NeutralAmal'thazad's Message
Start Dread Commander Thalanor [44.7, 61.5]
End Amal'thazad
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Death Knight Campaign
Previous N [45] Strike Them Down
Next N Death Knight [45] Frozen Memories


Speak with Amal'thazad in Acherus.


Deathlord, Amal'thazad has requested your presence at Acherus.

He has been in contact with the Lich King, and making improvements on the citadel.

For his benefit, or yours, I know not.


Ah, Deathlord, you have returned.

I have inscribed a series of frozen runes above Acherus. Once attuned, you will be able to communicate with the Lich King more... completely.

He will be able to show you things he could not before.

<Amal'thazad emits a horrible, rasping noise, that you can only assume is a chuckle.>


  1. N Death Knight [45] Amal'thazad's Message
  2. N Death Knight [45] Frozen Memories
  3. N Death Knight [45] Draconic Secrets
  4. N Death Knight [45] The Lost Glacier

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