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NeutralKingdom of Alterac
Main leader Disputed
  Formerly  King Aiden Perenolde
Secondary leaders  Prince Aliden Perenolde
HumanHuman Nobles of Alterac
 General Hath
 Colonel Kavdan
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Capital Alterac City
Government Hereditary monarchy
(Perenolde family)
Sub-group(s) Alterac's military
Affiliation Independent
  Formerly Old Horde, Alliance of Lordaeron, Church of Light
Status Defunct
Remnants reformed as the Syndicate

The Kingdom of Alterac[1] was one of the seven human nations to join the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. It was situated in the foothills and mountains of the land known as the Alterac Mountains. Formerly ruled by King Aiden Perenolde, Alterac was the weakest kingdom in the Alliance and a relatively small contributor of soldiers and supplies.

The Alteraci people are scattered, many of them form what is now the Syndicate. The masks worn by Syndicate members are orange, just like the national color of the fallen kingdom.


Alterac and the Eastern Kingdoms' nations before the First War.

Once the home of the Alteraci tribe, Alterac was founded during the third millennium BDP as the Empire of Arathor expanded across southern Lordaeron. The early human settlers built a city nestled in the Alterac Mountains, likely exploiting its position on important trade routes through the mountains.[2] The settlement grew into a powerful city-state around the same time as Gilneas and Kul Tiras.

As the centuries passed, Alterac had grown to be culturally distinctive from those in the imperial capital of Strom, yet all the while remaining staunchly loyal to its authority. Its army had grown to be one of the strongest in the empire, likely from its position on the empire's northern frontier. Alteraci explorers were among those (along with Gilneans) to map out the lands of Khaz Modan and initiate diplomatic relations between Arathor and Ironforge.[3]

Independence from Arathor

Alterac's independence did not come out of a revolution or formal decree. Instead, independence grew slowly as Arathor began to decline. Strom's leadership was willing to surrender its authority to the city-states within its borders rather than deal with affairs themselves. By 1,200 BDP, Alterac was fully independent once the last of the Arathi emperors left Strom. It was a relatively small kingdom compared to the others. The capital came to be known as "Alterac City", likely to distinguish itself from the kingdom's name. Most of the nation's territory was rugged and mountainous terrain of the Alterac Mountains.[3]

Before the Second War

Before the coming of the orcs, the human kingdoms of Lordaeron faced challenges and obstacles from each other as the games of politics played out.[4] Amidst those nations, there were no two rivals like Alterac and Stromgarde. The proximity of the two and the apparent ambiguity of their mountain borders had led to several wars and skirmishes. On more than one occasion, King Thoras Trollbane led the armies of Stromgarde into battle against the honorable General Hath of Alterac.[5] The tension of their repeated discord was noticeable at the Alliance summit as Perenolde glared at Trollbane.[6] It is conceivable that this discord had alienated Alterac and its leader from the other Alliance nations who had positive relations with Trollbane. This alienation, in turn, would contribute to Perenolde's willingness to turn on those allies midway through the Second War.

The Second War

When news of the Orcish Horde arrived to Lordaeron, Alterac, led by King Aiden Perenolde, was initially reluctant to join the Alliance of Lordaeron. True to his nature of evading confrontations he did not think himself capable of winning, Perenolde sought to avoid military actions with the Horde and instead pursue diplomatic options. However, after seeing every other kingdom eventually join, and fearing being left alone to fight the Horde, Alterac finally decided to join the Alliance.

However, the start of the Second War favored the orcs, and the future looked grim for the Alliance. Fearing for his kingdom should the Alliance fail, Lord Perenolde collaborated with the Orcish Horde, supplying them with information in exchange for the survival of the kingdom. Perenolde arranged for a convoy of high elves passing through Tarren Mill to be ambushed by forest trolls, organized a peasant revolt in Tyr's Hand to cover mining operations there, and attempted to assassinate Uther the Lightbringer by employing pirates to tamper with the Order of the Silver Hand.[7] Perenolde also allowed the Horde through his kingdom unimpeded through mountain passes in Alterac leading towards Capital City. To accomplish this, he ordered his military leaders to garrison several northern mountain passes and avoid several south routes.[8]

An Alteraci mage "guarding" the Book of Medivh.

Alterac sailors and soldiers were eventually caught fighting for the orcs during various battles of the war.[9] After Perenolde's treachery was uncovered, the army of Stromgarde, led by Thoras Trollbane, traveled to the small kingdom, quickly imposing martial law. General Hath reluctantly confirmed Perenolde's treason once confronted by the king of Stromgarde. He then dispatched his troops to join Trollbane's in halting the orcish advance through the mountain passes.[10]

Alteraci survivors, particularly the dethroned Aiden Perenolde, later aided Ner'zhul's forces during the shaman's quest to steal magical artifacts to open new portals. Alterac spies stole the Book of Medivh from New Stormwind, taking advantage of an assault by the forces of Shadowmoon clan led by Teron Gorefiend and the clan's Slayer.[11] The Book was taken by an Alterac mage but was later given to Ner'zhul in exchange for military aid against Lordaeron and Stromgarde forces.[12]

Aftermath of the Second War

The ruins of Alterac City.

