AllianceAlliance Gunship Cannon
Image of Alliance Gunship Cannon
Race Cannon (Mechanical)
Level 79 - 90 Elite
Location Isle of Conquest
Vehicle This cannon can be mounted.

The Alliance Gunship Cannon is a siege weapon available in the Isle of Conquest battleground. Five cannons can be found on the port side of the Alliance gunship that circles high above the Horde Keep soon after capturing the Hangar. This vehicle is primarily designed to assault the Keep Gates.

The Horde equivalent to this vehicle is the Horde Gunship Cannon.


Fire damage values are approximates for level 90 battlegrounds. Siege damage is similar for all level brackets.

  • Spell shadow mindbomb.png  Airship Cannon — Launches a ball of fire, dealing 51,000 Fire damage and 1,000 siege damage to all enemies within 10 yards of the impact. Instant. (1.5 cooldown)

Level brackets

The level, health, and non-siege damage of this vehicle scales to the highest level of each battleground level bracket.

Level Bracket Health Airship Cannon
89 1,307,000
90 1,575,000 51,000

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