Along the Riverside

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AllianceAlong the Riverside
Start Rangari D'kaan
End Vindicator Yrel
Level 99 (Requires 98)
Category Nagrand (alternate universe)
Experience 14,930 experience
Previous B [98] A Choice to Make
Next B [100] Terms of Surrender


Speak with Vindicator Yrel at Yrel's Watch.


Vindicator Yrel has taken most of our forces north. She's establishing a forward base along the Skysong River.

She'll want to know that we're almost ready to move against Grommashar.

I'm sure she can also use your help dealing with the Warsong orcs at Lok-rath.


It's good to see you, commander. When I'd heard about your garrison caravan being destroyed....

Well, let's just say that I feared the worst.

What word from Telaari Station?


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