The Alliance War Campaign is a questline involving an Alliance campaign against the Horde during the Fourth War.


Tides of Vengeance

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Before executing their grand plan, the Alliance had been busy preparing for it. They littered the Zandalari Fleet with explosives at the ships' keel and recovered the  [Abyssal Scepter] which had previously been stolen by the Horde. However, even with all the advantages on their side, Halford made it clear that a frontal assault would see result in a loss. With the help of Mathias Shaw, he set up a meeting with other Alliance commanders to discuss luring the enemy out of their capital.[1]

Inside the maze at Proudmoore Keep, Genn, Mathias, Jaina, Halford, Telaamon, and the adventurer discussed how the plan was to be handled. With the hopes of destabilizing the relationship between the Zandalari and the Horde, Mathias explained that a distraction at Nazmir would be needed. Using the Abyssal Scepter, the Alliance would create a fog to keep them distracted for as long as possible, while the Alliance fleet would charge from the south. He explained that some would not return alive, something that Telaamon knew and had long accepted while talking to Halford.[1]

The invasion

The Alliance decoy force landed on the Far Reach. With an army of humans, night elves, worgen, dwarves, and void elves, they assembled into three groups.[2]

Firstly, Jaina, Shaw, and the adventurer supported the army by taking Zalamar from the blood trolls. They killed them all and planted several Dark Iron mole machines for them to spawn.[3][4]

With the village in their control, Brother Pike, who came with the expedition, set up Abyssal Scepter and created a fog.[5] With this, they moved on to the next part of their plan, to take as much land as possible to make their enemies believe the fleet has landed in Nazmir. Their next target was Zul'jan Ruins, a Horde outpost.[6]

Arriving at Zul'jan Ruins, Jaina gave the adventurer a water elemental to join the main force to successfully take ruins. With all their might, Zul'jan Ruins fell to the Alliance.[7]

The following target was the Fallen Outpost. From the place, they slaughtered the Zandalari, stole their direhorns to assault the Blood Gate, while also taking out the Gob Squad's machine, the A.M.O.D, forcing the Gob Squad to run away. Thanks to these valiant efforts, Fallen Outpost fell too.[8][9][10]

Finally, the final phase to convince the Horde of the attack, taking the Blood Gate. Using their captured direhorns, they assaulted the Blood Gate, leaving a trail of dead trolls behind.[11]

With everything in place and the Zandalar falling for the trap, Telaamon marched to his end with pride, with him and Jaina giving a final goodbye.[12]

The bait

On The Banshee's Wail, Nathanos received word that the Alliance was attacking Nazmir. He sent a Horde adventurer to discuss an attack with Princess Talanji and King Rastakhan.[13]

At the great seal, Rastakhan agreed to a counter attack alongside the Horde. Talanji mobilized the fleet. She sent the adventurer to Captain Rez'okun with orders to mobilize the Zandalari Fleet, to General Rakera with orders to send her troops to Nazmir, and to Hexlord Raal to send his riders to Nazmir.[13][14]

Retaking Nazmir

Under the leadership of Princess Talanji, the Alliance at the Blood Gate had been taken out and Rokhan was rescued from Blademaster Telaamon, the leader of the Alliance. Telaamon managed to escape in time, leading the Horde inland into Nazmir.[15][16]

With the Blood Gate cleared, General Rakera sent the adventurer to the Fallen Outpost to aid Haxlord Raal. Arriving at the fallen outpost, they found Raal grounded, unable to fly due to the fog.[16] To fix this, they came up with the idea of fixing the A.M.O.D and bring the Gob Squad back together. Patch, the only goblin still around sent the adventurer to find the members of the Gob Squad back together and bring back the A.M.O.D part which were stolen by the Alliance.[17][18]

With the whole team recovered, Talanji calls on the Loa, Akunda, to jump start the A.M.O.D. Having done so, the princess allowed the adventurer to ride on A.M.O.D to lead the charge to retake Zul'jan Ruins.[19]

With Zul'jan Ruins secured, Talanji marched onto Zalamar, with the idea to push them back to the coast.[20] At Zalamar, the Zanalari kill engaged and killed the Alliance forces, destroyed their mole machines, and destroyed Telaamon's mirrors. While all of this was happening, Rokhan went in search of Telaamon.[21][22][23]

Rokhan managed to find Telaamon at the Sanctum of Midnight. With Witch Doctor Kejabu, Jo'chunga, and the adventurer, Rokhan confronted Telaamon and brought him down.[24]

Up on the surface, Talanji finds the source of the fog, the Abyssal Scepter. Along with the rest, she rides to its location and destroys it. To her utter shock, she does not find the Alliance fleet and realized that she had been tricked.[25] With haste shed rushed back to the capital, but it was too late. The Battle of Dazar'alor had begun.[26]


The Battle for Lordaeron

The Horde's occupation of the Undercity must be ended! Today, we retake Lordaeron. For the Alliance!

