Image of Almaador
Title <Sha'tari Quartermaster>
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 70
Affiliation(s) Sha'tar
Location Shattrath City
Status Alive

Almaador is a level 70 Sha'tar faction rewards vendor located in the central dome at the Terrace of Light in the neutral Shattrath City.

Items Sold

<Sha'tari Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Design: Insightful Earthstorm Diamond] 12g Jewelcrafting (365)
Honored  [Pattern: Drums of Battle] 12g Leatherworking (365)
 [Formula: Enchant Gloves - Major Healing] 6g Enchanting (350)
 [Design: Kailee's Rose] 12g Jewelcrafting (360)
 [Design: Ring of Arcane Shielding] 12g Jewelcrafting (360)
 [Stalker's Chain Spaulders] 19g 5s 94c Mail Shoulder
 [Dreadweave Leggings] 17g 51s 95c Cloth Legs
Revered  [Recipe: Transmute Primal Air to Fire] 8g Alchemy (350)
 [Formula: Enchant Ring - Healing Power] 10g Enchanting (370)
 [Design: Blood of Amber] 12g Jewelcrafting (360)
 [Design: Talasite Owl] 12g Jewelcrafting (350)
 [Blessed Scale Girdle] 13g 2s 88c Mail Waist
 [Xi'ri's Gift] 17g 59s 52c Trinket
 [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Major Healing] 6g Enchanting (350)
 [Recipe: Alchemist Stone] 8g Alchemy (350)
Exalted  [Recipe: Flask of the Titans] 4g Alchemy (300)
 [Formula: Enchant Gloves - Threat] 10g Enchanting (300)
 [A'dal's Command] 79g 1s 12c Finger
 [Crest of the Sha'tar] 134g 49s 28c Shield
 [Gavel of Pure Light] 191g 38s 44c One-Hand Mace
 [Sha'tar Tabard] 1g Tabard

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