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NeutralAltruis the Sufferer
Image of Altruis the Sufferer
Title <Illidari>
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Class Demon Hunter
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Illidari
Occupation Second-in-command and Champion of the Illidari (dependent)
Location Various
Status Alive
Companion(s) Nethrandamus (nether drake mount)

Altruis the Sufferer is a renegade night elf demon hunter originally brought to Outland by Illidan Stormrage. He ultimately left the Betrayer's service when he decided that Illidan had become the very thing he was sworn to fight, making camp in western Nagrand with his nether drake mount, Nethrandamus, and making plans against the Burning Legion encampments there. Akama admired Altruis for opposing the direction Illidan was taking.[1] He was eventually captured by the night elf Wardens, who imprisoned him along with the other demon hunters in the Vault of the Wardens. Freed during the third invasion of the Burning Legion and although reconciled with his Illidari brethren, Altruis still does not condone Illidan's methods and wants new leadership for the Illidari.[2]

Altruis is one of two characters player demon hunters can choose to be their second-in-command, the other being Kayn Sunfury, whose ideals and plans for the Illidari are incompatible with Altruis' own.


The Burning Crusade

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Altruis as he appears in Nagrand.

Altruis the Sufferer was once a member of the Illidari in service to Illidan Stormrage, but he defected after he concluded that Illidan had succumbed to the fel energy within, thereby becoming the very thing Altruis had sworn to destroy. While he still respected Illidan for leading him to the path of a demon hunter, Altruis believed that the Betrayer's mind and soul had become twisted and that his Illidari servants were as much of an abomination as the Burning Legion itself.[3][4][5] Once, Altruis fought the observer Xeleth and drove a silver spear into him, but the demon nonetheless survived.[6]

Around the time of the invasion of Outland, Altruis arrived in Nagrand on his nether drake Nethrandamus to hunt the Burning Legion. He passed through the towns of Garadar and Telaar, asking their inhabitants to let would-be heroes in town know that he would be staying in western Nagrand for a while and that they should seek him out if they were looking for a purpose.[7] When an adventurer arrived, Altruis informed them that the Legion were building weapons of mass destruction in the forge camps of western Nagrand, but also that the demons had created wards to prevent the demon hunter from seeing past their defenses. As such, to dismantle the forge camps before the demons were able to finish their constructions, the adventurer would have to act as Altruis' eyes[8] by riding on Nethrandamus and surveying the camps' defenses.[9] From the information gathered by the adventurer, Altruis concluded that there were two primary forge camps—Forge Camp: Hate and Forge Camp: Fear—which each contained a Legion transporter, and that nothing done to the camps would have any permanence as long as the transporters stood. He sent the adventurer into the camps to fight the Legion's mo'arg and gan'arg in order to slow down the demons' process and buy him time to devise a plan,[10] after which he tasked the hero with killing the camps' mo'arg master planner and obtaining his blueprints.[11] Altruis then sent the adventurer with the blueprints to Shattrath City in order to seek out one of his acquaintances, a drunken mo'arg named Sal'salabim, and ask him to lend his assistance.[12] Sal'salabim recognized the blueprints as his own designs and, after adventurers helped him collect some old debts,[13] he explained that the adventurer could simply turn the forge camps' fel cannons around and use them on the Legion's own structures. However, to do so, they would also need to obtain keys from the camps' overseers.[14] Returning to Nagrand, the adventurer killed the forge camp overseers Demos and Xirkos to loot their keys, commandeered the fel cannons, and destroyed the camps. They thereby effectively halted the Legion's advances in Nagrand, and Altruis commended them for their work.[15]