  1. A [110-120] Hour of Reckoning
  2. A [10-50] The Battle for Lordaeron

The Heart of Azeroth

Magni bears a gift, but with it, terrible news: Azeroth is dying.

  1. A [110-120] A Dying World
  2. N [50] The Heart of Azeroth
  3. N [50] Infusing the Heart

A Nation Divided

A partnership with the island nation of Kul Tiras would grant us access to their legendary navy... and a military edge over the Horde.

  1. A [110-120] The Speaker's Imperative
  2. A [10-50] Tides of War
  3. A [10-50] The Nation of Kul Tiras
  4. A [10-50] Daughter of the Sea
  5. A [10-50] Out Like Flynn
  6. A [10-50] Get Your Bearings
  7. A [10-50] The Old Knight
  8. A [10-50] Sanctum of the Sages

Mission from the King

You can't win this war all by yourself. Gather allies who can support you in the battle against the Horde.

  1. A [10-50] A Nation Divided
  2. A [35-49] The War Campaign
  3. A [35-50] The War Cache
  4. A [35-50] Time for War
  5. A [35-50] Mission from the King
  6. A [35-50] War of Shadows
  7. A [35-50] Reinforcements

The Zandalar Campaign

The first foothold can be chosen at level 110. The second requires level 114, and the third level 118.

Our partnership with Kul Tiras is progressing well. The Horde, however, are cultivating their own partnership with the Zandalari and their formidable army. This can't be allowed to happen.

  1. A [35-50] The Zandalar Campaign
  2. A [35-50] Deeper Into Zandalar
  3. A [35-50] The Ongoing Campaign
  4. A [35-50] Pushing Our Influence
  5. A [40-50] The Final Foothold

Mole Machinations

The Dark Iron dwarves have set up camp in Zuldazar, near the Zandalari capital. They've discovered Azerite, and need your assistance securing the area.

  1. A [35-50] Foothold: Zuldazar
  2. A [35-50] Zuldazar Foothold
  3. A [35-50] The Troll's Tale
  4. A [35-50] Granting a Reprieve & A [35-50] Disarming the Cannons & A [35-50] Save Them All & A [35-50] A Lack of Surplus & A [35-50] That One's Mine
  5. A [35-50] Xibala
  6. A [35-50] Mole Machinations & A [35-50] Rocks of Ragnaros
  7. A [35-50] Fragment of the Firelands
  8. A [35-50] Champion: Kelsey Steelspark
  9. A [35-50] Return to Boralus

Heart of Darkness

Help Brann Bronzebeard lead an expedition into the dark forests of Nazmir, in search of the lost Captain Conrad. Beware the blood trolls.

  1. A [35-50] Foothold: Nazmir
  2. A [35-50] Heart of Darkness
  3. A [35-50] Dubious Offering
  4. A [35-50] Blood of Hir'eek & A [35-50] Honoring the Fallen
  5. A [35-50] Zealots of Zalamar
  6. A [35-50] Flight from the Fall
  7. A [35-50] Zul'Nazman
  8. A [35-50] Nazmani Cultists & A [35-50] Offerings to G'huun
  9. A [35-50] Captain Conrad
  10. A [35-50] Lessons of the Damned
  11. A [35-50] Champion: John J. Keeshan
  12. A [35-50] Return to Boralus

The Sands of Vol'dun

The desert of Vol'dun has a promising harbor for our fleet. First, however, we must deal with the indigenous snake people known as the sethrak.

  1. A [35-50] Foothold: Vol'dun
  2. A [35-50] Voyage to the West
  3. A [35-50] Ooh Rah!
  4. A [35-50] Establish a Beachhead
  5. A [35-50] Honor Bound
  6. A [35-50] Unexpected Aid & A [35-50] Poisoned Barbs
  7. A [35-50] Antidote Application
  8. A [35-50] Friends in Strange Places
  9. A [35-50] Defang the Faithless & A [35-50] Break the Siege & A [35-50] Breaking Free
  10. A [35-50] The Keepers' Keys
  11. A [35-50] Reporting In
  12. A [35-50] Champion: Magister Umbric
  13. A [35-50] Return to Boralus

Island Expedition

We've found huge amounts of Azerite at sea! Captain Flynn Fairwind can take you there on his ship, the Middenwake.

