta torn cape.

In his Void form, his skin turns a dark neon indigo, his hair turns a purplish white, and his tattoos and eyes glow an ethereal blue. His ranger uniform turns a dark neon blue.

Valley of Heroes monument[]


Alleria's statue in Stormwind City's Valley of Heroes.

Ranger Captain Alleria Windrunner

Renowned Troll Hunter of Quel'Thalas. Lead Scout and Intelligence Agent for the Alliance Expedition that marched into the orc homeworld of Draenor. Presumed deceased.

Your heart flew straight as any arrow upon the wind, sister. You were the brightest of our Order. You were the most beloved of our kin.

- Sylvanas Windrunner - Ranger General of Quel'Thalas


Allied races
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WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
  • We are not the center of the world, and if we do not soon realize that, we will stagnate![12]
  • I don’t belong. My soul feels trapped, Mother. I am not running away from what you taught me. I will remember everything, and I’ll use it to help people, just like you do. I will just be helping different people.[12]
  • I came here thinking to see the Farstriders uniting behind the leader our mother chose for you. Instead, you squabble like children, using my absence as an excuse to nurse your private grievances. That is not who we are.[66]

Warcraft II[]

WC2BnE-logo This section concerns content related to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or its expansion Beyond the Dark Portal.
Main article: Quotes of Warcraft II#Alleria

Beyond the Dark Portal[]

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  • There is no problem. The Alliance wants every orc dead. So do I. We can work together on that.[67]
  • It is only genocide when those being slain are people. This is nothing more than exterminating vermin.[67]
  • I can't stay behind. Don't ask me to. I stayed behind the last time. I won't watch someone I love go to his death while I...[68] (Jumps into Turalyon's arms.)


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
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  • Greetings.
  • We each walk a line. Choose yours.
  • What news?
  • Use every weapon at your disposable.
  • It is a good day for a hunt.
  • I go missing for all those years and this is how you treat me?
  • Yes. Of course I still love him. Must you be so nosy?
  • (Sigh) Sisters are complicated, especially the undead ones.
  • My void will consume you, if you ask nicely.
  • Keep your gaze fixed on your target.
  • We do what we must for those we love.
  • Aim true.
  • Farewell.
  • The shadows can be an ally... if controlled.


  • So many demons, so many targets...
  • <Alleria gives you a wry smile.>
    Another beautiful day on Argus.
    Although, now that I can see our home in the sky, I am filled with hope. Returning home is no longer a dream. It is a certainty.
  • The Vindicaar is truly a marvel of the Light, a symbol of what the eredar were. What the draenei still are. Although, do take note that not all of the rooms are as magnificent as this. Some of them are quite confining.
  • I will not be broken.
  • It is truly remarkable how much time has passed, even for an elf. Surely much has changed on Azeroth in our absence.
To hunters wielding Thas'dorah

<You catch Alleria out of the corner of your eye. She's looking at your bow.>
Gossip <Stay awhile and listen.>

I would have words with you, Huntmaster.
Vereesa told me you accompanied her on the mission to Niskara. That you risked your own life to rescue me, and prevented her from falling into the inquisitor's trap.
It is clear you wield Thas'dorah with skill and finesse. You bring honor to the bow, and to the memory of those who carried it before you.
There may come a day when I will have need of my family weapon once again. But for now, at least, I have a different path to follow.
Hold Thas'dorah proudly, champion. Know that you have proven worthy of it.
After N [45D] Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge

Gossip What happened to you in the Seat of the Triumvirate?

As the naaru lay dying, L'ura's essence called to me. A being born of the Light hand turned to shadow.
It was a familiar sensation.
The transformation you witnessed is under my control, to be used when I see fit. I am the same person I was... and yet, something more.
The use of such power makes some... uneasy. But shadow is a force to be harnessed, not feared.
As with any weapon, one must maintain constant control when wielding it.

Gossip I see.

