NeutralAlzzin the Wildshaper
Start Furgus Warpwood
End Furgus Warpwood
Level 15-30 (Requires 15)
Type Dungeon
Category Dire Maul
Experience 3,400
Rewards  [Warpwood Bow],  [Warpwood Bark Vest],  [Warpwood Shield], or  [Warpwood Leaf Mantle]
2g 13s (or 20s 40c at max level)
Shareable Yes


Kill Zevrim Thornhoof and Alzzin the Wildshaper.


The monster responsible for the ruin you see before you is called Alzzin the Wildshaper. To reach him, however, you will need to also slay Zevrim Thornhoof, the satyr who currently holds the still noble ancient Old Ironbark in his grasp.

Once Ironbark is free, he will help you make an entrance into Alzzin's domain. Enter and slay him without mercy, for there is no other way.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv weapon bow 05.png [Warpwood Bow] Inv chest leather 30.png [Warpwood Bark Vest]
Inv shield 07.png [Warpwood Shield] Inv shoulder robe common c 01.png [Warpwood Leaf Mantle]

You will also receive: 2g 13s


Ah, very well done indeed. You've made an old spirit very happy this day. You deserve proper thanks for the risks you've taken.


  • 3,400 XP (or 20s 40c at max level)

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