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Always Remember

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Always Remember

Always Remember is a monk lore object found at [52.9, 67.8] on the east end of the Tu Shen Burial Ground in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Interacting with the lore object is a requirement of the Pandaria exploration achievement [What Is Worth Fighting For].

Always Remember

Even by mogu standards, Emperor Lao-Fe was a monster among beasts. His favored punishment among pandaren slaves was to separate families. Slaves who displeased him would have their children sent to the Serpent's Spine, to suffer and die as fodder for the mantid swarms.

This was the fate that befell a young pandaren monk named Kang. Kang was so grief-stricken over the loss of his cub that he chose to wear all black. In a moment of clarity, he saw the mogu overlords for what they were: weak. They possessed dark magics and horrific weapons, but their empire was completely reliant on slave labor.

The servant races were not permitted to carry weapons during the reign of the mogu, so Kang determined that the pandaren themselves would become the weapons. So it came to pass that pandaren monks began their training in the martial arts, and Kang became known as the First of First Dawn.

History does not report if Kang and his son ever met again, but it was this father's love that sparked the rebellion that would change the face of Pandaria forever.

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