Valley of Heroes

Alleria and Turalyon in the Valley of Heroes

<Alleria's eyes drift from the statue's cold stone visage down to the plague engraved with her epitaph.>
Gossip <Stay awhile and listen.>

Alleria sighs, her brow furrowed.
High Exarch Turalyon says: It is unsettling to look upon these memorials to our passing.
Alleria Windrunner says: Indeed. Sometimes I feel that I have already died twice. Once when we were presumed lost on Draenor, and again when gripped by the shadow of the fallen naaru.
Alleria Windrunner says: Perhaps death is the true legacy of the Windrunners.
High Exarch Turalyon says: You're anxious. You hide it well... but I know you.
Alleria Windrunner says: Like no other, my love.
High Exarch Turalyon says: You don't have to go. You don't have to see her.
High Exarch Turalyon says: Each of you has a path to follow. If the Light wills that those paths intersect, they will. There's no need to force the hand of fate.
Alleria Windrunner says: It is time, Turalyon. I must see my homeland again with my own eyes... and hear from Sylvanas how she could ever wear the mantle of warchief.
At the Stormwind Embassy

One day Silvermoon will stand again on the side of the Alliance. I know it.

On Telogrus Rift
  • Remember, control demands sacrifice. Power never comes without a price. You risk losing those closest to you in order to save them.
This is the bargain we have made.
<Alleria looks away.>
  • Studying this rift has value, but we cannot neglect our duty.
Azeroth must be defended. Our place is out there, fighting for our world.
The power that flows through us is a weapon. And weapons must be wielded.
  • The voices never stop. They push, they bully, they plead. They will not relent, not even for a moment.
But you are stronger than the voices. You can glean their secrets and draw upon their strength.

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.


On the Wind's Redemption in Boralus Harbor

Thus far, I have been very impressed by High Commander Wyrmbane.

He employs a wide range of tactics and is quick to adapt to changing circumstances with appropriate, necessary strategies.

The Alliance's war efforts are in capable hands. Like you, I am proud to play my part in them.

Gossip Show me our recruitment and research options.

To Void elves

It is good to see you again, <name>. I admire how quickly you have risen through the ranks of the Alliance.

But I am even more pleased that you continue to resist the whispers.

War is chaotic and savage. No matter what you witness--what you experience--you must never lose control. Do not let the shadows overtake your will.

The Alliance is counting on you.

I am counting on you.

Valley of Heroes[]

<Alleria's eyes drift from the statue's cold stone visage down to the plague engraved with her epitaph.>
Gossip <Stay awhile and listen.>

Alleria sighs, her brow furrowed.
High Exarch Turalyon says: I thought I’d find you here. It’s a place you often visit when something’s on your mind.
Alleria Windrunner says: Perhaps these statues remind me of a… simpler time.
High Exarch Turalyon says: So much has happened since our return to Azeroth. The wounding of the world… the war against the Horde…
Alleria Windrunner says: War I understand. We both do. But I expected to be fighting with two sisters at my side. Instead, I faced one of them in battle--or at least, what remains of her.
High Exarch Turalyon says: Has the downfall of the Old God brought you at least a measure of peace?
Alleria Windrunner says: The whispers did not end with his defeat. In fact, it seems new voices have joined the chorus. When I think of the nightmare he forced into my mind…
High Exarch Turalyon says: I witnessed them, too. But they didn’t shake my faith in you. Not for a moment.
Alleria Windrunner says: Nor mine for you, my love. Enough reflection. We have a job to do--hunt down Sylvanas… and make her pay.

Shadows Rising[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
  • I will tell you, Zun, what I told my own son when he picked up his first blade and played at being a soldier. Whatever your elders have told you, war is not glory. War is seeing people at their very worst and choosing to protect them anyway. Go back to your mother, and do not forget what I told you.[69]
  • My sister has not known a worthy adversary for a time now. She has outsmarted, outplayed, and outwitted us because she is not shackled by good or evil, she is freed by her own willingness to pursue the mission, no matter the cost.[70]
  • There is nothing left of my sister to admire. Were she here now I would fill her head with visions of terror until it burst like a boil.[70]
  • Death crept nearer, and the Void called out to Alleria, begging her to give over her soul entirely and become a manifestation of power even greater than her sister. It was tempting. Oh, it was tempting. Abandon your flesh, came the whispers. Abandon your flesh.


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.


In Stormwind Keep
We spent months searching every inch of Azeroth for any sign of Sylvanas, only to learn that my sister has crossed into the realm of the dead.
<Alleria's eyes narrow.>
How fitting.
Though I long to join the hunt for her, right now my place is here. The Alliance must rebuild its strength, and I will aid Turalyon in that effort.
But when the time comes, I will see Sylvanas answer for what she had done.
Penance and Renewal end - Two sisters

Vereesa and Alleria in the Ring of Transference.

