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Image of Aman'Thul
Title Highfather of the Pantheon[1][2]
Gender Male
Race Titan
Affiliation(s) Pantheon of Order
Occupation Highfather of the Pantheon
Location Seat of the Pantheon
Status Alive

“Brother! Your Crusade is over!”

— Aman'Thul and the Pantheon imprisoning Sargeras within the Seat of the Pantheon, bringing a final end to the Burning Crusade

Aman'Thul (or Aman'thul),[3] the Highfather, is the leader of the titan Pantheon. He is the oldest and wisest of his kind.[4] The titan who originally blessed Nozdormu and the bronze dragonflight, Aman'Thul has mastery over temporal magic. Having led the Pantheon during the ordering of the universe, he and his brothers were felled by Sargeras, their souls held captive by the Dark Titan until they were freed by the heroes of Azeroth. Aman'Thul and the Pantheon subsequently helped the heroes defeat Argus the Unmaker and used the last of his essence to imprison Sargeras within the Seat of the Pantheon, apparently crippling the Legion and ending the Burning Crusade forever.


Aman'Thul M5

Aman'Thul in Warcraft Saga.

According to legend, Aman'Thul was the first titan to wake from his slumber, although no one knew how or why the first titan woke. He was alone in the Great Dark, but knew in his heart that other titans must exist, and so set out to explore the myriad worlds of the universe in search of others of his kind. Over time, he discovered other nascent world-souls and lovingly nurtured them until they awoke and joined him in his travels. Eventually, Aman'Thul and his siblings became known as the Pantheon, and in the early ages of the universe they ordered and reshaped countless worlds in hopes of finding other titans.[5] In order to aid the Pantheon, Aman'Thul called upon the celestial beings known as the constellar to observe and watch over the many worlds ordered by the titans.[1]

During the ordering of the world of Azeroth, home to a particularly powerful world-soul, the titans crafted the titan-forged in order to battle the monstrous Old Gods that had infested the world. Though the titan-forged were largely victorious against the forces of the Old Gods, the Pantheon grew concerned that Y'Shaarj, the most powerful of the Old Gods, would prove too mighty for their servants to defeat. Despite the titans' colossal size posing the risk of inflicting permanent harm to Azeroth, Aman'Thul himself reached down through the stormy skies and heaved Y'Shaarj from the crust of the world, tearing the Old God apart.[6] Before leaving Azeroth in the care of the titan-forged, Aman'Thul commissioned the constellar Algalon to watch over the planet.[7] After the defeat of Galakrond, Aman'Thul used Highkeeper Ra as a conduit to channel a portion of his power into Nozdormu, granting him mastery over time, and enabling him to hold "dominion over the interweaving pathways of fate and destiny".[8] Aman'Thul's vision of the Old Gods one day causing the Hour of Twilight, capable of potentially wiping out all life on Azeroth, was one of the reasons the Pantheon empowered Nozdormu and the other Aspects with their powers, to ultimately avert this single catastrophe, although Aman'Thul for all his vast powers was not omniscient and was unaware Neltharion would eventually be corrupted into Deathwing.[9]

Lore in Short - Aman'Thul and Eonar

Aman'Thul and Eonar in combat during the battle at Nihilam.

When the Pantheon confronted the traitorous titan champion Sargeras near the world of Nihilam, Aman'Thul pleaded with Sargeras in an attempt to make him abandon his mad Burning Crusade. The Highfather told the fallen titan about the world-soul of Azeroth, and how it would have the potential to stop the void lords without the need to purge the universe of life. Sargeras listened carefully but was unmoved.[10]

Like the rest of the Pantheon, Aman'Thul could not stand against Sargeras' fel power, and was ultimately destroyed. Like the others, however, Aman'Thul's soul was saved by a spell cast by Norgannon, and the now disembodied spirits of the Pantheon hurled out through the cosmos[10] until they reached Azeroth and slammed into the titan-forged keepers assigned to watch over the planet.[11] Aman'Thul's spirit entered the body of Ra, his greatest servant, who was the only keeper to realize that the brief influx of power felt by the titan-forged was not a mere anomaly, but the very last remnant of the Pantheon's power. Carefully, Ra extracted Aman'Thul's soul fragment and stored it in a mountain vault near the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.[12] There it remained until many years later, its power was absorbed by the mogu warlord Lei Shen, who used it to establish the mogu empire.[13]

Sargeras would eventually capture the spirits of the Pantheon, except for Eonar who escaped. Aggramar succumbed to Sargeras's torture and was revived as an avatar[14] on the planet Argus to serve the Burning Legion. Aman'Thul, Khaz'goroth, Norgannon, and Golganneth were tortured by the Coven of Shivarra with the goal of breaking them as Aggramar was.