  1. A [35-50] The Azerite Advantage
  2. A [40-50] Island Expedition
  3. A [40-50] Island Expedition

Uniting Kul Tiras

Before we can really take the fight to the Horde, we need to fortify our partnership with the Kul Tirans.

  1. A [50] Uniting Kul Tiras

Blood on the Sand

Our first Horde VIP target is Arlethal Sunwatcher, a high-ranking member of the Reliquary. Taking him out will show the Horde that no one is safe from the Alliance, even across an ocean.

  1. A [50] Overseas Assassination
  2. A [50] The Vol'dun Plan
  3. A [50] Comb the Desert
  4. A [50] Dirty Work
  5. A [50] Keep Combing
  6. A [50] Classic Reliquary
  7. A [50] Never Stop Combing
  8. A [50] Improvised Survival & A [50] A Message to the Zandalari & A [50] They Have Alpacas Here
  9. A [50] Splitting Up
  10. A [50] Full of Arrows & A [50] Delayed Deathification
  11. A [50] Report to Wyrmbane
  12. A [50] The Big Boom
  13. A [50] Blood on the Sand

Chasing Darkness

Our second Horde VIP target is Ranger Captain Areiel, one of Warchief Sylvanas' most trusted dark rangers.

  1. A [50] Operation: Blood Arrow
  2. A [50] Crippling the Horde
  3. A [50] How to Kill a Dark Ranger
  4. A [50] Tortollans in Distress & A [50] The Savage Hunt
  5. A [50] Ending Areiel & A [50] One Option: Fire & A [50] They Can't Stay Here
  6. A [50] Meeting of the Minds
  7. A [50] Target: Blood Prince Dreven

A Golden Opportunity

We're splitting up. Shandris will track down Blood Prince Dreven, while you and Magister Umbric deal with our third Horde VIP target: Trade Prince Gallywix.

  1. A [50] Operation: Cutpurse
  2. A [50] Our Next Target
  3. A [50] The Void Elves Stand Ready
  4. A [50] Bilgewater Bonanza Go Boom & A [50] The Void Solution & A [50] Find the Paper Trail
  5. A [50] A Greedy Goblin's Paradise
  6. A [50] Chasing Gallywix
  7. A [50] I Take No Pleasure In This
  8. A [50] We Have Him Cornered
  9. A [50] Gallywix Got Away

Blood in the Water

We've intercepted a Horde missive, and learned that Blood Lord Dreven is currently aboard a Horde ship on the Great Sea. We've lost too many good men to Dreven. It's time to make him pay.

  1. A [50] Operation: Gryphon's Claw
  2. A [50] Intercepted Orders
  3. A [50] Hunting Blood Prince Dreven
  4. A [50] Behind Enemy Boats & A [50] Broadside Bedlam
  5. A [50] The Wildhammer Specialty
  6. A [50] An Unnatural Crew & A [50] Foul Crystals for Foul People & A [50] Kings' Rest
  7. A [50] Ending the San'layn Threat
  8. A [50] A Clean Escape

The Strike on Zuldazar

We have the Horde on their heels. They're disarmed and disoriented after our targeted assassinations across Zandalar. Now's the time to strike the heart of the Zandalari Empire itself.

  1. A [50] Operation: Heartstrike
  2. A [50] Bringing Down the Fleet
  3. A [50] How to Sink a Zandalari Battleship
  4. A [50] Under the Cover of Swiftwing
  5. A [50] Sabotaging the Pa'ku & A [50] Ship Logs
  6. A [50] The Enlarged Miniaturized Submarine
  7. A [50] My Enemy's Enemy is My Disguise
  8. A [50] Intelligence Denial & A [50] Void Vacation & A [50] Right Beneath Their Nose
  9. A [50] Victory is Assured
  10. A [50] Victory Was Assured
  11. A [50] Leave None Alive
  12. A [50] Silencing the Advisor
  13. A [50] An End to the Killing
  14. A [50] Champion: Shandris Feathermoon

Beware the Daughter of the Sea

Requires Alliance  [Ready for War]

Lady Jaina Proudmoore is now Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras and needs help ensuring her home is safe from the Horde.

