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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Archmage Alphus Wordwill is a Dalaran wizard. He was researching an affliction that he had called the "Worgen Curse". He believed he would find a cure to this curse, and although it would not cure the transformation, it may allow the worgen to retain their minds after the transformation. He believed that these good-minded worgen could retain their abilities and help them defeat the Forsaken, the Scourge, and other evil powers. Alphus believed that if he was funded then he could create this "cure".

Brann Bronzebeard once ran into him in Silverpine Forest and had a chat with him. Alphus gave him a copy of his research. Once Alphus Wordwill finally got his funding, he began work on the cure for the curse. He needed protection as he and his servants moved through the forest gathering reagents and conducting tests. He had people sneak into Pyrewood and drop the cure into the water supply, then sneak out and observe the changes over several days. This activity undoubtedly angered Shadowfang Keep's mysterious overseers. Alphus hopes someone will slay Shadowfang's evil lords to permanently stamp out the curse's evil.[1]

The Worgen Curse, from the Notes of Archmage Alphus Wordwill

Only one place in all of Lordaeron bears traces of this strange curse: the fortress of Shadowfang Keep and nearby Pyrewood Village in Silverpine Forest. I believe that this curse is somehow tied to the moon. When the full moon rises, those afflicted by this curse undergo a transformation, turning into strange, man-wolf hybrid creatures. This transformation is mental as well as physical; the worgen, if I may call them that, desire to hunt, slay and eat. No matter their dispositions as humans during the day, at night under the full moon these individuals are bloodthirsty monsters. This begs the question as to what can be done with them. Are we morally correct in eliminating them, as they are a danger to all mortals? I do not believe so; rather, I believe we should find a cure. If possible, this cure would not prevent the transformation, it would do more – it would preserve the afflicted individual's mindset after the transformation. Such an effect would allow good-hearted worgen to take on fearsome physical abilities and use these against the Forsaken, the Scourge and other evil powers. Given proper funding and support, I believe that I could create such a cure.[2]


  • While Alphus Wordwill himself is not canon, Krennan Aranas later also used alchemy to help the worgen of Gilneas regain their mind after their transformation during Cataclysm.


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