Aman'Thul Seat of the Pantheon

In the Seat of the Pantheon.

After Eonar is saved and Aggramar is liberated, the Pantheon is reunited, returning to their Seat of the Pantheon, where they attempted to sever Argus the Unmaker's connection with the Legion once and for all. Aman'Thul called upon his brethren to assist the Alliance and Horde champions during the encounter, and directly intervened by attempting to dissipate Argus the Unmaker's weakened physical form with a massive Temporal Blast, collapsing time around him, but his powers were unable to truly subdue him. After Argus was eventually defeated, Sargeras strikes out at Azeroth and severely wounded her in Silithus. The Pantheon subsequently combined the last of Argus's essence with their powers and imprisoned their fallen brother within the Seat of the Pantheon, decisively crippling the Legion and apparently ending the Burning Crusade forever. Illidan Stormrage, who stayed behind while his comrades left, serves as Sargeras's jailer.

Aman'Thul Antorus




Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
Unto you is charged the great task of keeping the purity of time. Know that there is only one true timeline, though there are those who would have it otherwise. You must protect it. Without the truth of time as it is meant to unfold, more will be lost than you can possibly imagine. The fabric of reality will unravel. It is a heavy task--the base of all tasks of this world, for nothing can transpire without time. - Blessing of the Bronze Aspect[17]

World of Warcraft[]

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Main article: Argus the Unmaker#Quotes

In World of Warcraft[]

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In the RPG[]

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Aman'Thul in the RPG wielding Orodur

The massive humanoid creature has platinum skin that gleams and shimmers, throwing dancing lights through the air as he moves. His eyes glow yellow, and he holds a great, metallic staff bearing a lightning motif. Violet-yellow electricity plays across the staff.[23]

Aman'Thul is a male Aesir titan. His classes are Healer, Druid of the Wild and Shaman.[24] He wields a staff named Orodur.[23]

Aman'Thul rules the Pantheon — the titan high council. He is the oldest and wisest of his ancient race. Once, Aman'Thul and his brother Sargeras oversaw the creation of innumerable worlds across the Twisting Nether and gently guided countless races to greatness. Sargeras was Aman'Thul's closest advisor and supporter until he turned to evil. Now Aman'Thul looks to his consort Eonar for council. Though the mysterious High Father is rarely seen, every world feels his presence.[23]

As leader of the titans, Aman'Thul is responsible for the creation of all worlds, including Azeroth. All those who revere the titans ultimately pay their respects to the High Father. On Azeroth, explorers have only recently uncovered the titans' existence, and few aside from the Ironforge dwarves venerate them. Dwarves, being a practical lot, show their respect for the titans by delving ever deeper into their mysteries.[25]

In Hearthstone[]

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.
  • Aman'Thul appears as a legendary priest minion in the TITANS expansion. His flavor text reads: "The leader of the titans was the first to awaken. In his loneliness, he sought out other titans across many different worlds, and together, they formed the Pantheon."


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When Lei Shen ate Keeper Ra's heart, he absorbed both his powers and the soul fragment of Aman'Thul. When Wrathion ate Lei Shen's heart, he saw countless perfectly ordered planets and millions of stars. This corresponds to the vision the Keepers had when the Pantheon members tried to inhabit their bodies, suggesting Wrathion absorbed the Highfather's soul fragment just as Lei Shen did. This is reinforced by Wrathion saying "WE HAVE FALLEN. WE MUST REBUILD THE FINAL TITAN. DO NOT FORGET." upon absorbing the Keeper's power,[26] which was likely a memory of Aman'Thul speaking of the Pantheon's fate and Azeroth's status.


Aman'Thul was likely inspired by the Greek god Zeus and the Norse god Odin.[27]



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