  1. A [50] The Calm Before
  2. A [50] To Anglepoint
  3. A [50] Stand Fast
  4. A [50] Zero Zeppelins & A [50] Squad Goals & A [50] Repel the Horde! & A [50] Besieged Allies & A [50] Outrigger Outfitters
  5. A [50] Masking For a Friend & A [50] Gunpowder Plots & A [50] Free Plumeria!
  6. A [50] Shots Fired
  7. A [50] Stopping the Sappers
  8. A [50] Express Delivery
  9. A [50] War Marches On

Serious Monkey Business

The Alliance prepare for their attack on the Zandalari by enlisting the aid of gnomish engineers and a brave gorilla.

  1. A [50] Changing Course (optional)
  2. A [50] Sensitive Intel
  3. A [50] This is Huge!
  4. A [50] Real Big Power
  5. A [50] A Beast with Brains
  6. A [50] Out of Options & A [50] Freedom for the Da'kani
  7. A [50] Bittersweet Goodbyes
  8. A [50] The Needs of the Many
  9. A [50] Bring the Base
  10. A [50] Fit for Grong & A [50] Calibrate the Core
  11. A [50] The Embiggining
  12. A [50] Total Temple Destruction
  13. A [50] A Nice Nap
  14. A [50] The Sleeper Agent

The Treasury Heist

The Horde have stolen the Abyssal Scepter, an artifact capable of destroying the Kul Tiran fleets. The Alliance must retrieve it to have any hope of attacking Zuldazar.

  1. A [50] The Abyssal Scepter
  2. A [50] The Treasury Heist
  3. A [50] Mischief Managed

Fog of War

The Kul Tiran fleet is preparing to attack Zuldazar. To guarantee victory, the Alliance must create a distraction in Nazmir to lure away the armies of the Horde and Zandalari.

  1. A [50] The Fall of Zuldazar
  2. A [50] The March to Nazmir
  3. A [50] Repurposing Their Village & A [50] Dark Iron Machinations
  4. A [50] Fog of War
  5. A [50] Lurking in the Swamp
  6. A [50] Zul'jan Deluge
  7. A [50] Showing Our Might & A [50] Taming their Beasts & A [50] The Mech of Death
  8. A [50] Taking the Blood Gate
  9. A [50] He Who Walks in the Light

The Price of Victory

The Alliance have decimated the Zandalari fleet and killed King Rastakhan, but they have paid a heavy price.

  1. A [50R] Battle of Dazar'alor
  2. A [50] As the Dust Settles
  3. A [50] Dead Reckoning

My Brother's Keeper

While tying up some loose ends regarding Lady Ashvane, an unexpected message arrives for Lady Jaina Proudmoore from Baine Bloodhoof.

  1. A [50] Loose Ends
  2. A [50] Ashes to Ashvane & A [50] Correspondence Conundrum
  3. A [50] Getting a Clue
  4. A [50] Reporting In!
  5. A [50] Don't Shoot the Messenger
  6. A [50] My Brother's Keeper

The Gathering Storm

Increased Horde activity in Stormsong Valley indicates an important event is about to take place. Alliance agents are dispatched to uncover the nature of this new threat.

  1. A [50] Spy Versus Spy
  2. A [50] The Gathering Storm
  3. A [50] Retaliation Coordination
  4. A [50] Lost in the Field & A [50] Reassembly Required
  5. A [50] Seeking Higher Ground
  6. A [50] Listen Up!
  7. A [50] Shaw's Shank Redemption
  8. A [50] A Gathering of Foes

Stay of Execution

Requires A [50] A Brief Respite

Hearing that Baine Bloodhoof will be executed, King Anduin Wrynn requests you join a team to infiltrate Orgrimmar and save his life.

  1. A [50] Payment in Kind
  2. A [50] Stay of Execution

Breaking the Cycle

With N'Zoth rising, King Wrynn requests you to set aside your differences with the Horde for the good of Azeroth, and stand with High Overlord Saurfang against Sylvanas Windrunner.

  1. A [50] The Eve of Battle
  2. A [50] This Ain't Mine
  3. A [50] Saving the Siege & A [50] Already Among Us & A [50] Strategic Deployment
  4. A [50] Before the Gates of Orgrimmar
  5. A [50] The Price of Victory
  6. A [50] Old Soldier

Important individuals

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Mole Machinations


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