Ring of Transference during and after N [60] Penance and Renewal
As I fought demons for centuries across the Twisting Nether, I clung to the hope that I would one day hold my son again, and stand beside my sisters once more.
I could never have imagined the fate that befell Sylvanas, or the monstrous choices she would make thereafter.
Vereesa desperately hopes that the return of her soul fragment means that our sister has been returned to us. I am less certain.
But I have learned to be patient. I will be watching...
Dialogue with Vereesa (triggered by talking to Vereesa)
Vereesa Windrunner says: For so long, there had been little more than hatred and malice in our sister's eyes. To at last see a glimmer of the Sylvanas we knew...
Alleria Windrunner says: I had ceased hoping for such a thing. I am pleased we had a chance to speak with her, Vereesa.
Vereesa Windrunner says: I only wish we'd had more time!
Alleria Windrunner says: As do I. But if she stays true to her word and sees this obligation through, perhaps one day we will.
Vereesa Windrunner says: It will never be like it was before. The pain she inflicted upon the kaldorei... upon the world... how could she ever answer for it?
Alleria Windrunner says: I'm not certain she can. But if her penance brings any measure of peace to those she wronged, at least it is a start.
Vereesa Windrunner says: You're right, Lady Sun. Our family has endured so much darkness. We must find a way to cling to hope.
Alleria Windrunner says: Yes, Little Moon. Mother, Father, Lirath... they are only memories. We thought our sister was as well. But now... we shall see.

In Hearthstone[]

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.
Alleria card back

A card back themed after Alleria in Hearthstone.

  • See Alleria Windrunner's emotes.
  • "Many believe magic has maintained order in Quel'Thalas. My bow would say otherwise. One shot, one kill. This is how I preserve our realm. I am Alleria Windrunner. If you stand against me, you're just another target. And I never miss my mark."[71]

Notes and trivia[]

