NeutralAmahle Flintwill
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Title Third Mate
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Pirate
Affiliation(s) Blackwater Raiders
Occupation Third mate of the Sea King
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Marjani (mother), Makasa, Adashe, Akashinga, (siblings)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Amahle Flintwill was a son of Captain Marjani Flintwill raised aboard the Makemba of the Blackwater Raiders to the life of a pirate along with his other siblings who had different fathers. He was only two years older than Makasa with whom he often fought, tickling her until she no longer was ticklish. Makasa believed that the other two brothers never forgave Amahle for that. From the three brothers, he was the strong one.

Around the Year 28, he joined the Sea King as its third mate. After several weeks of its first voyage, the Sea King crew plundered the merchant ship Winter's Knot. When the crew were enjoying its spoils and were a bit light-headed, the Sea King was attacked by two Bloodsail ships, the Orca and the Killmonger. Most of the crew was killed while the others were captured, the Flintwill siblings being among the latter group. One of the Bloodsail captains, Ironpatch, executed Adashe. Upon seeing this, the chained Akashinga and Amahle charged at the orc pirate, knocking and chocking him. The Killmonger's crew pulled the brothers off their captain and within minutes, Ironpatch killed the Flintwill brothers. During this, the Wavestrider crew sneaked into the Killmonger and then to the Sea King, and defeated the Bloodsail pirates, with Makasa personally killing Captain Ironpatch, avenging the deaths of her brothers. After this, the bodies of the Flintwill brothers and the deceased Sea King crewmen were buried at the sea.[1]