NeutralAlpha Bat
Start Flockmaster Sergio [51.3, 74.3]
End Flockmaster Sergio [51.3, 74.3]
Level 59 (Requires 59)
Category Revendreth
Experience 9,700
Rewards  [Dredwing Shroud]
25g 50s 60c
Previous N [59] Dread Priming
Next N [59] King of the Hill

Duskterror has gotten out of control. We need to capture her before she brings any more havoc.


Hitch Houndmaster Loksey to the stake in the Grove of Terror. Then, weaken Duskterror to capture her.


Dredbats are quite useful to us. We make them just like stoneborn, but they lack their same... intelligence. With very little direction, they strike fear into stubborn soul's hearts.

With the anima drought, our dominion over them has waned. One, Duskterror, has wreaked the most havoc.

This presents us with an opportunity. Take this soul and draw her in. When she's weak, we can capture her for our own purposes.


You will also receive:


Is Duskterror captured?


Now that Duskterror is captured, we have a little more control over these grounds.


Head southeast to the clearing. Interact with the Stake to lash Loskey to it:

Houndmaster Loksey says: What now? More... dear gods what is that creature?!
Dreadbane flies in.

Attack Dreadbane until Sergio intervenes:

Flockmaster Sergio says: What did I tell you? We need her alive. I will handle this, mortal.
Flockmaster Sergio says: There. See how a professional works? I'll meet you back at camp. I must go put this beast to work.


  1. N [59] The Grove of Terror
  2. N [59] Dread Priming
  3. N [59] Alpha Bat
  4. N [59] King of the Hill
  5. N [59] Let the Hunt Begin
  6. N [59] The Penitent Hunt and N [59] Devour This
  7. N [59] The Accuser
  8. N [59] A Reflection of Truth
  9. N [59] Dredhollow
  10. N [59] Breaking the Hopebreakers, N [59] They Won't Know What Hit Them, and N [59] Rebel Reinforcements
  11. N [59] The Fearstalker

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