  • Alleria is named after her maternal grandmother.[12]
  • According to The Warcraft Encyclopedia/Alleria Windrunner, Alleria first earned renown due to the sheer number of trolls that she slew in order to defend her people's homeland, Quel'Thalas, during the Troll Wars.[25] This raises questions as to her age, as mentioned under the speculation section.
  • In addition to her formidable marksmanship skills, she is also known to wield a sword with great skill.[72]
  • After Alleria said that she knows that one day Silvermoon will again stand with the Alliance, Mathias Shaw has been wondering whether she simply hoped that, or if the whispers she hears told her, or if she has seen it in her visions.[73]
  • In one of the visions of a possible future, shown by the Void, Alleria Windrunner saw Xe'ra declaring her a heretic and calling for her death.[74]
  • Alleria's generic name on Argus and in the Ghostlands is High Elf Ranger.
  • Before A Thousand Years of War, Alleria and Turalyon were stated in Beyond the Dark Portal to have materialized from the rift, that they used to escape the destruction of Draenor, back in Hellfire and returned to Honor Hold, which had remained standing through the chaos Draenor had just undergone.
  • Alleria is the former wielder of Inv bow 1h artifactwindrunner d 01 [Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners].[75]
    • In patch 7.3 Alleria wields a bow similar to Thas'dorah. The bow is not exactly the same, having different plating and bow shape as well as void energy towards the center of the bow. When Thas'dorah was recovered, Vereesa herself gave her blessing for the hunter player to use the family's weapon, but only because Alleria was missing. Her wording indicated that when she is found, she expects that one way or another it will be returned to Alleria, or at the very least, the ownership of it will be Alleria's decision. When the player meets Alleria, she makes comment to hunter players who have Thas'dorah, claiming she may take up Thas'dorah again personally once this is all over.
      • On the patch 7.3.0 PTR this line changed depending on if the player was Alliance or Horde. For Alliance players, she stated she would ask for Thas'dorah back. For Horde players, she said she would take Thas'dorah back.[citation needed] 
  • In Ask CDev Round 2, Bashiok said the "missing" characters of the Warcraft universe (Calia Menethil, Turalyon, Alleria Windrunner, Med'an, Gallywix, etc.) have not been forgotten. "While we'd love to talk about these characters, doing so would spoil a number of the plots we have for Cataclysm and beyond. Believe us when we say that you will definitely hear about these characters when we're ready to talk about them!"[76]
  • Alleria is mentioned in one of the loading screen tips: "Nobody has seen Alleria or Turalyon in years".
    • In Warlords of Draenor, it was changed to "Nobody has seen Alleria or Turalyon in years. Still."
    • In Legion it was changed again to "Nobody has seen Alleria or Turalyon in years... until now!"
    • In Battle for Azeroth it was updated to "Everyone knows Alleria and Turalyon were on Argus this whole time."
  • Blizzard revealed that Alleria's story would not continue in Mists of Pandaria.[77] It was planned to be in the following expansion Warlords of Draenor,[78] but during the WoW Q&A at BlizzCon 2013 it was stated they would not appear in Warlords of Draenor but the expansion after that, later announced as Legion.
  • During the Third War, Sylvanas believed Alleria to be dead.[79]
  • In Tides of Darkness, Alleria's eye color was described as a brilliant emerald-green.[80] In Hearthstone and Legion, she has blue eyes.[81] In Shadows Rising, her eyes are described as pale blue, void-touched, and glowing.[82]
    • This was likely changed due to the retcon involving elven eyes, given that green is associated with the blood elves and fel, while high elves typically have blue eyes.
  • Alleria mistook a member of the Convocation of Silvermoon for Dar'Khan.
  • An Alliance stronghold in Outland bears her name, the Allerian Stronghold.
  • Horde players visiting Windrunner Spire in the Ghostlands can locate a Inv jewelry necklace 16 [necklace] intended for her sister Sylvanas. The Dark Lady rages in fury at the messenger, but succumbs to her memories (see Lament of the Highborne).
  • Alleria is depicted with a blue necklace in the Patch 7.3 key art, but it is supposed to be green and not sapphire. She also has a white necklace hanging from her side on both the art and her model.
  • Alleria's Flute of Accuracy was likely owned or invented by Alleria.
  • In the Sunwell raid, an item called the Inv helmet128 [Coif of Alleria] drops from Kil'jaeden.
  • In Dalaran, one can find Inv misc coin 18 [Alleria's Silver Coin] which reads, "May my sisters realize their full potential, the name Windrunner known as result of their deeds."
  • Alleria is also referenced by Inv misc coin 18 [Khadgar's Silver Coin], which reads "Turalyon and Alleria, wherever you are, may you be well."
  • The carrier Alleria's Valor is named after her.
  • Alleria was mentioned on Durnholde Keep's bulletin board in the canceled game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans.
  • Two of the realms in World of Warcraft are named after Alleria. See Realm names and their place in Warcraft lore.
  • Alleria is voiced by an unknown actress in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, by Mara Junot in World of Warcraft and Hearthstone (Deathkeeper Alleria), by Clare Corbett in A Thousand Years of War and by Michele Morrow in Hearthstone (Alleria Windrunner).[83]
  • Alleria is the alternate hero (player character) for the hunter class in Hearthstone, and the second alternate hero to be revealed.[84] Her flavor text reads: "The high elf Ranger Captain is a peerless archer. Ask any of the orcs she used for target practice."
    • Purchasing Alleria also unlocks the Alleria card back. The flavor text reads: "When she wants to shoot an apple on your head, you don’t have to worry. Unless you're an orc."
  • Alleria originally appeared during N Paladin [10-45] The Scion's Legacy alongside Turalyon, but she was cut during the Alpha stage. Curiously, she had a night elf model.
  • All of the three Windrunner sisters ended up having a human mate, or at least being very close to one in the case of Sylvanas.
  • Void elves will occasionally shout "For Alleria!" when using the /charge emote.

Disappearance retcon[]

See Turalyon#Disappearance retcon.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Alleria's brief entry in the Warcraft Encyclopedia mentions that she fought during the Troll Wars.[25] This seems to be an inconsistency as it would make her over 2,800 years old,[85] yet the Council of Silvermoon members were noted to be far older than Alleria and even then, only some of them had participated in the Troll Wars.[86] Other elves active during that period, such as the 3,000-year-old Anasterian, were also described as the most elderly among their kind, with fittingly frail, wizened, and withered appearances,[87][88][89] yet Alleria was described as looking young, fit, and beautiful,[90] though she is still older than the humans she has interacted with.[91] Alleria's inclusion in the Troll Wars may thus have been an oversight, it's possible that it was not meant to refer to the actual Troll Wars of 2,800 years ago, but more recent conflicts with the trolls. In fact, Alleria and the elven archers embroiled in Zul'jin's bloody conflict were described as "descendants of their elder race".[92]

However, in the quest H [60] Old Allies Lor'themar states that he respected Sylvanas for millennia which would make Sylvanas thousands of years old and since Alleria is the eldest Windrunner she would be even older.[93]



Patch changes[]

  • Template:Patch 11.0.0
  • Legion Patch 7.3.0 (2017-08-29): Added.


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