Following the end of the war, Thoras Trollbane demanded that the eastern portion of Alterac be annexed to Stromgarde in recognition of its efforts and sacrifices during the conflict. King Terenas of Lordaeron was undecided on what to do, thinking about giving the throne to Perenolde's son, Aliden. Genn Greymane of Gilneas also joined the dispute, supporting the claims of a nephew of Perenolde, Isiden, who had taken refuge in Gilneas. Deathwing, disguised as Lord Prestor, attempted to magically convince the leaders of the Alliance into making him Alterac's new ruler. Although he succeeded, and King Terenas planned to give control of the area to Lord Prestor, the plan was abandoned when Prestor "disappeared" (following Deathwing's defeat at Grim Batol), and the remnants of Alterac were left in the ruins they are today.

As a kingdom, Alterac effectively ended when the forces of Lordaeron and Stromgarde overthrew Lord Perenolde. However, the Syndicate that arose during the anarchy-filled days after the nation's dissolution became a politically active as well as militarily forceful entity. Though severed from their snowy heartland, the last of the Alteraci nobility, now leading the Syndicate, has sought to exact its revenge upon its old foe of Stromgarde. It is unknown precisely when the Syndicate first appeared, but its leader Aliden Perenolde began his operations in the Alterac Mountains an unknown amount of time before Thrall escaped from Durnholde Keep.[13]

Since the Cataclysm in Year 28, the old Alteraci territories continue to be disputed between the Crushridge ogres, the orcish Frostwolf clan, the dwarven Stormpike clan, and several bands of Syndicate brigands scattered across Strahnbrad and the Uplands.

Fourth War

Following the destruction of Lordaeron, Horde forces sought to occupy Alterac ruins, hoping to establish a defensible base of operations for the Horde in Lordaeron.[14] In response, Alliance sent scouts to investigate the established fortifications and determine the numbers of local forces. No offensive, however, has been done to contest the region.[15]

Culture and people

A gate at the entrance to the Alterac Mountains.

  • The demonym used for the people of Alterac is "Alteraci".[16]
  •  [Hormone Free - Alterac Swiss] cheese was allegedly a favorite of Alterac's famed court.
  • There is an old Alterac saying that goes: "A cat has nine lives, but needs only one."[17]
  • The Alterac brewhound is a type of mastiff famous for rescuing mountain travelers.[18]
  • Founded centuries ago, the Church of the Holy Light spread its faith in Alterac,[19] the citizens of the kingdom thus becoming followers of the Holy Light, as indicated by the chapel and the symbol of the church at the entrance of the cemetery in Alterac City.
  • Like the other realms, the Kingdom of Alterac applied the death penalty for its criminals, the task being accomplished by an executioner, including hanging as gallows were employed.

People from Alterac

Notable leaders

History Kingdom of Alterac The Syndicate
Ruler Aiden Perenolde
Aliden Perenolde
Isiden Perenolde


During the Second War, the Kingdom of Alterac possessed an army led by General Hath and a fleet commanded by Colonel Kavdan.

In Warcraft II

WC2BnE-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or its expansion Beyond the Dark Portal.

Leader: Lord Perenolde

Nation Color: Orange

Background: Alterac is the weakest of the Human nations and is only a minor contributor of troops and equipment to the Alliance. Although Lord Perenolde praises Lothar and Terenas for their ongoing efforts, he is beset by the fear that when the Horde comes, the Alliance will fail, and only the surrender of his forces and his sovereignty will save the lives of his subjects. Perenolde alone knows whether or not - when the final call to arms is sounded - Alterac will fight for its freedom alongside the other nations of the Alliance.[20]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Once the smallest nation in the Lordaeron Alliance, Alterac's king, Aiden Perenolde, betrayed the Alliance in the Second War. Alterac's honor has been blemished ever since.[21] During the war, the Horde attempted to conscript some Alliance nobles to help them in their campaign, and the weak-willed nobles of the Alterac Mountains readily agreed to help the orcs overthrow the Alliance leaders and take Lordaeron. With the defeat of the Horde came the punishment for these traitors: exile from their former holdings. These exiles would eventually form the Syndicate. Led loosely by Lord Aiden Perenolde, the Syndicate retook the Alterac Mountains and currently battles with ogres and the undead to keep their lands.[22]

The Alteraci nobility was officially ousted with the following proclamation:

BE IT NOW KNOWN that the individual called Lord Aiden Perenolde and every known ally, due to their association with the vile Horde during the war and their traitorous actions toward the Alliance and her citizens, shall be stripped of all land, holdings and wealth and known hereafter as traitors to the Alliance. They shall forfeit all rights to citizenry in the Alliance. Indeed, they are considered enemies of all citizens of Lordaeron. Let no good people of this land show them hospitality, mercy or sanctuary. Consider the honor they gave the Alliance and her citizens, and treat them no better.

So said in this seventh year of the new Alliance.

-Sir Uther Lightbringer of the Knights of the Silver Hand[22]

The brothers Syndrissin and Aretain Naris were two religious people of Alterac who fought on the side of the Alliance during the Third War, but left it soon after.

From Warcraft Adventures.

Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans

WarcraftAdventures-Logo.png This section concerns content related to the canceled game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans and is therefore non-canon.

In the canceled Warcraft Adventures, Alterac was mentioned several times:

Film universe

Icon-film-40x16.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft film universe and is considered non-canon.

In the scene where Llane asked Garona where she came from, a map of the Eastern Kingdoms was briefly shown. It showed Alterac covering both the Alterac Mountains and Hillsbrad Foothills, directly bordering Stromgarde to the east.

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