The Alteraci tribe[1] was a tribe of humans led by Ignaeus who originally dwelled among the slopes of the Alterac Mountains. They were considered uncouth and savage by many of the humans from other regions but were nonetheless unmatched in their bravery and strength.[2]

For weeks, King Thoradin and the Arathi tribe, who sought to unite the human tribes into a single nation, struggled to conquer the Alteraci. Thoradin was confident he could conquer the tribe if given enough time, but he knew the cost would be very high and decided to change his tactics to prevent needless bloodshed. He marched up the mountain with only his greatsword Strom'kar in hand to challenge Ignaeus to a duel. Before long, Ignaeus emerged from the forest, his skin dyed red with his own tribal markings. Ignaeus was bigger and stronger than Thoradin, but the Arathi leader used the foggy weather to his advantage to avoid Ignaeus' swings and disarm his foe. Rather than killing his opponent, Thoradin then plunged Strom'kar into the earth and extended the hand of peace, thereby winning the Alteraci to his side.[1]

The tribe became part of Thoradin's new nation of Arathor while Ignaeus became one of the king's most prominent generals. When Amani trolls began encroaching on Arathor's borders prior to the Troll Wars, Ignaeus and his northlanders stalked well beyond Arathor's borders, slaughtering any trolls they came across. Ignaeus earned the name "Trollbane" for the amount of Amani blood he spilled.[2]

Centuries after the Troll Wars, Ignaeus' descendants became the ruling family of the kingdom of Stromgarde.[3]


  • The Alteraci's signature tribal color was apparently red.[1] This trait was seemingly retained by the Kingdom of Stromgarde, whose national color is also red.[4]