Alturus' Sanctum

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Looking towards the main area.
The portal area.
The Bindstone.

Alturus' Sanctum is the sanctum of Archmage Alturus, a member of the Violet Eye, the group of Kirin Tor agents who were spying on Medivh and Karazhan. When Khadgar was an apprentice to Medivh, he would sometimes come here to work with Alturus on a piece of the [Archmage's Prismatic Disc] entrusted to him by Archmage Antonidas. The portal to it is located in the Master's Cellar in Deadwind Pass.[1]


  • The sanctum is only accessible to mages who are on or have completed N Mage [110] Burning Within.
  • Although game mechanics place Alturus' Sanctum in Deadwind Pass, it is unknown if it is actually meant to be there in the lore. Alturus never says where his sanctum is actually located and the player only ever sees the inside, without windows to show their surroundings.
  • It is possible to bind your Hearthstone to Alturus' Sanctum by clicking on the Bindstone placed on the table in the corridor.


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