In Shadowmoon Valley, the Aldor and Scryers were unsettled to discover Sunfury blood elves traveling to the Ruins of Karabor to be trained as Illidari demon hunters.[16][17] Having heard rumors of Altruis in Nagrand, the Aldor and Scryers sent an adventurer to seek out the Sufferer in the hopes that he could shed some light on the demon hunter training grounds. Before he was willing to help, however, Altruis needed proof that the adventurer was on the same side as him.[18] He sent them to kill three targets: the Legion defector Xeleth in Zangarmarsh (to prove that they were an enemy of demons),[19] the elusive shivarra Sathal in Netherstorm (to prove that they were an enemy of the Legion),[20] and Illidan's lieutenant Lothros (to prove that they were an enemy of the Illidari).[3] After the adventurer completed the tests, Altruis recounted the story of the Illidari master tutor Varedis[21] and sent the hero to the Shadow Labyrinth in order obtain the source of Varedis' power, the Book of Fel Names, from Blackheart the Inciter. When the book was brought back to him, Altruis felt its power starting to tempt him[22] and urged the adventurer to bring the object back to Shadowmoon Valley and those who had sent them. Before they left, Altruis instructed the hero to burn the book in Varedis' presence in order to deprive him of his power.[23] With the help of Altruis' instructions, the adventurer and their allies assaulted the Ruins of Karabor and killed Varedis and his fellow instructors Alandien, Netharel, and Theras.[24]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Altruis in the Vault of the Wardens.

Altruis and Kayn fighting in the Warden's Court.

At some point, Altruis was captured by the wardens and imprisoned in the Vault of the Wardens alongside his former Illidari brethren and the body of Illidan himself. Years later, when the Burning Legion attacked the Vault during their third invasion of Azeroth, Maiev Shadowsong released the captive Illidari, including Altruis and Kayn Sunfury,[25] a demon hunter utterly loyal to Illidan who resented Altruis for having opposed the Illidari and orchestrating the deaths of Varedis and the other tutors.[26] Altruis, Kayn, and the Illidari commander who led the demon hunters in Illidan's absence accompanied Maiev to the Vault of the Betrayer but were unable to stop Gul'dan and Cordana Felsong from claiming Illidan's body for the Legion. Maiev chased after Gul'dan and Cordana, but not before telling the demon hunters that they had to survive the Vault and seek out Archmage Khadgar. After defeating the two mo'arg Crusher and Sledge left behind by Gul'dan,[5] Altruis and Kayn moved deeper into the Vault. Altruis protested against trusting Maiev, to which Kayn shot back that Altruis trusted no one and believed in nothing.[27] On a higher level of the Vault, Altruis helped some Illidari defeat the beholder Glazer[28] before continuing ahead with Kayn. When the two of them reached the Warden's Court, their continued arguing escalated into a duel, despite Kor'vas Bloodthorn's protests.[29] They eventually stopped when the Illidari commander caught up with them, and the commander was left to decide whether Altruis or Kayn would serve as their second-in-command and personal champion going forward.[2]

The storyline varies depending on the player's decision during N Demon hunter [8-45] A New Direction. If they choose Altruis as their second-in-command, Kayn will depart. If they choose Kayn, Altruis will depart and tell the player that they should beware that they don't suffer Illidan's fate. The following describes the storyline for players who choose Altruis. For the Kayn version, see Kayn Sunfury's article.

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Altruis sent Kor'vas Bloodthorn to find the demon hunter to report to him immediately at Krasus' Landing. To find the Twinblades of the Deceiver, he and the demon hunter went to the entrance of the Violet Hold guarded by Warden Alturas whose task was to not permit anyone to enter the prison. By Khadgar's trust, the Warden had no choice but to let them in. He told them that the Kirin Tor would not be responsible for any sacrifices taken. Altruis stood guard to let the demon hunter confront an eredar named Taldath the Destroyer to get answers of where Varedis Felsoul was. Eventually, the demon spilled out the information without warning, and Altruis told the demon hunter to finish him off. Learning that Felsoul Hold in Suramar is where he and the artifact were at, Altruis got a bat ready for the demon hunter. Lyana Darksorrow and Illysanna Ravencrest were to accompany the demon hunter regardless of the outcome. Altruis warned the demon hunter that Varedis was a cunning adversary. Upon arriving at Felsoul Hold, the demons spotted the bats and Altruis told them to fly to a landing site quickly. Losing both Darksorrow and Ravencrest, the demon hunter leaped into the fray and punish them for their hubris.

