MobAmani Warrior
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Gender Male
Race Forest troll (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Amani tribe
Location Tal'aman, Dazar'alor
Status Killable

Amani Warriors are forest trolls located in Tal'aman in Dazar'alor. Some of them are mounted on bears.


  • Ability gouge.png  Charge — Charges an enemy, inflicting 35% of the caster's normal damage and stuns the opponent for 2 sec.
  • Ability gouge.png  Rend — Inflicts Physical damage to an enemy every 3 sec. for 15 sec.



  • Interestingly, while other troll tribes are represented by a Mourner during H [50] The King's Death, the Amani and the Sandfury are represented by Warrior NPCs in the walking crowd in the Port of Zandalar. Also, unlike the other mourners, they are not among the crowd at Dazar'alor.

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