Altruis sent Kor'vas Bloodthorn to find the demon hunter to report to him immediately at Krasus' Landing. To find the Aldrachi Warblades, he said that Archmage Khadgar had something called a  [Crystallized Soul]. He stressed that the Warblades could tip the war in their favor.

Upon returning to the prison world of Mardum to make it their new home, Altruis addresses to the Illidari of the accomplishments of the demon hunter by obtaining the artifact. With the Fel Hammer in their control, they can plan out every aspect of their assault on the Broken Isles.

Altruis was met by the adventurer and Khadgar at Illidari Stand in Azsuna. Surprised and really impressed of the artifact the champion wielded, he told them to assist Allari and Jace as best they can to maintain ground against the demons there. He instructed the champion, Cyana Nightglaive, and Kor'vas Bloodthorn to attack from within the legion camp ahead. Unfortunately, Cyana betrayed them to Legion and the Illidari were swift to put her down. Her death was a blow for the Illidari cannot afford to lose even a single demon hunter in their ranks. Under Khadgar's direction, Altruis directed the adventurer to meet up with the blue dragons that live nearby citing they can be proven to be a powerful ally in the war against the Burning Legion.

Altruis was the first to become the champion's cause in their campaign. After collecting essences to communicate with their master, it was time to seek out other allies. Seeking the aid of Akama the Illidari sneak into the Black Temple. Though initially hostile to the Illidari Akama is convinced to rejoin the fold as he had admired Altruis for opposing Illidan.[1] The Fel Hammer then jumped to the Legion world of Niskara to take out the Felsoul siblings. With their mission successful, he gave one of the highest honors to the demon hunter and declared them the Slayer and told them that their artifact can awake great potential when the time came.

Altruis participated in the Battle for the Exodar battling against High General Rakeesh, alongside Asha Ravensong.

Both Altruis and Kayn together on the Fel Hammer.

Altruis and Kayn were both aboard the Fel Hammer when the Slayer obtained the [Slayer's Felbroken Shrieker].[30]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Nagrand 70 6,600
Vault of the Wardens 99 - 100 978,540
Fel Hammer 99 - 110 3,365,231
Azsuna 100 - 110 2,991,320
Niskara 110 10,392,670
The Exodar 101 - 102 660,376


  • Ability demonhunter bladedance.png  Blade Dance — Strike all nearby enemies for (100% + 2 * 300% + 300%) Physical damage, and increase your chance to dodge by 100% for 4 sec.
  • Inv weapon shortblade 62.png  Chaos Strike — A strike that inflicts heavy Shadow damage.
  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  Eye Beam — Inflicts 1 Shadow damage to enemies in front of the caster.
  • Ability demonhunter hatefulstrike.png  Shear — Shears an enemy for Physical damage, and has a small chance to shatter a Lesser Soul Fragment from your target that heals you for a large amount of health when consumed.
Combat ally
  • Ability demonhunter infernalstrike2.png  Death's Dance — Altruis the Sufferer has a chance to appear and cast Blade Dance, dealing great damage to all nearby enemies and increasing your defenses for a short duration.


The Burning Crusade

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Forge Camp quest chain
Karabor Training Grounds quest chain


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.


The Burning Crusade

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.


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What do you see when you look to the west, mortal?
Gossip I see twisted steel and smell sundered earth.
Do you know what I see? A precursor to invasion.
Aye, the master was wise in sealing the portals, but has since lost his... how shall I put this? The master has lost his focus. Yes... focus.
With this loss, the Legion has seized opportunity. They seep out now, growing in number day by day.
Gossip Legion?
The Burning Legion, Demons. I see them as clearly as you can see your own hand in front of your face. That is, I used to be able to see them clearly.
With the Legion's return come new machinations. Under normal circumstances, I am able to sense the presence of a demon from a thousand paces.
<Altruis grimaces.>
Gossip And now?
They elude me, I cannot see past their defenses. They have put in place wards to prevent detection.
<Altruis points westward.>
They fear us because they know that we fear nothing. The cost for such power is great, the sacrifices many.
Gossip How do you see them now?
<Altruis turns to face you and smiles.>
I do not.
<Altruis points to his steed, Nethrandamus.>
We must stop them before these forge camps are able to complete whatever it is that they are building.
Gossip Forge camps?
That is what these structures that litter the landscape are called. The Legion have employed the mo'arg and gan'arg to build weapons of mass destruction at these mobile forge camps. Let us not find out what it is that they intend to build here in Nagrand!
You will be my eyes. Your weapons will be my fury.
Post-N [15-30] Survey the Land
This is what I have gathered from the information that you collected from the survey.
There are two primary forge camps: Forge Camp: Hate, directly west of where we stand and Forge Camp: Fear, directly southwest. Each camp has a Legion transporter, one forge, and several spell warding towers. Additionally, the camps are guarded by wrathguards manning fel cannons. Lastly, each camp has a pit lord overseer.
Right then, this should be no problem at all...
<Altruis laughs.>


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.


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  • Yes, I can see you. What do you want?
  • Azeroth must not fall.
  • I have sacrificed everything. What have you given?
  • My life is dedicated to destroying the Burning Legion.
  • We are all that stands between the Legion and annihilation.
  • Did you just touch me?
  • I wouldn't if I were you.
  • Normally I hunt demons but for you I'll make an exception.
  • Do it again and your skull will be my whetstone.
  • You're no demon, but I will put you in the ground just the same.
  • I will feast on your soul!
  • Remember, nothing is more important than the Legion's destruction.
  • If we do not meet again... die well.
  • Do not give in to the power of the Legion.
  • Don't follow anyone blindly. Think for yourself.
  • Death to the Legion.


Vault of the Wardens
In the end, I could not follow Illidan's ways. He was falling to the demonic taint, and becoming more like his sworn enemies.
Gossip Why don't you like Kayn?
Kayn has always been a loyal soldier, a fearless leader, and a master strategist.
However, I believe his loyalty to Illidan blinded him.
As Illidan's power grew, he started losing control to the demonic energy that he had absorbed.
I knew my actions could be construed as betrayal, but I was only doing what I thought was right.
Now, Kayn is starting down the same path. Such a man should not lead the Illidari.
After N Demon hunter [8-45] Between Us and Freedom
I will temper my differences for now. The enemy is nearly at our doorstep, and we will be more effective united as one.
The Fel Hammer
You've accomplished a great deal in bringing us all together here. With the changes that you are making in how the Illidari operate, I have no doubt that we can win this war.
When this is all over, the Burning Legion will no longer be a threat and all of our sacrifices will have been worth it.

We are indomitable. We are Illidari.

Combat ally

  • I've got your back!
  • I fight by your side!
  • You do not fight alone!


  • You honor me, <name>. Of course I will serve as your champion and right-hand man. How could I refuse? We have only just begun to change the way in which the Illidari operate, but already, you have made great strides. If we are to defeat the Burning Legion, it must be done in concert with everyone working together. Not just the Illidari standing alone. And not standing upon the smoking husk of a world that we have carelessly destroyed while trying to save it.[31]

In Hearthstone

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

Under the name "Altruis the Outcast", he appears as a legendary card in the initiate set for the demon hunter class in Hearthstone. His flavor text reads: "Altruis betrayed Illidan to forge his own way in Outland. With Blackjack. And Netherdrakes."

Notes and trivia

  •  [Altruis the Sufferer's Coin] can be fished up from the fountain in the Legion version of Dalaran.
  • Altruis' original model, which is still used in Nagrand, lacks the iconic demon-binding tattoos synonymous with demon hunters. His Legion model features the new demon hunter art assets, including tattoos as well as horns and a new blindfold.
  • Non-demon hunters never see Altruis at any point in the Broken Isles, as he only appears at the Illidari Stand in Azsuna to demon hunters who chose him. All other classes see Kayn in Azsuna instead.
  • During N Demon hunter [10-45] The Hunt, Altruis rides an Illidari Fel Bat.
  • As of BlizzCon 2016, 73% of demon hunter player characters had chosen Kayn as their right-hand-man, with 27% choosing Altruis.[32]
  • Altruis' name is derived from altruism, another word for selflessness.
  • Altruis is voiced by Greg Chun in Legion.

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